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6 Apr, 13 tweets, 9 min read
Whilst it's usually best to ignore the abolish lot, since Welsh twitter will be all over their latest mess ups today, I thought I'd share what it's like to look inside their private Facebook group. So here's the Top 6 things Abolish supporters hate, from 6 to 1...
6. Muslims.

Any mention of @Plaid_Cymru 's Sahar Al-Faifi is met with comments about her Niqab. Whilst Al-Faifi has been criticised elsewhere for comments on Semitism, that's never brought up in the ATWA group, just being a Muslim is enough for them to hate
5. Living in Wales

I'm sure ATWA leaders would tell you they love Wales and want the best of it. Seems their supporters wished they lived anywhere but. Why do they want to leave? Wait for point 1 and 2 on the list!
4. Covid Tests and Vaccines

I'm sure I am not surprising you by saying ATWA supporters are a nest of conspiracy theorists and covid deniers!
3. @YesCymru Stickers

Oh they hate those stickers so much! They can't work out how there's so many of them, in so many places. Apparently they've got it figured out though, @charlottechurch is funding it with dark money 🤣
2. Drakeford

Bit of an obvious one this one. But alongside the childish nicknames (Dripford, Dickford, Drakefart, Dragford, Drakewank, Dragfoot, Dunceford, Drongoford, Drakefraud) there's also plenty of threats of violence and wishing death on him
1. The Welsh Language

You know the 'anti-Welsh language bingo card' meme? You'd fill it within a few seconds on the ATWA Facebook group!
As for things they love:

- Replacing the Welsh flag with the Union Jack,
- Comparisons to Hitler, Soviet Union, North Korea
- Calling @fmwales a 'retard'. So much use of that word...
So much...
Can we give ATWA the benefit of the doubt, thinking that this private, official supporters group is not something they kept an eye on and that they didn't realise what is going on there? Well, can you guess how quickly they took down questions on today's Gareth Bennet news?
One extra note - look at the date of all of those posts. Most are within the last 2 weeks. I didn't have the stomach to keep looking much further than that, so I can only imagine what else lies further back.
Plenty more death threats and personal abuse in that Abolish group believe me

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