This is the golden rod of infinity. I knew this one somewhat well. I'll explain. So, infinity means time is ever continuing and repeating. Why repeating? Look at the nature of this picture. I have shown manipulation going back hundreds to thousands of years. 1331 black plague
and corona virus being from the same place is one of my common ones. The spiritual manipulation doesn't know what time is. It only exists on the "plane" of existence. The earth is a circle. The Bible even calls it such. I've explained why. What does this have to do with time?
So a circle, like the earth, is ever continuing. The moon and sun going in circles and dancing. The day and night never truly having an end or beginning. Ever continuing. The infinity ♾ represents this well. Transcending time and space because of going in a circle.
The symbol is a twisted circle which make O turn into ♾. Or also known as our number "8". Noah before the flood reset was the 8th person. So, take a 3 in symbol and mirror it. 3 and 3 mirrored and paired becomes infinity ♾ or 8. So an 8 sliced down the middle is 3. Take a
6 and 9. Fuse them together. 8 again. 3,6,9 is infinity. 314 added is 8. The first 3 numbers. Anyway, the decode worked out shockingly well. Surreal even for me.
If I'm wrong about the earth 🙄, talk to Nasa's astronots about it

Watch this video. If this was truth, why this behavior? Get real. The ultimate red pill. Space, as we simpletons know it, is fake.
Simple psychology.
So, if someone cannot explain why they do something in child like terms, they themselves are either lying or do not know we enough.

• • •

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8 Apr
Patience my friends, I'll be back very soon. I just need a small time away. Looks like I missed much yesterday. From the attack on bitcoin narrative, to a Bretton Woods part 2 (Janet Yellen), and I read a article on the WEF tying cyber attacks to a world wide collapse
of the financial system. Hmmm, just the exact things that I mention all the time because that's exactly what will happen. A cyber attack and or a solar flare will help bring down the world financially. You should see by now everything I have mentioned with a lot of clarity
if you have followed me awhile. Remember I said Xrp's price right now isn't its real potential, an illusion? Well, once they intentionally bring the system down, there will not be enough energy to sustain bitcoin. Ethereum is also under fire. I gave hints into its history with
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6 Apr
Lol ty @bashycrypto. It's orange! Fools gold confiscation. That's what people don't get. A majority doesn't own Xrp. The majority owns bitcoin. I've been telling you this. You want history to repeat so bad? It's bitcoin they are going after. Where all the masses money lies.
88 of course. Transcending time and space.
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6 Apr
April just started at that.
Just letting you know. The timing for everything is now. The storm clouds are about to come over us. It hasn't even started.
Zeus canal?

Birth canal for the storm. The timing lines up in symbology.
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6 Apr
Very bg123 like. Evergreen symbology is here now. Timing and the seasons. It's here now.
Look at the narratives and the evergreen symbology going on. if it's here, just not physically. It takes a spiritual sense to add it up and also take into account what's going on in crypto now
Brad and the sec. Evergreen. China and Russia with digital. Fed with digital.
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5 Apr
If there is a liquidity crisis + a energy crisis, that means lights out. No atms. No exchanges. No flow of money. See how they intertwine? In this scenario, 1929 happens again. Cash is as good as toilet paper. I never talk half hearted. My yes is yes and my no is no. Time will
tell. You actually see now what I say. The symptoms of it. Getting bigger and bigger. Now, it's just up to you to tie it together. Everything going on now is meant to happen now. Xrp's price is an illusion. It's not real right now. Clearly it's the end of a financial age.
The end of fiat. Check in soon <3
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