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🧵🚨: @SecMayorkas is testifying today before the House Judiciary Committee on the Biden border crisis. It's the worst border crisis in American history, and Americans deserve answers.
"It's intentional. It's intentional. It has to be. The chaos on our southern border is not an accident. It is deliberate, it is on purpose, it is by design."

@Jim_Jordan just blasted @SecMayorkas and Joe Biden's open-borders policies in his opening statement:
@Jim_Jordan @SecMayorkas "We have a Secretary of Homeland Security who is intentionally, deliberately, in a premeditated fashion, executing a plan to overwhelm our country with millions and millions of illegal migrants."

More 🔥🔥 from @Jim_Jordan #BidenBorderCrisis:
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🚨🧵: The White House has been trying to convince us for a year that the millions of illegal aliens crossing our border qualify for asylum.

WH Comms Director Kate Bedingfield just completely undermined that rhetoric. #BidenBorderCrisis
When asked why Title 42 is being applied to those crossing the southern border, but not Ukrainian refugees, she says the latter are being "displace[d]" by "extreme crisis" & "duress."

By implication, she's saying illegal aliens are not fleeing "extreme crisis"/being displaced.
This is actually true, as the vast majority of those apprehended at the southern border do not qualify for asylum. #BidenBorderCrisis
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How will President Biden spin his Year of Crises in tonight's State of Union? A THREAD:
#BidenInflationCrisis – Inflation is the highest it’s been since 1981. Will President Biden push forward on repackaging his overinflated spending bills or finally work towards lessening the burden on working families?
#BidenEnergyCrisis – We have gone from energy independence to dependence on foreign oil in a year, causing not just skyrocketing gas prices but weakening our position as a world leader.
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THREAD on the victims of the #BidenBorderCrisis:

Over the weekend, two innocent lives were lost in Mission, TX after a smuggler T-boned the victims’ car.

Yes, we are dealing with the highest levels of southern border encounters on record, but even that data point can’t tell the full story of the destruction going on at our border & our communities.…

3/ In April, we already knew that cartels were trafficking human beings through suburban communities far from the border
Since then, this crisis has only gotten worse, and cartels have become even more entrenched…
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Democrats keep claiming their massive spending bill is “popular” but we aren’t sure they’ve actually READ this 2,000+ page monstrosity.

Let’s take a look under the hood to determine how “popular” this bill actually should be.

🧵 THREAD 🧵 1/x
First, Dems are relying on budget gimmicks when they say this thing costs $1.75 trillion.

@BudgetModel found the true cost will be a whopping $4 TRILLION after Dems make their spending programs permanent

Even the NYT called them out on their BS 👇

Even if you buy that this will be paid for (it won’t) all of the spending is front loaded. It will increase the deficit by $800B over the first 5 yrs before recouping some of the costs later.

This means it will make inflation – which hit a 30 yr high in October – worse.

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NEW: A 24-year-old Honduran charged with murder crossed the US border illegally while posing as a minor amid the #BidenBorderCrisis

INEXCUSABLE. This is the exact sort of thing Rep. Roy has been fighting against since Biden took office

(THREAD) 🧵🧵🧵…
The victim was "a father of four who had taken in the immigrant who told authorities he was 17."

“This horrific crime is the latest example of how unfettered illegal migration costs Floridians’ lives,” @GovRonDeSantis office told @nypost

FACT CHECK: TRUE, more below 🔽🔽🔽
"In keeping with President Biden’s border policy on unaccompanied minors crossing the US border, Ulloa wasn’t turned away"

"It is not clear how Ulloa ended up in Florida after being detained in Texas"

Because BIDEN ENDED Trump's Title 42 protocols for unaccompanied minors
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🧵🚨: The Biden administration has said they will investigate the debunked claims about Border Patrol agents using "whips." But their words show the investigation is just a sham.

They're already declaring the agents guilty. Here's DHS Secretary Mayorkas #BidenBorderCrisis:
Yesterday on MSNBC, Mayorkas said, "We were indeed horrified by the images. That is not who we are."

So while DHS is investigating, the DHS secretary is giving his opinion about the matter under investigation. #BidenBorderCrisis
Jen Psaki jumped in multiple times, as well. Here she is Monday, saying, "Of course they should never be able to do it again...It's obviously horrific."

