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“The Scottish government has paused work on preparing for an independence referendum this year”

Constitution secretary Mike Russell @Feorlean in letter to @michaelgove
Mike Russell also calls on UK for “equivalent action” to delay #Brexit process, putting off UK/EU negotiations for six months
Scottish Conservative @murdo_fraser says #indyref2 decision is “very welcome news and will come as a relief to workers and businesses alike”
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This is an extremely important development in the context of UK devolution, representing the first use of powers to amend aspects of the election of the Scottish Parliament (SP), which required a supermajority (2/3) (it passed by 92 votes to 27). 1/
By this measure, in relation to matters of franchise, the SP takes itself rather far away from wider 'Westminster'-driven franchise, as it enshrines the votes of EU citizens (which may be rolled back by Westminster), protects Commonwealth citizen voting rights 2/
And widens the franchise to include persons of all nationalities who have a right to remain, plus certain groups of prisoners, otherwise covered by the UK's previous blanket ban on prisoner voting. 3/
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I am absolutely amazed at the outpouring of support for the case to establish the constitutionality of the Scottish Parliament legislating for #indyref2. It is a case rooted in our sovereignty as the people of Scotland.
It's a case of the people asking a question of their courts to assert the right of their duly elected parliament to ask them the most important question of a lifetime, asserting the lawfulness of holding such a plebicite but also asserting our voice as sovereign.
Not of politics, not of Governments, nor parliaments but the people expressing their voice. I am deeply proud to be able to do this, and I am making you the promise right now, no matter how long it takes, or what it takes. Clarity will be brought to this fundamental issue.
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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon dominates the political landscape in Scotland. If she gets #IndyRef2 and loses, the SNP will be sunk & Sturgeon will have to resign.

So why does she & SNP keep pushing for it?

My piece in @Foreignpolicy…

Short thread 1/18
The rise of SNP has been one of the most significant political achievements for any modern British political party. In a system hostile to single-issue politics, the SNP managed to get their cause to the forefront of national politics. 2/18
The 2014 Scottish independence referendum was supposed to be a “once in a generation event” so why are the Scottish National Party pushing for another?

Three principal reasons:

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Here's a former Brexit Party MEP and a guy from Leave . EU discussing Scottish #IndyRef2 on the morning after Brexit.
Just... Wow.
@France24_en It actually gets slightly worse...
I cut off the start of the conversation for watchability reasons but I had literally just explained to the Brexit Party MEP that his party's opposition to Boris Johnson's version of "Leave" is exactly why binary referendums are hugely flawed.
@France24_en This is the look you get when it's TEN HOURS after the UK left the EU...
...and the people behind it admit they knew ALL ALONG that a binary in-out referendum can't provide informed consent for the relationship that replaces membership...
...but took advantage of it for 4 years.
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I do wish Brian Taylor would stop saying “it’s quite clear” that the power to hold a referendum resides at Westminster because that simply isn’t the case. The weight of legal opinion is that the Scotland Act is open to a different interpretation. #indyref2
If Holyrood passed a bill to hold a referendum it would be up to the UK Govt to challenge its competency & the @UKSupremeCourt would decide if it was competent. If they held that it was then you would have a “legal” referendum which might be hard to boycott
I’m not suggesting that this is a magic bullet. As @AileenMcHarg has pointed out the U.K. Govt could retaliate by retrospectively amending the Scotland Act to put beyond doubt that Holyrood could not hold a referendum
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Thousands of people from all over Scotland march in Glasgow at the 'All Under One Banner' event in support of Scottish Independence

See thread for tweets and news from the event.

#AUOBGlasgow #auob #indyref2
Thousands march in Glasgow in support of Scottish Independence.

#AUOBGlasgow #auob #indyref2

Thousands march in Glasgow in support of Scottish Independence.

#AUOBGlasgow #auob #indyref2

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@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet The issue of whether #indyref2 happens before or after the 2021 Holyrood election is a tricky one. @RLMcAlpine in 'How to start a new country' makes a strong case for not having a Holyrood election between winning #indyref2 and independence. >>>
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet @RLMcAlpine Consequently we don't have time before and we don't really have much time after; my feeling is the best thing would be to hold it on the same day (6 May 2021). >>>
@PolGaloreScot @ScotParl @10DowningStreet @RLMcAlpine You can't avoid geopolitical context in this.

