Timely thread. The far-left’s primary political weapon is extortion: the threat that if you don’t conform you’ll be demonized, defamed, vilely smeared, even expunged. They wrap mafia-like tactics in moralistic language(social justice, equity) to pretend it isn’t a shakedown(1/10)
The mafia also used code language. But instead of protection payments it’s CEOs signing letters bashing GA, reporters adopting “progressive” lexicon, institutional surrender to Critical Race Theory, big biz financing BLM, entire subjects (eg biological sex) now off-limits (2/10)
The Left has created a censorious, paralyzing climate of fear that keeps good & decent citizens from honestly expressing themselves—afraid of being ostracized & exiled. People consciously adjust their behavior to avoid reputational slander & professional blacklisting (3/10).
Many GOPers, from young staff to elder statesman, keenly aware of the rules, stay inside their proscribed lanes-taxes/regs/deficits-leaving “culture wars” for others. No one ever lost an advertiser, job, contract, speaking gig, or corp board seat for tweeting abt cap gains.(4/10)
The incentive structure is clear: join the Financial Services committee, become an expert on Dodd-Frank, avoid controversy, and worst case scenario you get a Wall Street job like @EricCantor. They figure: I worked hard, I have a family, bills to pay, why risk speaking out?(5/10)
But when we avoid the issues that affect our lives—high crime, unrestricted migration, hostility to law enforcement, indoctrination in school, gov’t-sanctioned discrimination—we make the Left’s extortion possible. They need to make *examples* out of those who challenge them(6/10)
You can’t cancel everyone who thinks borders are sacrosanct, girls sports should be protected, nat’l heroes should be revered, that crime-afflicted communities need more police. So you target the few who speak out, hoping others get the message. This is how extortion works(7/10)
Leftwing leaders use defamation, not debate, because they know vast majority of ppl want security, drug-free schools, controls on migration, respect for nuclear family, patriotic education & unifying nat’l identity that rejects all forms of racial division & discrimination(8/10).
This climate of fear & cancellation makes our country less happy, more divided, and more anxious. These are not the conditions under which a nation thrives. To end this extortion a critical mass of people must speak the truth. Courage is contagious. Change can happen fast. (9/10)
Expose the radical left’s failures in moral terms: their anti-police anti-borders anti-family anti-history agenda produces great suffering, especially in cities they control.

The Left’s cultural dominance is unsustainable, but only if challenged in the full light of day.(10/10)

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4 Apr
A personal thread on the @MLB controversy: I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life. Almost every penny of allowance as a kid went to cards (all saved). Growing up in LA, my baseball hero was Eric Karros & my most my prized possession was a signed baseball from Tommy Lasorda (1/8)
The best birthday present I ever got my father was a Topps 1956 Sandy Koufax card. My favorite way to spend a summer afternoon in DC is a nationals game. And I strongly oppose the DH. In short, like so many Americans, baseball is woven deeply into the fabric of my life. (2/8)
Few sights in the world are more beautiful than our flag waving over the diamond as the anthem plays. Baseball is the American Sport. The optimism you feel every time your batter swaggers up the plate w/runners on base—no clock, no timer—is the essence of the American spirit(3/8)
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3 Apr
.@washingtonpost just published the stratospheric new border numbers. They’re even more disastrous than feared. March is only Biden’s 2nd full month in office and yet he has already created a border crisis of catastrophic & unprecedented proportions. (1/5) washingtonpost.com/national/march…
171K apprehensions in March is over a 400% increase from March last year. UAC #’s are 1.6X the highest levels ever recorded. Because Trump’s detain-and-remove was replaced w/Biden’s catch-and-release, all non-Mexican UACs + 80-90% of illegal adults w/minors were released. (2/5)
Total #’s highest in 15 yrs, but this vastly understates the depths of crisis. In 2006, illegal crossers were single adults from Mexico promptly returned by BP—not massive groups w/minors packed together & then released en masse during a pandemic. (3/5)
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29 Mar
With the focus, rightfully, on the cascading UAC numbers, it is crucial not to lose sight of the extraordinary mass influx of illegal family units. Here is a primer so that everyone can fully understand the crisis: (1/11)
During the Obama Admin, after smugglers learned they could assure the entry of UACs, they began smuggling entire families. Secretary Johnson briefly tried to repatriate them, but was sued by anti-borders left, leading to Judge Gee’s infamous and lawless Flores decision. (2/11)
The Flores ruling arbitrarily limited time in ICE custody for families to 20 days, less time than it takes to process a request for asylum or other relief. Obama DOJ didn’t appeal to SCOTUS & the family migrant crisis was born. Catch-and-release became the rule of the day. (3/11)
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28 Mar
A thread correcting the glaring distortions from @PressSec on @FoxNewsSunday. But first, some unsolicited advice to the Biden press team: denying reality on the border is an unsustainable strategy. You are insulting the intelligence of voters, journalists and border agents. (1/7)
.@PressSec told Chris Wallace that “the border remains closed.” A preposterous lie. Every unaccompanied minor, from every country on earth (except Mexico) is granted admission. Vast majority of adults traveling w/ minors also being released. Data unknown for single adults. (2/7)
Next, Psaki explained they are taking “a diff. approach from the last admin. We’re not going to send children under 18 back on this treacherous journey.” Another lie. Under Trump, minors were escorted by Feds on gov’t aircraft to safely reunite w/families in home countries. (3/7)
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25 Mar
.@POTUS replied with a monstrous lie to the question from @CeciliaVega on unaccompanied minors. Vega pointed out that families abroad were separating their own children due to Biden’s supremely reckless pledge to resettle in the U.S. any minor illegally crossing the border. (1/7)
Biden replied w/an asinine false choice. He explained that he was resettling minors in the US in lieu of “let[ting] them starve to death and stay on the other side” (Mexico) which he accused Trump of doing. This is spectacularly false & a grave smear on our border agents. (2/7)
First off, illegal crossers returned to Mexico are transferred to migration authorities not the desert. But unaccompanied minors were returned to their *home countries* to be reunited with their own families. They were not returned to Mexico unless Mexico was their home. (3/7)
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25 Mar
Here’s the bottom line everyone needs to understand about the #BidenBorderCrisis before the presser: the crisis would end instantly if Biden just turned back on the Trump policies he shut off. He turned the Border Patrol from a law enforcement agency into a resettlement service.
The Biden Admin’s position on the border rush is internally contradictory. They say it’s an asylum crisis — even though there is no government persecution in the Northern Triangle — and yet they say the solution is economic stimulus (acknowledging it’s an economic migration).
Billions of people in the world live in countries that are poor, have high crime rates, or both. There is no amount of taxpayer cash Biden can spend to make the quality of life in these countries so safe & prosperous no one wants to illegally migrate to the US.
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