Corporations know full well that boycotts don't have to be absolute to be extremely effective. If their revenues drops off, profits dip, or investors back way, many CEOs know their boards will fire them.

So now Black Lives Matter has finally the nation's full attention. #BLM
For the people who want to pretend that the movement against voter suppression and #BLM are not the same, you're dead wrong.

Black Lives Matter had it roots in the protests of young people - students - who took over the governor's office in FL after Travon Martin's death.
Their goal was to change the Stand Your Ground laws instrumental in that killing.

Their movement became one of political activism and voter turnout when they embarked on changing the laws because they needed to increase voter participation to elect new people to the legislature.
After the mike Brown liking in Ferguson some of those same Florida student activist helped to form BLM Missouri. It resulted in the complete restructuring of the city government in Ferguson and ultimately gave us @CoriBush in congress.
Since the Mike Brown killing, #BLM has spread across the country, and has advocated for changes in gun laws, police brutality protests and increased voter turnout ever since.
At the same time in GA, Stacey Abrams and others put together the New Georgia Project and later Fair Fight In Georgia. That was in response to Georgia's long history of voter suppression that resulted in republican legislatures passing volumes of laws unfair to blacks,...
...- especially voter suppression laws, but also resulted in republicans tipping the election in Georgia that Stacey Abrams should have won but for Brian Kemp's voter roll purges and election interference.

Stacy rallied the troops at the grassroots in GA to turn out the vote
So when Stacey took her fair fight nation wide in 2018 and was critically instrumental in the #BlueWave, who was her key ally on the ground turn out votes? #BLM.

And, Lucy McBath whose son Jordan Davis was killed in Florida, won her congressional seat in GA.
And when the vote was turned out nationwide in 2020 at record numbers, and Georgia delivered TWO senators with Stacey at the helm and black women putting their shoulders into it to push, who were a critical mass of soldiers on the ground? #BLM
And the reality is, police brutality won't end as long as policies don't change. Neither will other policies. Policies won't change unless the right people are put into office. That won't happen as long as voters - especially black voters - are cheated out of our right to vote.
So when it comes to voter suppression and where we are today, for the folks who are offended at the idea of # BLM because they may have interfered with people's meals in restaurants in the past, there is no way to separate it from voting and voter rights.
@Yamiche explained it on @NicolleDWallace far better than I ever could, but that's the reality.
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2 Apr
Angry black men.
The angry black mob.
The drug addict girlfriend.
The bossy, argumentative woman.

Chauvin's entire defense is based on smearing everyone else, vilifying them, and making the incident and its outcome everyone else's fault.
The problem is it's all racist and sexist projections and stereotypes, and it's not what the videos show in any way. The irony is if the defense reflects the defendant, it'll be impossible to ignore that the actor and the crime the he committed look racist, committed by a racist.
What does come across is that Chauvin displayed capricious, malicious, resentful, uncaring, indifference and depravity. Then he apparently lied about it afterward in his official report. If nothing else, Chauvin's attorney is clearly demonstrating what the rest of the world saw.
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1 Apr
What do republican voter surter, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-trans bathroom and sports bills have in common?

A few years back, several states tried to implement anti-LGBTQ bills. Those states got huge blowback from corporations and the people. States lost huge money and were punished.
The states then reversed course. Today, states are implementing racist, divisive, pernicious antI-voter policies. The people are outraged, and the majority despise the policies. Corporations, while ambivalent, are beginning to express their objections to the policies, too.
Because of the application of people, economic and political leverage, - as well as the imminent implementation of federal laws to thwart adversarial voting and elections policies - it is likely the states will likely relent. Overwhelming forces are aligning against them.
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1 Apr
I listened to @AOC on @maddow talking about the size of Biden's Infrastructure proposal and, in many ways, I agree with her that it may be too small. Her rationale is totally sound. And as it it is congress' prerogative to write the bill, they can make it larger if they choose.
But I wanted to listen to Rachel's show again to make sure I heard AOC correctly. One thing she did several times was include and conflate health care with the infrastructure discussion. I didn't and still don't get that.
We all know that health care continues to be lacking and definitely needs to be addressed. But, it is completely unrealistic to discuss health care in the context of infrastructure. First and foremost, it will never get through reconciliation.
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29 Mar
Republicans love to talk about "the theater of politics." While the GOP is generally full of it, in one respect they are right. There is theater in politics; it's the pretense that bipartisanship is an actual goal let alone a reality when not a single republican can agree... investigate the attempted destruction of our government, or investigate the deaths of over a half million people.
That abject failure of bipartisanship and abdication of governance, at the behest and undermining of just one of the two parties, and in the service of one person, is an affront to every citizen in the nation.
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26 Mar
Listening to Never Trumper republican strategist Mike Murphy tonight On Brian Williams' @11thHour was clarifying about why democrats must be cautious about who we call our friends. And that becomes clear nowhere more than with the gun issue.
His argument (ironically generally from so-called Never Trump republicans) that democrats should go small and narrow on gun reform because going big might reinvigorate the NRA is BS. The reason that the NRA is in bankruptcy and on it's death bed is the investigation by the NY AG.
Democrats passing ANY bill will not change any of that.

Even with the NRA on the ropes, that doesn't mean that the gun lobby has gone away. The manufacturers' lobby will still continue to put money in the pockets of corrupt politicians.
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22 Mar
You know, I'll just put this out there. It lands where it lands

Anyone with a tiny bit of common sense, a wit of good judgment, and any exposure to the real world would understand when the rest of the world literally hates the not for who they are but for what they do.
But when your entire human composition is comprised of extreme hubris, debilitating white privilege steeped in racist and ethno-bigoted tea, and complete isolation in a contrived fantasy biosphere bolted together by rampant ignorance and criminality, you can't see yourself.
So it makes complete sense that you are totally self-unaware, and that all of the stories about your capabilities, greatness, and voracious desires to do anything and everything without limits or moderation are not only coddled, they are encouraged.
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