My announcement today has annoyed people - and I want to be upfront and tell you I understand completely. I also want to be upfront and tell you it is that I tried and failed to find a win win option.
The only thing I could do, and which seems to be a recurring theme in the UK, is to select the least bad option.
There are those who will rightly say that my standing as an independent betrays the fact that AFI stood down or ISP stood down. And for some part of that, you're probably right. But when push comes to shove. My first promise was to the 10,000 backers of the #peoplesas30.
Plan A is dead, Plan B is dead, Plan C is on a shoogly peg and every other plan requires that we prove that the Scottish Parliament has the power to legislate for a second referendum.
The peoples action on section 30 does that. If we win, then we stop future battles from ever being required.

If this was a democratic country, the right of the people to ask reasonable questions of law about parliament would be guaranteed. But it's not.
We live in the UK where parliamentarians think of themselves better than the ordinary worker and they have passed laws to re-enforce that impression. But that is not what Scotland is supposed to be. The people are sovereign, not parliament.
If the case falls, then I'll live with the consequences, even though that likely means bankruptcy. I'm past caring to be honest. Politicians have deliberately gone out to make this process as longwinded and expensive as possible. It is what it is.
But the decisions of parties to run or to drop out, or to advocate themselves, or advocate others and the personal choices of candidates has consequences for this case. Not least the catch 22 of the last week.
My responsibility, no matter how much of a beating I take for it, is to represent the 10,000 backers. Irrespective of my feelings. I'll no doubt be accused of doing this for my own ego, battered for a raft of other reasons but the reality... that the only thing which currently causes an issue for the people's action is the matter of standing. The assertion by the elite of "How dare plebs ask questions parliamentarians haven't been able to answer for over two decades".
The politicians (in my view) have shown nothing but cowardice (bar a few) over the last year. They've not stuck their neck out once.
The UK have advanced no argument against the fact that we have the right to legislate for a referendum without Westminsters permission. They have only challenged your right to ask that question. If we can overcome that, I truly believe we can win.
My only reason for standing is to give this case a real plan B. The opportunity to pave the way for your SNP politicians and your alba politicians and for every yes supporter to engage in their right to self-determination.
I made a promise to fight right to the bitter end to every single backer and it is a promise I will not break. Period. And if that means me taking a battering then so be it. I will not acquiesce to the position that we are not allowed to ask a reasonable question about our...
...own future. I will not bow to mud-slinging, or political spin, or attacks, or threats or politicians acting like children. I made a promise - I intend to keep it. I will see it through, whether that be with or without support.
I have tried to find another way, I was unable to do so, so I chose the least worst option. And again, I apologise if that makes people uncomfortable, but your beef should be with those in authority who have created these circumstance in the first place.
The root of the problem here is a broken system within the UK.
So if I am to be judged, let it be on the fact that I took the least worst option to keep a promise to 10,000 people.
59 Scottish MPs, 129 MSPs and not a single one stuck their neck out for your rights. Why? Because of the risks I am currently subjected to.
If I am to be judged - judge me according to that standard!

• • •

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31 Mar
For 22 years, politicians have failed to answer a simple question. When 10,000 ordinary people sought to have it answered, they proclaimed that only politicians should be allowed to answer the question they have failed to.
We live in a nation where the people are supposed to be sovereign. The literal definition of sovereignty is "where power is derived". Telling 10,000 people and their representative you don't have the right to ask a simple question about your own country is not respect...
...for that sovereignty. It's a statement that you believe yourself to be above the peoples right to ask questions - that's just a fact.

But then to use the tax base of those same people to waste time, money and energy...
Read 11 tweets
31 Mar
Politicians make promises and often they break them. I don't. I made a promise to do everything I possibly can to protect the peoples action and to push for the voices of the 10,000 who backed it.
It's extremely easy to criticise when you're not in full possession of the facts, and trust me, if you were, your hair would probably curly. I've asked people to give me a better option. They haven't. I therefore must take the least bad option to try and protect the case.
I do note, however, that those who have used the case for electoral advantage over the past year seem deafly silent on this and have also failed to come up with an alternative. Or should I say have avoided doing so. Go figure.
Read 8 tweets
31 Mar
To be clear - my primary message in Mid-Scotland and Fife is going to be this:

1. Vote SNP on the constituency ballot.
2. In each household place one vote to Alba and One to me as an independent.

So if there are 4 in a house. Thats 2 to ALBA and two to myself.
With a large enough swing of Yes Voters in Fife. That's more than enough to ensure the election of me and multiple ALBA candidates.
It's a strategy that while meaning I am standing in Mid-Scotland and Fife and so are alba, if yes supporters in the region step up to the plate - it will MAXtheYES.
Read 4 tweets
30 Mar
If there's one thing the peoples' action has taught me, it is that if you leave it to politicians, you'll be waiting 20 years for an answer and still not get one.
Then if you try to get that answer for yourself, you'll end up being told it's not for the people to ask reasonable questions of law about their parliament that politicians have continuously failed to answer.
Simultaneously, you'll be told that politicians love a good mandate - So that's what I am doing.
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30 Mar
To be clear - i'm signalling my intention, if elected to stand as presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament. I'm doing it now to make clear my intent. An independent as PO means nobody from any yes party giving up their membership to become an independent to be PO.
That means no lost votes on the floor of parliament.

Secondly, and some might disagree, but I feel I have proven I can walk the fine line down the middle of party politics.
Thirdly, let's face it, that skill will come in handy because my impression is that parliament is definitely going to need a referee. And better it be a yesser than a unionist.
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29 Mar
I face a dilemma, and I am going to say from the outset that I do not want SNP supporters fashioning this into a tool to beat ALBA supporters and I do not want ALBA supporters doing the same - and that goes for all other yessers as well.
Last night I had cause to update the backers in the peoples action - and let me make this clear to the lord advocate and the advocate general - the idea that ordinary citizens don't have the right to ask reasonable questions of the court on matters regarding their own....
....parliament is the single most self-entitled, narcissistic, egomaniacal and ludicrous thing I have ever heard and I will defend to the death the right of the ordinary person to do so - because we're right - politicians work for us, not the other way around. And so do you!
Read 14 tweets

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