The 70's called. They want their design motif's back. It will look good parked in my all electric home from GE.
I am happy for GM. They said they "sold out" the first run. If they had asked me to design it I would have included an 8-track and a vinyl roof. Maybe a little more vinyl wood to add class.
Retro cars are a sign of fear and lack of self confidence in design. Some like the BMW pull it off, others kinda make you feel sad that there is no more innovation in the joy of transportation. These retro inspired cars are also tiny and simliar looking.
A "classic" car is usually pulled together very quickly, is low cost and designed for a single purpose. The XKE, Tata, Citroen, Jeep, Mustang, VW, Land Rover and other dead simple cars still inspire lust among collectors. Complete with their flaws.…
The first car I drove was considered old fashioned, yet it is still is a work of art. Just the smell of the leather and hot engine are enough to make some collectors ignore the mechanical nightmares that await. The used car market is insane right now.…
I make money on most of the cars I buy. I honestly don't know if a Hummer or Tesla will just be a obsolete curiosity in ten years or will people try to fix them up like the old classics Electrifying old classics is call trend but stupid expensive.…
The point of this thread? America is going to need significant infrastructure development if we are to shift from the tiny 2% electric cars, whether retro or not. We don't have it yet. America doesn't even have decent internet in rural areas.…
I am sure one of the biggest markets for the $120+ GM Electric Hummer will be Texas...…
I would like the ability to drive an electric car and would like to take an electric trolley and an electric super train coast to coast. But for now I will just have to watch old World Fair videos.…
I am interested in how EVs will pay for infrastructure costs since gas tax covers a lot of roads. Also what does a proper electrical charge grid look like if you add semi trucks..and then what about aircraft being major polluters. A lot of work to do.…

• • •

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6 Apr
“Woke” in quotes is a MAGAtard invention. “Triggered” aka Karen’s are beasts of the right. “Antifa” is what fuels their fear. At some point they will have their own cult language and their own social media platform but will require cultural advisors to communicate to the left.
Creating verbal flags to outrage sociographic profiles looks more like cult recruiting than marketing. Americans want to be safe, healthy and protect themselves from the pandemic. The need to divide and mislead a political cult over a health issue is irresponsible and deadly.
Stupidity and confusion is actually built in to Q messaging. Much like cults and sects had secret communication tools to identify themselves. It doesn't mean it's smart but becomes a linguistic and communications style. Where is Dan Brown these days?
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5 Apr
Kids don't try this at home. ISIS in Puntland is getting busy. UXO disposal techniques by local forces could use some fine tuning.
ISIS in Mozambique getting busy. Foreign journalists finally showed up to film the destruction.…
ISIS in Syria. Now burrowed into refugee camps.…
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5 Apr
RYP teaser re Jordan Kiddy Koup Kerfuffle. The Jordanian intel service and Kushner have always had a copy of what the 2018 coup would look like to disrupt signals, and use small helos and mercs to quickly seize the King and his entourage to allow Hamza to step up. Wait... 2018? Image
A plan and a memo was put together before the Libyan job to find, control and sequester the King and his support network in support of his forced abdication. When Durrant aka "Gene Rynback" and his men rocked up in Amman in June it was assumed it was the Jordan coup, not Libya.
This coup was structured to benefit Feisal and Hamza with backign from the UAE/ KSA. It was the discussion of implementing this plan that triggered recent action. Just like the 2019 coup attempt in Libya did. Just like Prince was picked up in the 2017 Seychelles on intercepts.
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5 Apr
Erik Prince and Dorian Barak's former business partner Ari Harow features in the Netanyahu corruption trial. This is impressive. Even Kevin Bacon needed 6 Degrees of Separation.…
Dorian Barak now fronts the Gulf Israel Chamber of Commerce linked to the Abraham Accords and Jared Kushner extra slushy Gulf dictator fund..which links back to Erik Prince. Where is the play at home version of this game?…
Barak not only proxy's for Prince on his secret companies in Cyprus, Africa and elsewhere but also back doors tech to Communist China where you once again bump into Erik Prince working with the Chairman of the Board of CITIC providing security for Chicoms.…
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5 Apr
Coup attempt in Jordan now being reshaped into a family tiff. MBS told to switch off the tandoori oven and chill. Prince Feisel is still under investigation for the last round of Gulf fuckery. Some of the players want google to go away.…
It appears that the Grand Alliance aka Israeli right, MBS and MBz are going to keep pushing to oust the King despite public knuckle bumps. Without penalties we are going to see their dark designs continue. They are just boiling the frog.…
No need to boil the frog to make him hop, Jordan relies on Gulf handouts to prevent an Arab Spring. That would impact Israel directly and bring in malign actors and topple the whole Jenga Jihad game. So its about balance. Nobody needs fuckery now.…
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4 Apr
Israeli journo @BarakRavid has a nice scoop on who Prince Hamza was going to find refuge with. Although Roy worked with Erik Prince on a number of deals, Roy told me recently that he had a falling out with (Erik) Prince. Translate the thread for more. Image
@BarakRavid is also tunneling in the same KushnerFuckery mine and revealing some of the "grand bargains" created as part of the 2015 deal and currently reshaping Africa and the Middle East. Until Joe gets around to vaporizing them. Jordan was just one piece in the grand puzzle. Image
Well that escalated quickly.…
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