Today in spectacularly morbid German history, I learned that on April 9th 1559, as the inhabitants of the Swabian town of Weil in Schönbuch celebrated, fires broke out around the town...
Much to the horror of the inhabitants of the town, as soon as one building was extinguished, more sprung up. It soon became apparent that someone was setting the fires that were razing the prosperous community...
111 houses were burned, as well as the town hall and church. There's no figures on casualties, but it's safe to say that there were a few. Reports say that for the next couple of days, bits of the priests records were found across the town, carried by the hot air of the fire...
A few days later, a local homeless man and known ne'er-do-well, Enderlin Seitz was arrested in the town of Hechingen. As it turns out, he couldn't shut up about how he'd totally incinerated that other town...
Now, here's where things get really gross. Depending on which story you believe, Enderlin wasn't burned, as some say, but rather was taken to a hill near the town. There, he was stuffed into a barrel into which nails had been driven. Then he was rolled down the hill...
...and that, dear friends, was the end of Enderlin Seitz, rent to ribbons by many, many sharp nails. This tale is told on the town website, and recounted on signs around the town. The lesson? Don't mess with Swabians. /FIN

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19 Mar
I have held my tongue about what happened to me, partly because I didn't want to jeopardize the work of others, partly because I wanted to get my life on track.

I will never understand why this Man has been allowed to intimidate others for years.…
It's not just the violence of the initial 'visit', in which everyone in your neighbourhood is woken up by him & his thugs, it's the hate mail, visits from other people and a thousand acts of petty intimidation.

Police genuinely didn't give a damn, let him go on his way.
It's only through the support of groups ranging from @uaf to the @bylinetimes team, from individuals like @LouiseRawAuthor and grouos Ahmadi community that I was able to feel somewhat safe.

In the end, I ended up losing my job, my marriage and a burgeoning writing career.
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21 Feb
Bunch of catastrophically moronic Nazi fanboys added me to a *Facebook* chat where they share pics of their guns alongside threats of violence and the usual racist crap... /1
The kind of Facebook chat where you can see every single member of the group... and go to their profile. /2
Hate to break it to you lads, but the whole lot is there, and being saved. /3
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10 Feb
I got a little time this morning, so I thought I'd tell you about something amazing I discovered yesterday during some research.

In 1957, east of Schongau in Bavaria, at a place called Peiting, peat cutters found something they really weren't expecting... 1/
...a wooden box. When one of the cutters saw what was inside, the operation was stopped and the police were called.

They had found 'Rosalinde'. /2
'Rosalinde' would have stood around 152cm in life. She was between 15 - 30 at the time of her death and had eaten a porridge for her last meal. She was wearing a white dress, a headband, undergarments and magnificent boots. /3
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2 Feb
Andy Ngo thinks Antifa are on a level with the Nazis in terms of wanton violence. Furthermore, he says that 'even the Nazis knew to cover their tracks' and that we didn't know about the Holocaust until afterwards.

Wrong, and offensive on almost every level.
Violence had been building for years prior to the Nazis assuming power, and much of it was instigated by the SA.

In 1932 for example, 105 people died in clashes between SA and opposing groups in Prussia alone - that's one region.…
SA activity - marching through 'red' neighbourhoods and fighting those who opposed them was a deliberate strategy. The spectacle of violence and the implied 'restoral of order' was the point.
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18 Jan
When Hitler arrived at the Beer Hall in Munich, the mass of drinkers and their chatter made it impossible for Hitler to be heard. Having failed to get their attention, he had to fire a pistol into the air before he could announce that the 'national revolution' had begun...
Having removed selected officials into a back room to offer them key roles in the new government, Hitler was taken aback to find that they didn't agree straight away.

In fact they played for time and stalled for hours, causing Hitler and his top henchmen consternation...
When disorganization and confusion led Hitler to leave the beer hall to coordinate various movements at about 10.30pm on the night of the putsch, Eric von Ludendorff let the officials go - their key bargaining chip and symbols of legitimacy...
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23 Dec 20
Wow, @dw_culture, another building I can talk about - the Grabkapelle! Now here's a building with a story they don't necessarily tell you...
King Wilhelm of Württemberg was a beloved king, modernising his realm, including helping it survive 1816, the 'Year Without A Summer', when Mt Tambora's eruption lead to famine across Europe.

He was also athletic, and had a killer moustache, unlike his predecessors...
Wilhelm was married to Catharina Pavlovna Romanova, daughter of the Russian Tsar, Paul I.

It was both a strategic marriage, and a love match, for a time...
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