1/ With EV competition arriving en masse in 2021 and Tesla's FSD scam unraveling for everybody to see, there's only one move left: $TSLA will merge with SpaceX. The man needs a new narrative, and this is the last trick.

H/T @AlderLaneeggs for hammering this idea since forever.
2/ The main stated synergy will be that, somehow, SpaceX's Starlink enables Tesla to finally solve FSD. Data!! Next generation internet!! 5G!! 6G!! He'll achieve Level 6 autonomy!! Yada yada yada. $TSLA
3/ A magician needs his distractions, and the orgy of fees the deal will generate means every analyst on the street will go bananas. Think Ives and Jonas write stupid stuff now? Wait until there's a few hundred million to slosh around. $TSLA
4/ So - book it. Stone cold lock prediction. $TSLA will issue a ton of stock, SpaceX investors will get their exit liquidity, and Cathie will seem like a genius for starting $ARKX when she did, because I'm sure she'll be just as surprised as I'll be when it is announced.

• • •

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30 Mar
1/ Time for a lesson in “how to read a press release from a fraudster” - $GSX edition.

This morning, pre-market, $GSX put out this curious press release. The intent of the press release was achieved. The news cycle was saturated with “Larry Chen to buy $50mm of GSX” headlines.
2/ Since I live in Elon’s head rent-free, and Elon is the intergalactic GOAT fraudster, my brain has been well-trained. I immediately focused on something else. Read the next sentence, which is, shall we say, quite curious...
3/ The key word in that sentence is “currently”. I know how fraudsters think. How they manipulate. Sure enough, a simple Google search reveals he HAD, wait for it, 5.1 million shares pledged at none other than Credit Suisse!
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22 Jan
1/ A small thread on carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), with a disclaimer that it has been at least five years since I studied it deeply. I suspect not much has changed. cc @elonmusk
2/ The idea behind CCS is simple. Capture CO2 where it is produced (i.e. coal plants), pressurize it, move it to where it can be injected into the ground and bury it, hopefully for a very long time.
3/ This isn’t really a technology problem, although ongoing development certainly helps. The real issues are economic and political. Let’s take them both in turn, followed by some predictions about how Elon’s game will play out.
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11 Nov 20
1/ I read with great interest the new report from @QCMFunds on $PEN and I watched his fantastic interview with @muddywatersre on @zer0estv earlier today. I have no position (yet) and color me shocked that in 2020 the stonk was up 8% on the news of the short report.
2/ Here's just a few charts as background. First, despite selling at 17 times trailing 12-month revenue, the company isn't growing. This is fake meat type valuations. $PEN
3/ What is growing quarter-after-quarter is finished goods inventory. Is it normal for market-leading medical device makers to have their products piling up unused at hospitals? $PEN
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27 Aug 20
1/ The TSA passenger travel data continues to show massive declines in Tuesday/Wednesday numbers versus same day last year. I interpret this to be clear evidence that business travel is coming back much more slowly than leisure. Some thoughts on what that may mean.
2/ Prior to COVID-19, business travel accounted for a distinct minority of total passenger count but, critically, it was the source of roughly 75% of profits for the airlines. Leisure travelers had many options and were extremely price sensitive. All that is about to change.
3/ I predict business travel won't resemble what it did prior to COVID-19. This has many consequences. First, we need far fewer planes. Second, many regional airports will have to close. Third, we'll need fewer airliners altogether.
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18 Aug 20
1/ For those interested in trying to follow what is going on at the Three Gorges Dam, this thread contains a few useful links and some basic interpretations. #ThreeGorgesDam
2/ First some disclosures. This isn't my area of expertise. Everything I know about the dam I learned from the internet. It is my expectation (and hope) that the dam holds. I became interested in the story because of the sheer volume of flooding in China this year.
3/ Now some basics. The Three Gorges Dam is HUGE. It sits on the Yangtze River near Yichang. The Yangtze River flows west to east, exiting out to sea at Shanghai. Broadly, rainfall "upstream" of the dam means west of Yichang within the river basin, which is mapped in green.
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17 Aug 20
1/ What’s it like starting an anonymous Twitter account in an effort to expose a powerful billionaire of malfeasance? The simple answer is this: Don’t do it. On the occasion of today’s new all-time high in Tesla stock, I felt it might be instructive to share my story. $TSLAQ
2/ I started this account in Feb-2018 as a social media experiment. I wondered if combining crisp data charts on a highly polarizing stock might capture a decently sized fintwit audience. As @georgia_orwell_ can attest, I assumed I would run out of material in a month.
3/ Much to my surprise, the account found its niche and after a few months I had something like 4-5k followers. I enjoyed the banter, even the back-and-forth with various $TSLA bulls. I hadn’t blocked a single account and took pride in that fact.
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