@DanCrenshawTX 1/n Pro tip for all Corp CEOs trying to play the “I’m woke too” game. Unless you are the uber wealthy oligarch of a tech monopoly, skip the social justice warrior routine. @MZHemingway @aier @jeffreyatucker @ByronYork @zerohedge @Chesschick01
@DanCrenshawTX @MZHemingway @aier @jeffreyatucker @ByronYork @zerohedge @Chesschick01 2/n Right or wrong, megalomaniacal oligarch monopolists can afford to play that game. You cannot and must not. You are completely ill equipped for it, and moreover that is not the job shareholders hired you to do.
@DanCrenshawTX @MZHemingway @aier @jeffreyatucker @ByronYork @zerohedge @Chesschick01 3/n You’d best not take one minute of time or $1 of corp resources away from complete focus on serving customers, hiring and motivating outstanding employees, and building a quality business to produce strong sustainable long term returns. That is your job description. Period.
@DanCrenshawTX @MZHemingway @aier @jeffreyatucker @ByronYork @zerohedge @Chesschick01 4/n If you feel compelled to be a social justice warrior, do it on your own time with your own resources. In any competitive industry - I’m looking at you airlines - you will lose your way and have your lunch eaten faster than you can say “bankruptcy”.
@DanCrenshawTX @MZHemingway @aier @jeffreyatucker @ByronYork @zerohedge @Chesschick01 5/n If you have a quasi monopoly or dangerously unhealthy addictive product - think MLB and Coca Cola - you may have a little more time to endure the deteriorating returns, but ultimately the result will be the same.
@DanCrenshawTX @MZHemingway @aier @jeffreyatucker @ByronYork @zerohedge @Chesschick01 6/n You may think you can play centi-billionaire tech oligarch, but you will soon discover otherwise and find yourself in a world of hurt wondering what truck flattened you and the business you were hired to manage. Boards of Directors: Do. Your. Jobs.

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26 Feb
@realDailyWire 1/n Don’t forget he also stopped seas from rising, ended world hunger and solved nuclear cold fusion, so he’s got that going for him. But he’s not done.
@realDailyWire 2/n He has nearly completed destruction of the most prosperous and successful experiment in democracy ever, which, in its short history, has: saved the world from fascist tyranny multiple times,
@realDailyWire 3/n done more than any nation ever to raise the living standards of hundreds of millions of people here and around the world, helped feed them and lift them out of poverty, freed slaves, educated billions,
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15 Feb
@ianmSC 1/n “In the long run my observations have convinced me that some men, reasoning preposterously, first establish some conclusion in their minds which, either because of its being their own or because of their having received it from some person who has their entire confidence,
@ianmSC 2/n “impresses them so deeply that one finds it impossible ever to get it out of their heads. Such arguments in support of their fixed idea as they hit upon themselves or hear set forth by others, no matter how simple and stupid these may be,
@ianmSC 3/n “gain their instant acceptance and applause. On the other hand whatever is brought forward against it, however ingenious and conclusive, they receive with disdain or with hot rage — if indeed it does not make them ill.
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3 Feb
@AmyJacobson @chicagosmayor @MorningAnswer @DanProft Did I miss my invitation to the secret Committee on Dreaming Up Ever More Cruel, Sadistic, Insane, Devastating, Backward, Anti-Science, Policies to Inflict on Innocent People?
@EWoodhouse7 @ChefGruel @Chesschick01 @RMConservative @kerpen @robinmonotti @moutet @atensnut
@AmyJacobson @chicagosmayor @MorningAnswer @DanProft @EWoodhouse7 @ChefGruel @Chesschick01 @RMConservative @kerpen @robinmonotti @moutet @atensnut It sounds like such fun. It really amps up the creative juices when constraints like science, morality, laws and such are removed. Sub committees apparently have also been established at the State and Local levels chaired by Pritzker and Lightfoot.
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19 Dec 20
@jhaskinscabrera @MartinKulldorff @MichaelYeadon3 @stacey_rudin @ColleenHuberNMD @EWoodhouse7 @FatEmperor @princesseffel @tlowden @EthicalSkeptic @SWAtlasHoover @boriquagato @andrewbostom @MorningAnswer 1/n PCR testing, the very foundation of the panic-inciting hysteria over mass Covid infections, is unreliable and, in fact, mostly wrong for detecting infectious disease at Ct levels above about 24. Even the WHO - however quietly - now agrees with that.
@jhaskinscabrera @MartinKulldorff @MichaelYeadon3 @stacey_rudin @ColleenHuberNMD @EWoodhouse7 @FatEmperor @princesseffel @tlowden @EthicalSkeptic @SWAtlasHoover @boriquagato @andrewbostom @MorningAnswer 2/n Most US testing labs use Ct levels of 35-40 or higher. Testing has been used to manipulate the data facilitating the panic and related fraud. The corollary to Stalin’s famous quote on the importance vote COUNTING: “Those who control and manipulate the data decide everything”
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14 Nov 20
@catturd2 1/n Can someone kindly explain why political leaders in the face of clear, obvious, irrefutable evidence that the path they are pursuing is devastatingly wrong, continue mindlessly to forge ahead, even doubling and tripling down?@EWoodhouse7 @MorningAnswer @RebelACole @John_Kass
@catturd2 @EWoodhouse7 @MorningAnswer @RebelACole @John_Kass 2/n “If we just keep doing even more of what has been shown not to work, surely things will improve! There must be some devious unknown reason our brilliant policies are not working. Keep digging!”
@catturd2 @EWoodhouse7 @MorningAnswer @RebelACole @John_Kass 3/n Covid cases? Testing, masks and lockdowns! More covid cases? More testing, masks and lockdowns! Increasing crime? Restrain police! More crime? Defund police and release criminals from jail! Gun violence? Gun control! More gun violence? More gun control!
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31 Oct 20
@TomFitton @nypost 1/n One would have to be a fervent believer in coincidences to see the fierce attacks on @realDonaldTrump and American freedom and democracy as anything other than a frightening, well orchestrated CCP plan to defeat us without a shot.
@TuckerCarlson @RichardGrenell @MZHemingway
@TomFitton @nypost @realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson @RichardGrenell @MZHemingway 2/n Biden clearly bought and paid for by them; huge propaganda campaign to cover it up and push him into office; virus emanated from them; ensuing irrational panic inflamed by propaganda destroys economy; continuing fear facilitates tyrannical control by like minded politicians
@TomFitton @nypost @realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson @RichardGrenell @MZHemingway 3/n Antifa/BLM riots well orchestrated and funded by whom?; tech giants with historically close ties and financial interests in China openly censoring and monitoring; all that and more just to start. Meanwhile, how’s China’s economy doing? Awful lot of coincidences.
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