1. There is a strong risk that the UK will diverge sharply from EU over the few months after December 2020;
2. There is a strong risk that the #ClimateEmergency is running substantially faster than IPCC have allowed for;
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Many people are asking me about the legal options if @BorisJohnson continues to frustrate #indyref2. @NicolaSturgeon will announce her plans later this week & for obvious reasons I’m not going to speculate. However #bbcgms just had a very good discussion
From 2 legal academics @AileenMcHarg & @PeatWorrier. It was a fair summary & less downbeat than some commentators. I won’t be saying anything for now except we must always remember in this situation litigation can only ever be a route to restoring democracy
Which is what I & my colleagues did with the #prorogation case. We restored democracy so parliament could perform its proper function. Independence is a political decision for the people of Scotland not for a court
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Why waiting until 2021 for #indyref2 is a very bad idea.
1) Look who are most keen to put off a second indyref till 2021 (or later)- unionists. Why? Because they want another chance to stop a pro-indy majority in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections.
2) The longer we put off indyref2, the more damage a far right Tory Government will do to Scotland. This seems a no-brainer, but I think many of us understand the WM Tories are going to make life hell for our Scottish Government.
3) Brexit. I can't stress enough how bad this will be for Scotland. (Yes, it will be bad for all the UK, but Scotland voted Remain and we rejected the Brexiteer Tories on Thursday).
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@BorisJohnson is already out saying that getting Brexit done is now the "irrefutable" decision of the British people - what about the #SNPLandslide??? It is this kind of ignorant dismissiveness of Scotland that makes me fear for the next however many years of Conservative Gov
He does not care in the slightest about Scotland - only his idea of a reckless, destructive and damaging Brexit because he is desperate to win this fight - at the expense of any sense of 'unity' or 'equality' in our broken union #GeneralElection2019
He will complain when SNP members challenge him for #IndyRef2 #indyref2020 - when he is the one that is fuelling this fire with his blatant disregard and utter contempt for Scottish opinion and Scottish voices #ElectionResults
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@jeremycorbyn @joswinson #Labour #LibDems @NicolaSturgeon #SNP

A last chance.
Latest Poll.
Progressives 54%
Regressives 46%

You've won folks!
And yet lost.

Few options are left but there is still one. It's not inconsistent for anyone snd it unites.

Press Weds?

Care Diem⏬
So many people want to see friends come together.

And you've tried.

@joswinson 2nd ref statements yesterday has much more appeal than #revoke.

@NicolaSturgeon reasonable moderated language on #IndyRef2 helps

Now @jeremycorbyn it's your turn

Cynical? In denial? Could we have predicted this?
We tried.

Chaos ahead

Tories don't win, progressives lose.

The danger of a fight. The opportunity for unity
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I’ve slept on it, and I really don’t want to leave Scottish Twitter. I feel a strong connection to the Scottish people, and independence is a just cause—one of the few today.

I have believed and still do that indy will benefit the Scottish people and the rest of the world.
Scottish independence is not an end in itself, it is an enabling act, the creation of a space in which the Scottish people have the opportunity to build a just and compassionate polity.

What I have seen of the moral consensus leads me to believe that’s just what they’ll do.
Scots aren’t a conclave of Saints, they’re precisely a nation of people of all sorts unusually in touch with their humanity.

The “earthiness” of the Scottish approach to life stems from less abstraction from being human, on the whole. This means cutting though bullshit, usually.
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Tories within spitting distance of their 2017 total (28%). SNP seven points up on theirs and Labour *eleven* points down. Labour are even eight points down on their 2015 performance, where they lost every seat but one.
After the 2017 election, Labour were second in so many seats to the SNP, there was lots of speculation that nationalists had peaked, Labour were coming back which would make it so much easier for the party to score a majority nationally.

What happened?
In the meantime, IPSOS shows independence dead heat.


Don’t know-4%

Unlike the general election, that is not a lot of undecideds...
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So there we some good things in #LabourManifesto19 today. Good stuff on flexible working. Good stuff for private renters. Good stuff on animal welfare. Some good things on public spending. Why, then, am I so worried? Well. /THREAD
I think my own concern would focus on governance. Yes, you can concentrate on cost. A lot of these figures look like a blurry Polaroid shot of the Yeti. But more important is the capacity side.
Let's consider what the state will be asked to do, aside from #Brexit and post-Brexit/ manage Remain, and potentially #indyref2 and its aftermath. Will be asked to completely revolutionise economic and social life in Britain in a way it took Thatcher and Major more than a decade.
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Now, I've known @murdo_fraser since forever. He's the sort of person who you can disagree with, have a good ol' discussion & part on good terms. He's no snowflake. Not that we have disagreed that often - maybe more now. But, I can't deny, I like him.

So, imagine my surprise...
...when a comment I added to his Facebook page was deleted.

I'm genuinely amazed.

So, I hear you cry, what vile thing did you say?

Sadly, I didn't take a screenshot (on account of how he's not a snowflake & I assumed he'd not censor it but engage instead).

But I can remember!
Ok, so let's start with his post.

@murdo_fraser was trying to make a point about @NicolaSturgeon and #IndyRef2.

