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GOP again claims that campaign finance transparency, squashing gerrymandering, national holiday for federal elections, same-day voter registration, election security ... are efforts to rig elections for Ds.

GOP=anti-election transparency, access

Non-partisan League of Women Voters champions #hr1…
Analysis of #hr1 from @npr ICYMI…
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Dem Legislators in CT DE IA MD ME MO NM NY OR VA WA

🔥PLEASE IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW YOUR RESOLUTIONS calling for a #ConventionOfStates "for purposes of overturning Supreme Courts Citizens United Ruling"🔥

#HR1 is addressing this issue by SAFELY

A Dangerous #COS is NOT REQUIRED
By "Safely" I mean using the method of obtaining 2/3 votes in Congress

NOT by opening the Constitution up to a complete rewrite; a plan that's been financed and pushed by Dark Money AstroTurf grps for years now

Do not play into their hands

The Religious Right behind this stealth drive is VERY close to achieving their goal

They must be prevented AT ALL COSTS

It may be possible for #ConCon/#COS calls for dif amendments to be combined

🔥We cannot afford to have ANY COS calls on the table

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Via @latimes DEMS Focus on OVERSIGHT Role and Investigations of the #Trump #kakistocracy .. and ALL OF ITs piles. TRUMP was schooled this AM as to what #Oversight means.. he whined .. They didn’t do it to (black) OBAMA
#maddow @CNN @lauferlaw @dailykos
@latimes @CNN @lauferlaw @dailykos The Dem agenda will include three #House floor votes on Major Bills by the end of March, according to tentative plans shared by Democratic sources. #HR1 #HR7 #HR8 @LWV #votingrights @Womenworking @NationalNOW @womensmarch @MomsDemand @davidhogg111 #FightFor15 #VoteVetsVsNRA
@latimes @CNN @lauferlaw @dailykos #OVERSIGHT Acting AG. #Whitaker is slated to testify tomorrow, making him the first major TRUMP #kakistocracy official to come before USHouse since @SpeakerPelosi got gavel back.
@RVAwonk @lauferlaw @SethAbramson @DavidCornDC @renato_mariotti @tribelaw @jentaub @maddow @CNN
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@amprog is thrilled that @OversightDems is holding a hearing on #HR1, #ForThePeople Act. #HR1 is a once-in-a generation robust reform package that will help restore the promise of our democracy.
Ahead of the midterm elections, a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that 77% of registered voters stated that “Reducing the influence of special interests and corruption in Washington” is either the most important or a very important issue facing the country.
Link to Wall Street Journal/NBC poll:…
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Yesterday, @Sifill_LDF provided critical testimony before the House Judiciary committee about #HR1, which would significantly expand voter access. Here are 10 things you may have missed from yesterday's hearing. #Votingrights #ForthePeople
1. HR 1 makes important findings concerning the need to restore the VRA to its full strength and calls for Congress to conduct investigatory and evidentiary hearings to determine the legislation necessary to restore the VRA. Watch @Sifill_LDF's testimony:
2. @Sifill_LDF reminds @RepDougCollins that as we look to the Constitution that governs elections we must speak to the passage of 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment and how they are being left out of the conversation. #HR1 #VotingRights
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LIVE NOW: The first committee hearing on #HR1 — a historic pro-democracy package that includes:

-Automatic voter registration

-Public financing of elections

-An end to gerrymandering

-A constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United

.@RepJerryNadler: America has increasingly tended toward an oligarchy. #HR1 will correct this drift away from representative democracy by reducing the role of money in politics, restoring ethical standards and integrity to government and strengthening laws to protect voting.
.@vanitaguptaCR: Repairing and modernizing our voting system goes hand and hand with reforms that address the rampant corruption flowing from the corrosive power of money in our elections. Both are necessary to ensure that our gov't works for all people, not just a powerful few.
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THREAD/ Today is the ninth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s horrendous #CitizensUnited decision. Our democracy has been in crisis ever since.
In the all-Trump media environment, it’s easy to think Trump himself is the source of all our problems. But it goes much deeper. So long as a handful of big money donors have outsized influence over who's elected and what's debated in Congress, our democracy will remain broken.
Until #CitizensUnited is overturned, the corporate oligarchy will maintain the power to block the policies favored by the majority of Americans — from raising the minimum wage to addressing catastrophic climate change, breaking up Wall Street banks to winning #MedicareForAll.
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I expect 5-4 rulings deciding that partisan gerrymandering can't be ruled unconstitutional at the federal level, thanks to Mitch McConnell stealing a Supreme Court seat & Trump putting an attempted rapist on the court
The US Supreme Court doing whatever it can get away with to protect GOP gerrymandering is why state supreme courts are so critical. PA's Dem-majority Supreme Court struck down GOP gerrymandering in 2018, & NC's Dem court could do so too by 2020. Here's how…
This is sadly a prerequisite for getting the Roberts Court to actually put limits on congressional gerrymandering—If they only see it as something Republicans do, then they'll never do anything to stop it. This is why we must pass House Dems' #HR1 to ban gerrymandering nationally
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I'm home sick but never too sick to rave about #HR1: a bill to continue our long American project of creating a democracy that represents all of us equally. I'm gonna talk wonky on here for a minute. #ForThePeople
My @CampaignLegal colleagues @DelaneyMarsco @brendan_fischer and others will tell you about the campaign finance and ethic portions (they are big! really big! change our democracy big!). I'm here to talk about the provisions at the heart of our democracy: VOTING.
The bill is 571 pages and it is CHOCKFULL of good ideas (hint, hint, states could adopt a lot of these on their own). #HR1
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Listen up dummies!
1/ Here’s the scoop on what they hell is going on with #GOPTaxScam.
A couple days ago, the conference committee (Senate and House conferees) for #TaxCutsandJobsAct (barf) or #HR1 voted to move the bill to the House for a vote.
2/ This morning the House voted (227-203) to pass and it moved to the Senate.
(Ok, we knew that would happen, the House if fucking crazy and no one really understands them.)
3/ The Senate is slightly less batshit crazy and is where the real shit happens.
Sooooo…this afternoon, because the GOP is RUSHING to get this passed AND the Senate votes on EVERYTHING; a Motion to Proceed (MTP) on #HR1 passed (51-48 McCain absent).
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