I think there's still a misconception about what the Section 30 in 2014 was actually about, so I'll try to clear that up.

In 2014, the Scottish Parliament didn't actually have the power to call elections or referendums. Elections in Scotland were held under UK law.
So the Section 30 "granted" in 2014 was actually to empower the Scottish Parliament to pass legislation required to hold a vote. It wasn't "You're allowed to have a vote" (that was the Edinburgh Agreement), it was "Here's the power you need to actually call a vote".
However, as a result of the Smith Commission, the Scotland (2016) Act devolved the power to hold elections to the Scottish Parliament. Scot Gov then passed 3 Acts to expand the franchise and change some technical aspects, and to facilitate referendums on "devolved" matters.
So this means that we don't need a Section 30 from UK Gov in 2021/22 to hold an election or referendum - because we *already* have those powers.

Scot Gov can call a referendum any time it likes, whether Boris likes it or not.

The Referendums Act passed in 2020 only applies to "devolved" matters, and the union is a reserved matter.

So basically UK Gov will have to take Scot Gov to court to block or resolve an #indyref2 vote on the basis of the union being "reserved".
Scot Gov's argument will be that a vote in itself is not altering the union in any way. It's just a vote. It's just asking Scots what they'd like to do.

Only parliaments - Scottish and UK - can actually change legislation.

So basically it comes down to a political fight.

• • •

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5 Apr
I'm watching Apollo 13.

Because despite upsets, accidents and differences, humans can achieve truly *astounding* things.

As long as we all work together towards one goal.
I love the Apollo 13 story because it was "a successful failure".

The entire Apollo program was a near-miraculous achievement and remains the pinnacle of human achievement (IMHO) to this day.

But 13 stands out because it was unscripted, unplanned. It was the best of everybody.
When all of the little fights about budgets and influence and who's department had bigger balls *finally* were put to one side, the entire US government swung into a single mission with a statement of pure undisputed clarity: Bring them home safe.
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5 Apr
How different it is from 2014.

Back then, most of England thought that we had gone absolutely mad. I know, I lived in England back then.

Now most of England is looking on in envy, trying to decide whether to encourage us to leave or beg us to stay.

Interesting times.
For most of us in the Yes movement, 2014 was a massively positive experience and a watershed in politics - despite the obvious disappointment at the outcome.

For most people in England at the time, it was a remote possibility in a remote land.

But now it's all too real.
Whilst we endure the immediate political scuffles between the SNP, Greens and Alba, I'm taking a longer view on all of this.

It was the Tories that did this. All of it. Not the "Scottish nats". The Tories started an irrevocable process 50 years ago that led us all to this moment
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8 Jan
So I have some thoughts on this.

There's video of police officers *opening* barriers to let the "protesters" through - and yep , holy fuck, I want to know what was going on there! BUT...

Once they got into the building, why didn't the police use deadly force? I'll tell you why.
There's two parts to this. The first is police tactics. They were up against a large armed mob, and aside from shouting at people and waving some guns, there really wasn't a whole lot that they could do. Start shooting people?
That only works if it's a few guys trying to break in. If it's thousands, your options are *really* limited.

First off, if you open first, you're going to escalate things. But more importantly, what happens when you run out of ammo? These people will just kill you.
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8 Jan
I've been reflecting on yesterday's events and how the Scottish independence movement conducts itself.

For a long time I've warned against factionalism and how the British state will exploit that to divide us. But yesterday's events have really brought that to the fore.
I didn't think that it was possible for Trump to have done the things that he has done. I credited the American people with far more sense than that.

But it really happened, and we need to draw lessons from it.
Over the past year I've seen a lot of frustration and opposing views over indyref2, with indy supporters openly attacking one another.


If we don't nip that in the bud, we are likely doomed to fail.
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7 Jan
I've been thinking a lot about democracy these last 12 hours.

Americans have a proud history of defending democracy and taking up arms against oppressive regimes. But that is not what happened today.

What happened was a demagogue-incited insurrection.
I don't blame the people on the ground - except to say that they were misled and likely gullible - but real blame lays with a President who lied to get into office, lied all the way through his office, and is trying to prevent his democratic removal from office by lying even more
And I think about the Scottish indy movement and - no matter which side of that you're on - you cannot deny a people democracy or its (perhaps) unintended outcomes.

Trump is the President of the USA for 2 more weeks. He was elected to that position. Nobody refused him a vote.
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7 Jan
I found the footage of the woman who was shot in the capitol building. I'm not sharing it.

Regardless of her political beliefs, she didn't get up this morning thinking that today would be her last day on Earth. Neither did the 3 others who died as a result of today's events.
Their blood is on Trump's hands. He misled them, he incited them, and he sent them to the Capitol.

That young woman probably thought that she was defending democracy. She gave her life for it. That is normally commendable. But she was lied to.

She died because Trump lied.
I have nothing but sadness in my heart that a young life was snuffed out long before her time. And that same heart goes out to her family who must be devastated by her loss.

These are the consequences of political lies - and we must never forget them.
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