Here it is...
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Meet Alister Jack. When Alister isn’t manning the thin blue line stopping illegal soft toys entering fortress Britain, he’s the tory candidate for Dumfries & Galloway. I’ve been holding his record as MP up to the light trying to make something out. This won’t take long: /1 Alister Jack standing with a miniature stop sign next to a pile of soft cuddly toy dogs in front of a van with the back door open and caged dogs inside.
I’ll confess, when I started looking at this, I found myself upgrading my opinion of Mundell a fraction of a millimetre. You'll see what I mean. Join me as I wander through Jack’s Hansard record. /2 Alister Jack and Mundell striking absurd thumbs up poses wearing blue tory rosettes
Quick disclaimer: speaking in the Commons is but 1 aspect, albeit an important one, of the job. But looking at how often they speak & what they say is instructive. An MP could make 500 pointless interventions or 50 powerful speeches so you need to look at the whole picture. /3
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Do you want to know the truth about Scotland and why WM is SO set on stopping it from leaving the Union?

Here are 10, for starters.

And these completely quash the silly claims that Scotland’s too wee or too poor!
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FM: "I want the people of Scotland to be able to escape a Tory Brexit that will damage our economy, damage our society, damage the prospects of future generations. I want Scotland to be able to escape years and years of further Tory wrangling on Brexit..." #FMQs
FM: "..and, yes, I want the people of Scotland to have the opportunity to choose their own future. I'll seek to persuade the people of Scotland to choose independence, so we can build the more prosperous, fairer, more equal Scotland I believe we are capable of being." #FMQs
FM: "My priority is to give the people of Scotland the opportunity to choose independence next year." #FMQs
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"Stop the SNP"

I'm seeing this quite a lot now.


Do you want to pay for prescriptions?

How about £9,000/year tuition fees?

How about the 'Bedroom Tax'?

Road & Bridge tolls?

Do you like nuclear weapons on your doorstep?

Illegal wars?

Tax avoiding politicians?
There are many benefits that the SNP give the Scottish people, a lot of which are taken for granted.

Westminster wants Scotland tied to the union to milk the natural resources and cover the shortfall from tax avoiding millionaires and billionaires.
"Stopping the SNP" is a delusional rhetoric used by those who have an interest other than that of the prosperity of our country, and all of those who reside here.

Sure, the SNP are not perfect - no party is, or will ever be, but the alternative is a lifetime of abuse from WM!
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🚨 Statt dem täglichen Brexit-Update gibt’s jetzt bis 12. Dezember also ein Wahlkampf-Update. 🚨 (auch nicht fad!)

Hier ein Thread zur Ausgangslage für die einzelnen Parteien, los geht’s mit den Tories.
Die Tories werden mit einem Manifesto (Wahlprogramm) antreten, wo Johnsons Deal als Lösung des Brexit-Chaos angepriesen wird. Für alle Tory-MPs, egal wie pro-Remain sie sind, wird es dann schwer, gegen den Deal zu stimmen – weil sie (auch) dafür gewählt werden.
Im Süden werden sie sicher Sitze an die LibDems verlieren. Da ist das Ziel Schadensbegrenzung. Große Gewinne will man in den Industrieregionen im Norden einfahren: traditionelle Labour-Hochburgen, aber ziemliche Leave-Gebiete.
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1/ Seems to me that no-one who voted against May’s deal on basis it lacked strong enough assurances about closeness of future relationship could possibly vote for this - much harder Brexit beckons if this deal passes.
2/ For Scotland, this deal would take us out of EU, single market and customs union - all against our will. It would leave us as only part of UK being taken out without consent and with no say on future relationship. @theSNP will not vote for that.
3/ MPs should not fall for a deal/no deal framing. No Brexit/revoke is always an alternative to no deal.
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8 months on, and it’s clearer than ever that a “No Plan” No Deal Brexit will lead to Scotland’s division and Ireland’s union. It will be hard to keep Ireland divided when customs and regulations will be kept aligned north and south, with GB diverging....
... meanwhile the Scots will say that they have had enough of London’s lunacy, and see #indyref2 as the path back to the EU membership that they never wanted to lose. Ironically a Scotland-England border would be easier than a border in Ireland.
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1) THREAD... Firstly, what I’m about to say it not a reflection on the vast majority of #indyref2 folk on Twitter, but it does reflect on a small number of people. Most of you have and are extremely welcoming, but I felt like I had to a tweet in regards to ‘following back’...
2) When a new person joins Twitter to get involved, people need to stop being so obsessed with following back. Don’t berate a new person for not following back, they may not know how to. Or they may be slower in doing it, because they are getting used to this. Life is not all
3) about following back... How do you really think it looks for a new person to be excited to get involved in Twitter, just to be made feel like shit and basically given into trouble by grown adults for not following back quick enough? You were all new to Twitter before, you all
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