She then ironically says she needs to get more information. #BidenBorderCrisis
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#ImpeachBidenHarrisNOW #BidenBorderCrisis
@DHS_Wolf @jasoninthehouse
#ImpeachBidenHarrisNOW #BidenBorderCrisis
#ImpeachBidenHarrisNOW #BidenBorderCrisis

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1) Just when you think you can't Abhor Joe Biden any more than you already do #Afghanistan We still have the #BidenBorderCrisis and it's worse than you can imagine. #ImpeachBiden NOW❗️

Haitian & African migrants

2) Just when you think you can't Abhor Joe Biden any more than you already do #Afghanistan We still have the #BidenBorderCrisis and it's worse than you can imagine. #ImpeachBiden NOW❗️

1 MILLION JULY Weslaco sector

3) Just when you think you can't Abhor Joe Biden any more than you already do #Afghanistan We still have the #BidenBorderCrisis and it's worse than you can imagine. #ImpeachBiden NOW❗️

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State of the Border:

While I was at the Border in Laredo with @tedcruz and @NancyMace last night, Border Patrol found 29 humans being smuggled in a trailer at Charley 29 Checkpoint.

#BidenBorderCrisis #ImpeachMayorkas
We moved down to the Rio Grande where a group of 30+ migrants and coyotes were waiting to cross into the United States
During all of this, 44 people were found in a stash house nearby. Laredo is already setting record numbers off stash house busts

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🚨🧵 This morning, CNN's @brikeilarcnn tried to disingenuously downplay the COVID threat posed by record numbers of illegal aliens crossing our border.
She claimed that conservatives are ”infecting Americans...with misinformation.“ Let's go to the tape... #BidenBorderCrisis
@brikeilarcnn We *do* know COVID rates among illegal aliens are skyrocketing, as this report by @GriffJenkins @AdamShawNY makes quite clear:
We also *know* that record numbers of illegal aliens are being released into the United States by CBP, and that thousands of them are testing positive for COVID after release.

@BillFOXLA and @AdamShawNY reported last week:
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Amnesty is not infrastructure. @ChadFWolf

Learn more:
@ChadFWolf The $1.2 trillion bipartisan “infrastructure” deal merely paves the road for Democrats to pass the largest amnesty for illegal aliens in American history.
Even absent this planned societal transformation, the bill is bad policy, as it is not focused on actual “hard” infrastructure.
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🧵🧵: This footage from @BillFOXLA reminds me of the same thing happening under Trump briefly in 2019. Only, the response from the Left was much different.

Let's take a walk down memory lane...
So far, very few on the Left have called out the Biden administration for the conditions these illegal aliens are being kept in, by necessity.

However, the list of complaints under Trump was pretty long #BidenBorderCrisis:
Let's start with @AOC. She "cannot and will not accept" illegal aliens being detained in this way under Trump in 2019, but so far in 2021 under Joe Biden, she's not tweeted once about it.
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1) Bill Melugin #BidenBorderCrisis THREAD🧵
1 MILLION so far - NON STOP😡

July 19 – Venezuela🇻🇪 Cuba🇨🇺 Haiti🇭🇹
ILLEGALS fly✈️ into Mexican🇲🇽 City Monterey then bus to USA🇺🇸
2) Bill Melugin #BidenBorderCrisis THREAD🧵
1 MILLION so far - NON STOP😡

July 19 – Nicaraguans🇳🇮
Large spikes of COVID🦠 since April 7,000
A lot of ILLEGALS are coughing when they get on the buses🤒
3) Bill Melugin #BidenBorderCrisis THREAD🧵
1 MILLION so far - NON STOP😡

July 19 – 8:38am
ADULT men try to force their way through😡
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@blesamerika @JoeBiden @PressSec @SpeakerPelosi @jaketapper @chucktodd @NicolleDWallace @maddow @katiecouric @JudyWoodruff @donlemon @BrookeBaldwin @DanaBashCNN @camanpour @RudyGiuliani @RaheemKassam @TuckerCarlson @RandPaul @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @MariaBartiromo @TomFitton @csthetruth @benshapiro @HawleyMO @SenRonJohnson @SenTomCotton @RealCandaceO @mtgreenee @tedcruz @RepMattGaetz #COVID19
Joe Biden Marxist Regime wants to Mandate Experimental mRNA Vaccines to save lives, but the data says otherwise. They don’t give a damn about our lives. Wake up this isn’t about the vaccines, it is about Global Genocide! Image
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Joe Biden & Kamala Harris DESTROYING America
#BidenBorderCrisis DEATH SENTENCE☠️ for US 🇺🇸

Lara Logan – Laced With Death FENTANYL💥…

Hunting MS-13💥 Tucker to El Salvador

Watch and weep😢
Does Joe want us all to be like Hunter?
UACs Unaccompanied Minors
FEB 9,400
MAR 19,000
APRIL 22,500 +

72% BOYS ages 15 & 16 & 17+
MS-13 arrives as Unaccompanied Minors

#MS13 Gangs💥

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris DESTROYING America
#BidenBorderCrisis DEATH SENTENCE☠️ for US 🇺🇸

Remember when we had an Attorney General who cared about #MS13 Gangs ?

