The recent threats by Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell expose the fraudulence of Republican ideology, and their claim to value the constitution, free speech, and the free market. Under U.S. law, corporations are granted personhood and….1/
…..receive the same rights as people under the 14th Amendment. The Bellotti and the Citizens United cases ruled that money is a form of political speech protected by the 1st Amendment. 2/
For decades, “constitutionalist” Republicans have not only fiercely defended these corporate rights….but these same free-market worshipping Republicans lectured everyone about the blasphemy of the government “picking winners and losers”. 3/
For months, the Right has claimed (erroneously and ignorantly) that their “free speech” has been violated and "canceled" by PRIVATE companies making economic/morality-based decisions to not be associated with democracy-threatening disinformation…..4/
And now, when private companies make decisions that are in their financial interest, decide they do not want to associate w/insurrectionist-inciting politicians, decide they do not want to associate w/states enacting laws that have a chilling effect on democratic processes…….5/
...Republicans threaten to use the power of the government to punish these private companies.

This punishment not only violates these private companies' 1st Amendment right to free speech…6/

.....but by imposing economic/legislative punishment, the Republican party is also literally attempting to manipulate the free market by picking winners and losers....7/

Please, tell us again how it's the Left who views the constitution as a "suggestion".......and please tells us once more about the dangers of socialism.....8/

Expanded article version of this thread (no paywall): 10/

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6 Apr
A sociopathic narcissist conman ex-president lies about the election being stolen....Then the Right Wing Media Echo Chamber lies about the insurrection incited by the conman &the echo chamber.

FBI Director Wray: FBI has not seen "any evidence" of Antifa Involvement. 1/
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31 Mar
The Right is the equivalent of a political "black hole"...where the gravity created by its obstructionist/contrarian/adversarial/grievance/victimhood instincts is causing it to de-volve into an increasingly homogeneously "denser" (non)ideological faction that simultaneously... 1/
.... is anti-state (government), anti-free enterprise, anti-communism, anti-democrat(ic), anti-capitalism, anti-personal responsibility (public health), and, as a result, anti-conservative. 2/

The one unifying factor? They're all "patriots" who stand for the "freedom" to engage in performative obstinance against anything/anyone requiring them to be mature/rational/sane adults. At what point does this political "black hole" implode upon itself? 3/
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24 Mar
Sidney Powell's defamtion case is the perfect opportunity for Powell to do what the Right has been clamoring to do, which even included disrupting the functions of government during January 6th insurrection:

Present their case that the election was stolen. 1/
One of the absolute defenses available to defendant's in defamation cases?

The truth.

So not only would Powell's defamation case provide an opportunity to present the evidence the Right not only claims to have about election fraud, but also claim the courts wouldn't hear,....2/
....but the defamation trial would also provide Powell with the most definitive and efficient defense for winning her case.

But instead, she's invoking a more subjective/less certain "reasonable man" defense.

Why would Powell fail to take advantage of that opportunity? 3/
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24 Mar
Sandy Hook father, Jeremy Richman, ultimately took his own life.

Thread: "Imagine how severely triggered you would feel every time you saw yet another parent, who is just minutes into your 6+ years of Hell, as they suddenly learn their little angel was also taken from them…."
Thread analyzing the Sandy Hook parents' experiences and trauma: 2/
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23 Mar
The sociopathic game the Right plays w/the gun issue:

1. Republicans sell congressional inaction to the gun lobby, and instead offer hollow thoughts/prayers to murder victims' families

2. When sane members of society accurately point out the Right's corrupt cowardice... 2/
3....Cruz & other sociopaths deflect attention from their complicity, by creating a gaslighting characterization of the sane reaction to mass murder/GOP being "contempt" for prayers......

4. This triggers the persecution complex of the evangelical base, and.... 3/
.....manipulates the "Right to Life" crowd into essentially defending a "Right to mass murder" position.....especially since the Right has manipulatively defined gun fetishes as being a "god given" analyzed here: 4/
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23 Mar
This was same legal defense made by Tucker Carlson in the McDougal case. Bottom line, is that Fox and the Right Wing Media Echo Chamber are pushing disinformation. Their defenses in court are an admission:…
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