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3 Apr, 4 tweets, 1 min read
I find this whole situation very weird... If this were truly a scary, deadly pandemic, then you wouldn't need to push people so hard to take a vaccine for it.

The fact so many are relying on social pressure, shame, and coercion, rather than FACTS and LOGIC raises questions.
I'm seeing people being bullied, insulted, harassed, and even threatened to take this shot...

That's immoral and unprecedented.

For many, it seems to be more about moral grandstanding and telling others what to do, rather than truly caring about their health and free will.
Everybody has a different risk profile and different considerations. Both for the virus AND any medication.

The math for a 75 year old with diabetes is not the same as for a healthy 15, 25, 35, 45, or even 55 year old.

Why are people acting like it's one size fits all?
These questions and concerns are all very obvious.

If most journalists were actually journalists, they'd be asking these questions all day long...

Dunno why it's me doing this. I'm just a concerned citizen.

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19 Mar
It's weird how it was just decided on our behalf that Covid-19 is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the world.

More important than all other diseases, causes of death, human rights, civil liberties, joy, wellbeing...

Covid is the new, secular god. To question anything is blasphemy.
Seriously, when did we all consent to override all of these other things because of this particular virus, which has a 99.9%+ survival rate in most demographics?

I didn't consent.

I don't consent.

There's more to life and health. It's just a virus with good marketing.
Do you guys remember all those other times we stopped the entire world, put billions of healthy people under house arrest, crushed the whole economy, and sacrificed friendships, family, and mental & physical health, because there was a virus going around?


Neither do I...
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15 Mar
I've just launched a Kickstarter project for my new album 'Word of Zuby' and need your support to help make it a success!

Pledge today and get my new album on:
-Limited edition double 12" purple vinyl (max 500)

Back my project 👉🏾 kck.st/30QRNnv
My 30 day Kickstarter project has been live for just 7 hours...

50 people have backed it so far and it's already reached 70% of the initial funding goal. 😱

God bless you guys! Let's keep up the momentum! #BackZuby
The project has now reached 94% of its initial funding goal in 9 hours, with 82 backers.

A truly incredible start. I'm so grateful.

We've still got 30 days left, so I'll be announcing the first stretch goals once we secure that 100%.

For now, I need sleep! 💤
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4 Mar
At least 80% of the ACTUAL racism, sexism, misogyny & misandry that I see and hear, comes from people on the left side of the political aisle.

It's astonishing that these forms of bigotry and discrimination are still associated primarily with 'the right'.

The power of branding.
ALL OF MY LIFE, I've found it easier to get on with people in the centre, and conservatives.

They GENUINELY treat me as an equal and normal human being. With full agency and ability.

Lefties ALWAYS have to bring up 'race'. And they treat me like a pet, rather than an equal.
This occurs even if I don't share my own political views.

Centre/right people don't make assumptions. There's no presumption that I will, or must agree with them.

Leftists normally ASSUME I'm on 'their side' (oh, he's black) and become hostile when they discover otherwise.
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2 Mar
One year into this foolishness and I'm yet to see any CONCLUSIVE evidence that masks OR lockdowns actually 'saved' lives...

I can see that the latter ruined hundreds of millions though.

They want everyone to keep playing this stupid game forever.

The emperor has no clothes.
I'm aggressively anti-lockdown and have been from day one.

But it's not even clear they did what it was CLAIMED they were intended to. People cherry pick and do mental gymnastics.

No one wants to admit this. Too much sunk cost and cognitive dissonance.
People like to suggest that if you don't support lockdowns, then you 'don't care about human life'.

This is completely backwards.

IF lockdowns were highly effective AND the ONLY option (both false) then it would have SOME merit.

But it doesn't. Pure emotional blackmail.
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2 Mar
I'm old enough to remember when the government forcibly shut down all of the gyms, swimming pools, and leisure centres for months on end.

But kept the fast food joints and liquor stores open.

And they said it was for 'public health reasons'.

And millions of people believed it.
You can get my fitness eBooks 'Strong Advice' & 'Quarantine Fitness' at a discount today! 💪🏾

They've helped thousands to:
-build muscle
-lose fat
-get stronger
-look better
-feel better
-stay motivated

Normally $39

Next 25 buyers can get both for $25

21 left at this price 🔥
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17 Feb
People are so afraid of dying that they're not living.

And they don't want you to live either.
Mindset, training, nutrition & habits are keys to health.

I wrote a book about it!

'Strong Advice' has helped thousands to:
-build muscle
-lose fat
-get stronger
-look better
-stay motivated

Pre-order it on paperback and get $5 off for the next 24hrs.

20 hours left to get it at the pre-order price
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