"Subjects with college degrees were 5 percentage points more likely to apply a principle harshly to Jews than to non-Jews. Among those with advanced degrees, subjects were 15 percentage points more unfavorable toward Jewish than non-Jewish examples."
The data here backs up what many of us have experienced first hand. Still, it's absolutely staggering to learn that a graduate degree is correlated with such a higher rate of anti-Semitism. What an indictment of our university system. Here are the questions the researchers posed:
"When asked whether 'attachment to another country creates a conflict of interest,' respondents with a four-year degree and those with advanced degrees were respectively 7 and 13 percentage points more likely to express this concern over Israel than Mexico."
My God: "People with advanced degrees were 12 percentage points more likely to support the military in prohibiting a Jewish yarmulke than in prohibiting a Sikh turban as part of the uniform."

Unsurprising, yet still absolutely nauseating.
Imagine if there was a university you knew made its students 15 percentage points more likely to be racist. Then imagine it was *every university* - and the longer you stayed, the more racist it made you. That's what Jews are facing in the US in 2021.

• • •

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18 Mar
The people in charge of delivering the news to you are a group of supposed grownups terrified of overgrown teenagers stuck in a high school mentality holding them hostage on Twitter. It's not going to stop until you demand better and stop being the marketplace for a moral panic.
Firing someone for something they tweeted when they were 17 is preposterous - until you consider that the editors and publishers in charge of the nation's leading publications are taking their cues from 17 year olds. Then it makes perfect sense.
It's bad enough that these people can't tell right from wrong, that they rely on a faceless online mob to adjudicate their morals, and are too cowardly to speak up when they know it's wrong. But these are the people literally in charge of telling you what is true and what's not.
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16 Mar
It's good we're talking about gross elite schools being gutted by wokeness. But what's happening downstream is also important - children everywhere being taught they're racists, they're stewards of white supremacy, taught to see race as the first thing they notice about a person.
This happened with Robin DiAngelo, too: There was a moment when the dam broke and people started to realize how gross White Fragility is, and everyone called it out, as though Robin DiAngelo were the problem and not the million people who bought her book and "Anti-Racist Baby"
I get it! Gross elite prep schools torn apart by gross racial essentialism - you have to be pretty invested in the elites not to chuckle. But because success in America today is so limited to the top, these kids will make up most of tomorrow's leaders, which makes it less funny.
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24 Feb
A student at Smith got a janitor put on leave and a security officer tarred as racist, both of whom make less than her $78,000 yearly tuition, because she insisted on eating in a deserted dorm she wasn't meant to be in. Wokeness is a smokescreen for class.
A cafeteria employee with lupus making $40K a year, half of Smith tuition, told the student that the dorm was closed but still let her in. The student posted the woman's photo and email to FB, captioned, “This is the racist person." She's now unemployed and no one will hire her.
Moral panics are always bad. But our current moral panic around race is a way for affluent liberals drunk on the fiction of meritocracy to erase the class chasm in America, hoarding power while still feeling like the heroes of a social justice morality play.
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10 Nov 20
Using anti-Semitism and Israel to distract from the fact that you learned about the dangers of the coronavirus and instead of warning vulnerable Americans turned around and made millions of dollars off of it is truly a low and shameful tactic.
Anyone who has walked the streets of Hebron knows that they ARE reminiscent of other previous oppressive regimes and there ARE laws of segregation that allow one thing for the Jewish people and another for the Palestinians. The outrage around this letter is totally manufactured.
"We are dismayed at the conditions in which Palestinian communities live & our hearts cry out to God over the prospect that this political standoff of which both Palestinians and Israelis have become prisoners may last into the future." Beautiful. Me too.
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2 Nov 20
In the lead up to what we're told every day is the most important election of our lives, the New York Times hasn't run a single OpEd by someone voting for Trump, as far as I can tell (correct me if I'm wrong). What an absolute failure on the part of the former paper of record.
The reason that's always given for this is that Trump's supporters lie about facts, or that they're all racists. This is not the reason. It's actually about class and a digital media business model that relies on excluding the wrong kind of readers (ones without a college degree)
That's also why Trump's name appears every 250 words or so in the New York Times (cjr.org/covering_the_e…), and never God forbid by anyone who admires him. Ever hear of "Project Feels" (nytmediakit.com/contextual-tar…)? "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying feelings?" Image
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18 Aug 20
"And we moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. That's for the Evangelicals. You know, it's amazing: The Evangelicals are more excited about that than Jewish people. That's really - right? It's incredible."
Aside from brazenly admitting to pursuing a major foreign policy upset to woo voters, what's interesting about this is who Trump is cutting out of the story: Sheldon Adelson, who reportedly gave him $20M in exchange for a promise to move the embassy.

Not so this time around: the Adelsons are withholding support from Trump's campaign, which has angered the President. The Adelsons are "concerned about the optics of funding political campaigns at a time when their employees are facing financial hardship."
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