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Daily Indyfact No2: An Independent Scotland in the EU would not have to accept the Euro, indeed we wouldn't be able to! Since the rule was first brought in, no country in the EU has been forced to adopt the Euro. For this next bit I will use a simple analogy to explain further.
Say tomorrow all the vegans in Europe said "Screw you! We're sick of your meat-eating ways" and one with a lot of money bought an island somewhere and they established the independent republic of vegans. (sorry vegans)
Well it is clear that their values are "we don't eat meat!". Now, if the Acquis communautaire (rules for joining the EU) said every country had to sell meat, then that would prevent the independent republic of vegans from joining right?
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The #ERG and the Tory hard-#Brexit mob want us leap into the dark with both hands tied behind our backs when the reality is, the adversities of their decisions would never bite them, they are insulated from the harm it will bring. (1/11)
They have been busy moving money out and being paid eye watering amounts to advise those with deep pockets how to mitigate the harm and exploit the weakness in this 'new modern Britain'. (2/11)
May's party is ram packed with people who will never have to worry about the untold harm that any form of Brexit will serve up. They'll have their personal fortunes, gold plated pensions and gongs aplenty to keep them warm. (3/11)
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(THREAD) I understand the frustration of some who say that Nicola Sturgeon should also attend pro-Indy rallies, not just #PeoplesVoteMarch. But I personally believe she does well to stay away as FM. Until #indyref2 campaign starts, every Indy march should stay 100% grassroots.
If she were to attend, that's the only story you'd hear in the overwhelming majority of the Press. That this was all the SNP's doing. That independence is a party political issue (it isn't). It would do very little to gain 2014 No voters, and, we need a few of them for indyref2.
To raise suspicions of "I've never seen Nicola at an indy rally", like she's some Unionist Manchurian candidate, is tin-foil level mad. Keep on organising your local Yes movements. Keep on agitating at local level. Keep on advancing the Yes cause with family & friends.
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That moment when the attorney general of the UK in #brexit debate talking about the #backstop, makes the case for Scotland to hold a second independence referendum to leave the United Kingdom. In England parliament is sovereign, in Scotland, the people are. | #scotref #indyref2
"If fundamental circumstances change, in the view of the United Kindom Then it would attempt to resolve the matter in the joint committee. It would attempt to resolve it politically. But if ultimately the sovereign right of this house and the sovereign right of the british....
... government at the time, if it took the view that indeed those fundamental circumstances had indeed changed, then it has an undoubted legal right to withdraw from ANY treaty." - Attorney General
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This front-cover led to a lot of excitement (inc from me) that the SNP leadership had listened to members and dumped the Growth Commission's currency plans.

But the details of the motion mean delegates at the spring conf have A LOT of work to do.

Here it is: it contains a litany of problems for Scottish currency advocates. If this becomes the official position, unamended, you can forget about a currency being introduced in first term of parly, & indy campaigners are going to have a hell of a task selling it on doorsteps.
1st and probably biggest problem is the motion keeps the GC's 6 tests. Like Gordon Brown’s 5 tests for the Euro and Starmer’s 6 tests for May’s Brexit deal, it has 1 purpose: to prevent the thing you are testing from ever coming to fruition, without publicly rejecting it outright
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Morning. Was quite busy last night when #indyref2 piece went out on @BBCScotNine. Will tweet a few key points from it this morning. But @ me if you have any questions.
Opponents of threads, look away now
What our story on #indyref2 reveals:

UK ministers & well placed SNP figures think Nicola Sturgeon will call for the power to hold another independence referendum soon

The UK government is preparing to say no

The SNP know this…
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Thread👇. There’ve been a lot of misleading comparisons between #Brexit & Scottish #Independence recently. Here’s @ScotNational summary from @KirstyS_Hughes @SCER_eu of her scholarly analysis which puts the record straight #indyref2…
“With #Brexit we already see a chaotic, divided politics facing stalemate in the Commons, that some suggest starts to look like a failed state. It’s not obvious that such a political dynamic would be replicated on #independence@KirstyS_Hughes
“Scotland, if independent, would gain many more powers for the ...Scottish Parliament, compared to the current range of devolved powers. And as an EU member state, it would have a democratic say at the EU council of ministers that it doesn’t currently have”
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A #Brexit extension is “almost inevitable”
- Nicola Sturgeon to me earlier @FRANCE24

Scottish First Minister wants Labour’s Corbyn to
“get off the Brexit fence & put his weight behind [...] something that would break the deadlock”
#Scotland #SNP #F24
2/ Sturgeon on Theresa May:

“she should change her approach... 1st thing she should do is request an extension to #Article50

“My preference then would go back to the people in another referendum- bcs people have so much more information now than in 2016”#Brexit #F24
Nicola Sturgeon accuses both Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn of
“probably trying to run the clock down as much as [each other] in all this.”
#Brexit #Article50 #PeoplesVote #F24 🇬🇧🇪🇺
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For #indyref2 im yes like others are. I and that'll never change but the question is to the undecided.

