I’ve explained this several times. But I’ll do it again.

A year ago, in April 2020, UCP enacted changes to the Public Emergency Act in Alberta.

When an emergency is declared, the government has complete power to amend, repeal or create any legislation.
Regardless if it has to do with covid or the emergency.

It is in the best interests of UCP to keep the province saturated with covid. That way, they don’t have to go through review of their policies and dissenting opinion. They don’t have to even inform us until it’s done.
How did coal policy get changed without consultation and debate?

Alberta had declared a state of emergency. They repealed the legislation when Alberta was in a state of emergency. Therefore bypassing the legislative and debate process.
Alberta is a de facto (in all but name) dictatorship when in a state of emergency.

The question is not why UCP keeps allowing covid to ravage the province. The question is why the public continues to permit the government to assume the role of dictator using covid as rationale.
UCP continues to prove their intent and values are autocratic.

Utter denial that UCP is an autocratic party that imposes dictatorial decisions during the most stressful and chaotic periods (when covid wave is surging) does not change the fact this is what UCP is doing.
The problem is that people are refusing to acknowledge what’s happening.

Case in point: the newly proposed curriculum is receiving mass province wide criticism. However, Alberta is moving into a third wave of covid.
Once an emergency is declared, and it will be, UCP will approve the curriculum. No debate, no committee review, no public input or register of dissent.

Because UCP legislated themselves absolute power during a state of emergency.
This power dynamic gives UCP incentive to keep rolling waves of covid in perpetuity.

The premier and the party are playing with our lives and have no apparent concern whether citizens live or die.

The public remains mostly oblivious to this fact.
If this sounds objectionable and horrific, it’s because it is.

Corrupt autocrats frequently give themselves legal authority to dictate their commands so they can carry out heinous actions with impunity. It’s what dictators do.
Ford and MPP Mulroney attempted to bypass the accountability process by banning all civil litigation against the provincial government. This is an alternate approach to escape culpability for vile and criminal actions.

But the court caught them and quashed this legislation.
Ford just found out he cannot escape culpability for his inaction and dreadful decision making in regards to covid or any other policy.

Kenney and UCP have barely been challenged with the changes to the Public Emergency Act of Alberta.
John Carpay and JCCF are challenging the provincial govt’s authority to assume the powers of dictatorship when an emergency is declared.

A clear set up. Kenney mishandles covid, Carpay challenges the govt’s authority to restrict freedoms, no one bothers to check absolute power.
Kenney, UCP and like minded political parties are corrupt. They use subterfuge, infiltration, political drama and distraction, sabotage, multiple chaotic events to distract, literal crimes and many other methods to keep the public disoriented and discombobulated.
That’s what corrupt demagogues do. They make themselves a moving target so it’s more difficult to take aim. They employ assistance from others to make themselves appear honest & trustworthy.
Kenney has already publicly admitted zero covid is NOT his aim. He identified a mitigation strategy. That means he has decided that some deaths will be permitted to save the economy. And some businesses will be allowed to fail to preserve human lives.
This allows the virus to spread uncontrolled in the community. And is considered the preferable choice rather than zero-covid.
The more covid and the new variants spread, the greater the likelihood an emergency will be declared. And all those vehemently opposed policies of Dominionist Christian Nationals can be implemented with minimal resistance.

UCP are NOT a collection of incompetent oafs.
They are a highly organized and well funded Christian nationalist political party with a far right agenda & the ability to shut down dissent.

Does that sound incompetent? It shouldn’t. It’s the personification of corruption, entitlement, kleptocracy and plutocratic oligarchy.
So many accuse the UCP of being stupid and incompetent. The public is easily fooled and incapable of recognizing reality. Kenney and UCP are all too competent at installing a dictatorship and quelling dissent.

It’s us that are incompetent at recognizing & removing threat.
If we want to preserve Albertan democracy, we need to, at minimum, acknowledge the actual problem.

• • •

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4 Apr
Readers will note Artur Pawlowski is the street pastor that came to Edmonton and demonstrated for removal of mask mandates and the immediate release of Pastor Coates.

Brandishing tiki torches.

While he shouts gestapo & Nazi at the police, his open church puts lives at risk.
And look who is supporting this nonsense.

Jack Posobiac. And Ezra Levant of course.
If this civil disobedience that puts lives at increasing risk isn’t stopped soon, we are going to have open insurrection to more than just facility capacity & mask mandates.

Christian Nationalists are a dangerous group of zealots.
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4 Apr
I refuse to amplify this garbage.

But it should be noted that Conrad Black is propagating racist imperialist white washed rationale for Kenney’s proposed curriculum.

It never ceases to amaze me how many share Black’s worldview.
People who invest all their self worth in the belief that Europeans were more socially or economically advanced than North American indigenous peoples.

The idea is preposterous and egotistical self serving.
While the technology of Europe was more advanced, the social and economic norms certainly were NOT.

In Europe, most people were treated as chattel, serfs and indentured servants. With no agency of their own. Only one social class held wealth and power. All others subsisted.
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4 Apr
I found this paper that provides a helpful framework to examine and analyze the proposed changes to the Alberta curriculum.

I encourage people in education to read it. Parents and other supporters as well.

It describes the differences between the design of a curriculum meant to indoctrinate & control the population and one that encourages critical thinking.

Written by an Eastern European academic.
When the Soviet Union crumbled, the benefit to modern contemporary politics is the research and efforts to document the change from a society that enforced autocratic ideology to be adopted and a more democratic approach to public education of children.
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2 Apr
I remember a number of women came forward accusing Frankin of copping a squeeze while taking pictures at a community fair.

That’s why he resigned.

Where are those women and their accusations now? They evaporated after Franklin resigned. Funny how that works.
Which is why it’s difficult to trust the Cuomo situation at face value.

Unfortunately, cons come in the female variety. I.E. not all women are honest and trustworthy.
Which is why knee jerk reactions and cancel culture are so dangerous and unhelpful.
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2 Apr
Let’s go back a few hundred years, before women and children were considered persons in their own right.

In English Common Law, women and children were considered the property/assets of the head of the family.
Corporal punishment was restricted to a switch no larger than the size of your index finger. Women and children could be beat to within an inch of life, and it was entirely legal. Dogs and horses could be beaten as well.

Wealthy heads of households could abuse their servants.
Female Servants didn’t dare complain or they wouldn’t be paid their meagre below subsistence wages. Or maybe they’d be denied food for a few days. Forced to sleep with the animals. Beaten and raped instead of just raped.
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1 Apr
Today I am sad. Very sad.

It’s the first time I have felt defeated and awash in grief for reconciliation.

I’m certain many other indigenous people feel similarly.

What was once a dream of equal personhood has been replaced with fear and woe for what’s to come.
I see people criticizing the new proposed curriculum. Strong, well thought out arguments why this curriculum is so troublesome and devastating for BIPOC, LGBTQ and Women in general.

But my tears and sorrow know this is where it will end.
I’ve watched for the last few years how so many good intentioned people accept the policies of governments that cause great harm and actually kill innocent vulnerable people (spiritually, emotionally and physically).
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