This might be an unpopular opinion, especially amongst Western pseudo-intellectuals who "analyze" all historical events through the same ideological prism, but Stinger rockets actually saved Afghan lives.
Yes, I am saying this although I am an Afghan journalist with a known writing record on US/CIA war crimes in Afghanistan. I have several problems with all these tankie critiques under the CIA's tweet.
1. As usual, many of these ppl think Mujahideen, AQ and Taliban are all the same. Spoiler: They are not. Most Mujahideen during the 80s were average Afghans who defended their country against a brutal occupation + their massive genocidal torture apparatus in Kabul.
These men (and women!) didn't care about your geopolitical Cold War analysis (which is BS anyways b/c it constantly ignores Soviet crimes). Why? B/c they were busy with surviving and running away from bombs and mass graves.
Now imagine someone shows up and gives you some rockets to shoot those helicopters which wiped out your village. Of course, you take it. But yeah, pseudo revoluzzers in Brooklyn, Berlin or wherever believe they are in a position to criticize some poor Afghan farmers.
2. Islamophobic narratives: A lot of these ppl often criticize the US-led War on Terror while they use similar arguments to justify the USSR's War on Terror in the 80s. They consider all Mujahideen as man-eating savages who attacked a progressive & socialist gov in Kabul.
Guess what. This was straight Afghan Commu regime propaganda from the 80s. I can show you their original booklets if you want. Meanwhile, 100.000s of innocent Afghans were murdered and tortured. Many mass graves are still lost.
So finally 3. Why do so many of these critics focus on some Stinger rockets but never mention the 2 million Afghans who have been killed within the 10y-long occupation? Why do they never talk about Russian soldiers who murdered and raped through countless villages?
Why do they never talk about the USSR's Afghan allies aka puppets who had massive torture dungeons where rape was used a weapon if war? Why do they still tell us that these criminals were feminists and progressives but the CIA destroyed everything?
I am tired of these narratives. They have become omnipresent, and even many young Afghans from my own generation are absorbing them now, unfortunately. Afghanistan is more than Taliban, Osama, CIA and some Stinger rockets. It's a complex country with a complicated history.
Indeed, all this is part of a bigger problem. I have written about it in the past, like here:…
Last but not least, there are also Afghan officials who feed such narratives:
Btw, it's also funny how many if these ppl ask questions like 'Your family left Afghanistan in the late 1970s or 1980s? Why' ...'Eh..There was a genocidal war.' 'Oh, I thought this was the time of freedom and liberty, mini-skirts and whiskey.'

• • •

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27 Sep 20
Dear Manzoor Pashteen, Najib and his KhAD thugs would have tortured and killed you if you did your kind of political activism in the 1980s in Afghanistan. Your mother would still search for your body.
This is not the first time PTM acts in that way. When some of their members visited Kabul in March, @a_baitanai visited the house of Noor Mohammad Taraki, a criminal mass murderer and Afghanistan's first Communist dictator.
Apart from Pashteen, PTM figures like @Aliwazirna50 regularly spread glorifying images of Najib and also Babrak Karmal, who was installed by Moscow after Soviet intervention. They also fed the narrative that these butchers were peaceful nationalists.
Read 7 tweets
20 Sep 20
افغانهای پروژهی و دوستهای سفارتخانه ها نه باید از خاطر انتقاد مردم دلگیر شوند. آنها در مدت ۱۹ سال میلیون ها دالر را از کشورها خارجی گرفتند ولی دستاورد ایشان چه بود؟ کمک و خدمت به مردم یا فقط خودنماشی؟
در سالهای گذشته من یک بار هم‌ ندیدم که آنها در مورد جنگ علیه تروریزم حرف زده باشند.
در وقت که افغانهای بی گناه در زندانهای گوانتانامو و بگرام شکنجه و کشته می شدند، افغانهای پروژهی با چه مصروف بودند؟
در جریانی که درون ها آمریکای مردم را به قتل می رسانیدند، آنها از سفارت آمریکا به خودنماش خود پول می گرفتند. جالب این است که این مردم همیشه از آزادی بیان و حقوق بشر دفاع می کنند و خود را بیطرف می گیرند.
Read 4 tweets
12 Sep 20
Instead of sending warlord kids like Noor jr. and Dostum jr. to Doha, it would have been much better to see some members of Afghan civil society and folks who live between the front lines.

My suggestions based on mine and other's reporting:
A medic from Baghlan who treats both Afghan soldiers and Taliban fighters and regularly receives threats. His office has been attacked last September. He rebuilt it thanks to local support.
A teacher from a village in Khost who turnt his living room into a girls school, which is visited by daughters and sisters of Taliban fighters. He received threats from other Taliban who didn't tolerate his work.
Read 4 tweets
3 Aug 20
Thanks for pointing that out, Patricia.

Actually, there are a lot of hard facts about Layeq but most of them are totally ignored in these days. Yes, he was a poet and an intellectual. But he was also a genocidal propagandist when one of the most bloodiest regimes ruled Kabul.
Layeq was extremely close to former KhAD boss and Afghanistan's last Communist President Najib. In fact, Najib was Layeq's protégé as @FazelQazizai & @ChrisSandsKabul have written. Image
Layeq himself was an ideologue while Najib was the brutal fist doing the dirty work for him. He loved Najib for that. 1000s of Afghans died in the Afghan Communists torture dungeons. They were tortured and raped, and "our leading poet" was directly involved. Image
Read 8 tweets
2 Aug 20
Innsbruck: Weiße Randalierer schlagen Scheiben in der Hofburg ein. Wir (und zig andere Menschen) sitzen im Lokal ggü und beobachten alles. Die Polizei kommt irgendwann.
Die Polizei spricht ganz sanft mit den betrunkenen, aggressiven Herrschaften. Nachdem nicht einmal die Personalien aufgenommen wurden, lässt sie sie einfach gehen. Das, liebe Leute, nennt man fucking white privilege.
Wir, allesamt Migrantenkinder, fragen uns, was los gewesen wäre, wenn wir an deren Stelle randaliert hätten. Handschellen und Entnüchterungszelle. Ganz sicher sogar. Am nächsten Tag noch ein paar rechtspopulistische Schlagzeilen in Krone und heute.
Read 6 tweets
17 Jul 20
My new @ForeignPolicy piece about the promotion of AR Dostum, one of Afghanistan's most notorious war criminals. "How can anyone have faith in a gov that overlooks war crimes, or worse, elevates its war criminals to the highest positions of public office?”…
"The political elite of Afghanistan had a rare opportunity to found a functioning state,” he and his co-author wrote. “Most of them, however, chose to put private before public interest and carried on with their faction agendas and seizure of private gain.”
Now guess who wrote this. Yes, it was Ghani himself. But with such steps, like Dostum's recent promotion, he does quite the opposite of what he once wrote. Image
Read 5 tweets

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