They want America to be California 😡
Attorney General Jeff Sessions the homeland of MS-13
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Judge Jeanine discussing NYT article "Beneath Joe Biden’s Folksy Demeanor, a Short Fuse"… from the article:

Early March
"Mr. Biden asked members of the group whether any of them had been to the border in recent days?" "He was met with silence" - WTF ⁉️
At which point the "Group" (Susan Rice & Alejandro Mayorkas) headed off to the Border March 7th #BidenBorderCrisis
Here's Joe & Jill Biden advertising how the Border will be Opened if Joe wins the election #BidenBorderCrisis

Jan 2020 Jill actually went to the Border - WHEN HAS JILL OR JOE BIDEN VISITED THE BORDER SINCE ⁉️
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3 Homes Laredo TX 180 people Smuggled💥

1 home Houston TX 97 people smuggled💥

Del Rio TX 740 people per day crossing❗️
Semi-Truck San Antonio TX 41 People smuggled💥
#BidenBorderCrisis ILLEGALS
@SecMayorkas IS A LIAR ❗️❗️ The Border is Closed🤦‍♀️
We are dealing with Smugglers💥 Everything is fine - go back to sleep #BidenBorderCrisis
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1) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

President Alejandro Giammattei
Change how $ is delivered letting ‘LOCAL’🇬🇹 nonprofits handle the programs
U.S.🇺🇸 #NGO charge too much and don’t deliver $
Apply for Asylum in Guatemala
2) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

Where has U.S. Aid $ been going? #NGO
$70M out of $157.5M has gone to GOVERNANCE and ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS 💸💸💸
3) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

Meanwhile, Kamala meeting with U.S.🇺🇸 #NGO George Soros💥 and Rockefeller💥 selling out our Nation
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1) Kamala Harris #BorderCzar
"It's a Human Rights abuse committed by the United States Government" 🇺🇸 Biden Opens 13th💥Detention Center For Illegal Alien Kids
#HumanTrafficking #BidenBorderCrisis
2) Kamala Harris #BorderCzar
Medical Negligence Illegal Alien Children Detention centers United States Government
#HumanTrafficking #BidenBorderCrisis
3) Kamala Harris #BorderCzar
Illegal Alien Children United States Government Private Detention Center
#HumanTrafficking #BidenBorderCrisis
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Don’t let the new administration fool you. They know who is really responsible for the #BidenBorderCrisis. And so does FAIR. As we approach Biden’s 100th day in office, let’s take a look at how #BidenBroketheBorder (Thread):
(2/25/21) - The Biden administration appears unprepared for the consequences of their rhetoric or policy decisions.
(3/3/21) - Statistics tell the story of a growing border crisis, but the Biden administration sees nothing but a "challenge."
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The #BidenBorderCrisis was predictable and preventable. Here is a thread of every time FAIR predicted that Biden’s immigration proposals would cause a surge at the border. #CreatingACrisis #Biden100DayDisaster
(8/18/20) - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged not to build any more wall, but that is not enough for some.
(10/22/20) - After a brief lull, apprehensions at the southern border are rising. What factors are contributing to the spike?
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#BidenBorderCrisis NGOS 💥 STAKEHOLDERS 💥
Crimes against Humanity 🚷 Child Trafficking 🚷
#BidenBorderCrisis NGOS 💥 STAKEHOLDERS 💥
Crimes against Humanity 🚷 Child Trafficking 🚷
#BidenBorderCrisis NGOS 💥 STAKEHOLDERS 💥
Crimes against Humanity 🚷 Child Trafficking 🚷
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#HappeningNow: 6 am flight out of McAllen, TX into Dallas. More migrants being flown to other US cities.

Fmr. CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan told me yesterday this is a “systematic coverup” on behalf of the Biden admin. #BidenBorderCrisis
More migrants being flown from McAllen, TX for various US cities.
Woman and child next to us have been coughing
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