What's going to tip you as a fence sitter to making your mind up a yes or a no?

Here are some of my slanted thoughts.....
You can still call yourself British you know, Scotland is very welcoming and encourages diversity.

We were all born on the British isles to I guess technically we are all British. Being British won't be taken from you.
We'll still have the pound most probably albeit the Scottish one and most probably worth more than an English one the way things are, if we're in Europe or the CU and I don't think us Scots are silly enough to want to leave both.
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Here's a short thread (20 tweets Ha!) on why I ended up in Keith, Moray from #Norwich in Norfolk & why I wouldn't live in any other nation. This is about about how #Scotland became my home because of love & how this led to support for independence & #SNPOrganiser for Keith 1/20
For context - towards the end of 2014 I came out of a mentally & emotionally exhausting long distance relationship w/ an American, I had just started a degree in Computer Science @uniofeastanglia & found myself content in my own company & 'aloneness' .. 2/20
Scrolling my @tumblr blog, I came across a blog that I found interesting. in 1 post Mr McDonald had written about jumping some stairs in his flat, smashing his head on a door frame, and coming too on his floor w/ blood pouring out his skull. I thought it was funny. 3/20
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2018 has been a rough year for the EU and they’re probably very happy to see the back of it. So in the spirit of wishing Jean-Claude, Donald & Guy a Happy New Year for 2019 I thought I’d write a little to-do list for them /1

#StateOfTheEUnion #Brexit

In Dec 17 the far right Freedom Party entered govt in coalition with OVP with a combined 58% (113 seats) of the vote. Austria became the only W. European country with a far right party in power. Combined they have 9/18 MEPs in @EUparliament & may get more in #EP2019 /2

The govt fell in Dec 18 on a vote of no confidence. Coalition wld not support the UN Migration Pact & a caretaker PM with limited powers is in place until May. Recent polling shows support is growing for anti-migrant Flemish separatist parties N-VA (30%) & VB (12%) /3
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A wee thing about seeing friends over the winter (pagan) holiday...
Yesterday, I picked up my best friend's oldest son to go skiing. Not in the Alps, but in Scotland.
And not at Cairngorm or even at Glencoe. We traveled to Glasgow, to the big indoor Fridge at Braehead.
We were joined, amongst others, by a Dutch friend who has also lived, worked and married in, and to, Scotland since the 90s. Again, uncertainty for him as he also doesn't have British citizenship. 2/8...
On the way back we stopped off to see some other friends and their wee 15 month old son. He's Scottish, as is his German Mum - again, someone that's lived and worked here for nearly 20 years and now faces a situation where she doesn't know if she'll be allowed to stay here.
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Nicola Sturgeon has consistently said she'll set out ''next steps'' when the outcome of the negotiations are known. Some would argue that is now, but I think it's far more likely she'll wait to see what happens with the meaningful vote.
She's got a tricky balance to strike. When she calls the press to Bute house to announce #indyref2, it has to be when all other options are exhausted. It's telling that she's in London this week to speak to Labour & others - demonstrating that she's tried everything.
To call #indyref2 before the meaningful vote (and likely fall-out) would be to risk adding chaos on top of chaos. Voters don't like that, and it risks adding an independence referendum to the ever-growing list of things that need sorted out.
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A short thread on the #ValueEducationValueTeachers march on Saturday. Since then I have been dismayed to read the comments on Twitter and elsewhere stating that this was an anti-@theSNP march cooked up by Labour and the trade unions to make the @scotgov look bad. 1/11
2/ This was the single biggest mobilisation of union members in recent history. Not all of these 20,000+ people could be in on a Richard Leonard conspiracy. These are committed professionals who are concerned about a job they love and how it is becoming more & more unmanageable
3/ Teachers around Scotland have been meeting '@JohnSwinney to explain their concerns regarding pay, the overcrowded curriculum, teacher retention and issues around a failing inclusion policy.
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The Tory Party MP's have become the modern version of the histocracy of old, managing the country in the manner they see fit, supplementing their will for those in their constituency while simultaneously making unilateral decisions which effect every person in their feafdom.
With the way things are going I am expecting to be burnt out of my home by the Tories to put sheep on my land. The only difference with the 21st century version is that burning out is a court order and the sheep going on the land are multi millionaire housing traders
who happen to make large donations to the Conservative Party and listen to what they say, thereby making them sheep - get it? (You see! Scottish History can be pertinent to commentary on modern political issues - HES!).
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What the hell will it take to bring down the corrupt @Conservatives government?

Here's an evolving thread listing Tory atrocities (in no particular order).

#fbpe #waton #abtv #indyref2 #notinmynameTheresaMay
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