Colorado (Dem-run of course) is arguably the best state for making it easy to vote. They have automatic & same-day voter registration, universal vote-by-mail, & numerous countywide vote centers where any person in a county may vote in-person on Election Day or during early voting
Gerrymandering hasn't gotten as much publicity in 2021 yet as GOP voting restrictions have, but another biggie is Colorado has independent redistricting commissions while Georgia GOP is about to viciously gerrymander again. CO stands head & shoulders above GA for fair elections
CO vs GA voting law

CO registration deadline Election Day; GA 28 days prior
CO requests (non-photo) ID, not requires; GA strictly requires photo ID
CO votes near 100% by mail, so voting lines are nonexistent; GA must request mail vote
CO lets probation/parolees vote;, GA doesn't
Republicans so badly want to make the whole Georgia voting law boycott about voter ID, but 1) GEORGIA HAS HAD VOTER ID SINCE 2006, this is not what 2021 backlash is over & 2) can't even be bothered to honestly state that Colorado DOES NOT REQUIRE VOTER ID…

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26 Mar
Grotesque. Michigan GOP has won gerrymandered majorities despite Dems getting more votes this whole decade. Thus, GOP lawmakers can just pass new voting limits ahead of Whitmer's 2022 election if activists gather ballot measure signatures, no public vote needed or veto possible
Michigan voters approved a ballot initiative creating an independent redistricting commission in 2018, but because it won't draw new districts until the 2022 elections, the pernicious effects of two decades of GOP gerrymandering are still being felt & undermining democracy
Fortunately, though, one huge difference between right now & previous years is that Dems gained a 4-3 majority on the state Supreme Court in 2020, which could then use the voting rights protections found in the state constitution to strike down new voting restrictions
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25 Mar
Georgia state House GOP passed a sweeping new voting restriction bill. Among its many provisions, it tries to force more people to vote in person by making it harder to vote by mail & also makes it a crime to give food & water to voters standing in line. Just blatant suppression
Georgia Republicans could not be more blatant with their intent to deter Black voters from voting
The most prominent Democratic election lawyer in the country promises a lawsuit once Georgia Republicans pass their new voting restriction bill
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4 Mar
BREAKING: House Dems just passed the most important democracy reform bill since the 1965 Voting Rights Act!

#HR1 enacts sweeping new voting protections, bans congressional gerrymandering, & adopts public campaign financing. See the major provisions here:…
These reforms are critical for protecting our democracy from an increasingly authoritarian Republican Party that uses gerrymandering & voter suppression to entrench white minority rule. The Senate absolutely must curtail the filibuster & pass #HR1…
If Senate Democrats don't curtail the filibuster to pass #HR1, Dems can kiss their House majority goodbye in 2022 since Republicans will be able to draw 2-3 times as many congressional districts as Dems unless #HR1 becomes law & bans House gerrymandering…
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24 Feb
NEW: Democrats in Congress must pass major new election reforms to save democracy from an increasingly radical GOP. Dems have a historic chance to pass the biggest expansion of voting access since the Voting Rights Act, a ban on gerrymandering, & more…
In reaction to 2020 Dem wins, Republicans are advancing new voting restrictions in AZ, GA, FL, IA, TX, & more states.

Only congressional action is guaranteed to block these voter suppression measures & protect voting access. Dems must pass #HR1 & the John Lewis Voting Rights Act
Following the 2020 elections, Republicans are poised to dominate redistricting by drawing 2-3 times as many House districts as Dems, leading to another decade of biased maps.

Congressional Dems must pass #HR1 & ban House gerrymandering once & for all… ImageImage
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23 Feb
NEW: We calculated 3 decades of the Senate "popular vote" & how many people each party represented. The results are astonishing: The GOP hasn't won more votes or represented more people than Dems since the 1990s but has run the Senate > half the time since…
GOP minority rule is a defining feature of what's wrong with American politics, & no institution has it worse than the Senate. Dems represent tens of millions more people & won millions more votes but won the same number of seats as GOP in 2020. Minority rule could return in 2022
From 2000-2006 & 2014-2020, Senate GOP owed its majorities to minority rule. The results are far-reaching: A majority of 5 SCOTUS justices were confirmed by GOP senates elected with less support than Dems. Those justices have since undermined voting rights & upheld gerrymandering
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19 Feb
.@DKElections presents the 2020 presidential results by congressional district! As shown on these maps, Biden won 224 districts to Trump's 211. The median seat was #IL14, which Biden won by 50-48, meaning Trump could've lost the popular vote by 2% & still won a majority of seats
The 2016 presidential results for the congressional districts in use in 2020 saw Trump win the median seat by 2% despite losing overall by 2%, meaning the GOP had a 4% advantage over the popular vote. That advantage fell in half in 2020, but GOP gerrymandering remains a threat
Republicans are poised to draw 2-3 times as many congressional districts as Dems after 2020, & SCOTUS could make GOP gerrymandering worse within states. GOP gerrymandering will remain a major problem in the 2020s & beyond if congressional Dems don't ban it…
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