The Western left's favorite "anarchists," the Kurdish-majority SDF/YPG, who were fetishized in media (and are helping the US occupy 1/3rd of Syria), are being trained to call in US airstrikes.

It's the first case of non-state actors getting this training…
While Western "leftists" like DSA's so-called "Libertarian Socialist" Caucus @DSA_LSC lavish praise on the SDF/YPG, the Air Force Times proudly refers to them as "US proxies," as they help the US empire militarily occupy Syria's oil/wheat-rich territory
This Air Force article on the US military training the SDF/YPG to call in airstrikes repeatedly cites this neoconservative operative who called for the US empire to use its Kurdish proxies to starve Syria's civilian population, boasting "wheat is a weapon"…
A huge chunk of the Western "left" has eagerly eaten up State Department propaganda portraying US proxies, who help the blood-soaked US empire militarily occupy 1/3rd of Syria's territory and starve millions of civilians, as heroic "libertarian socialists"

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29 Mar
This interview with @RaniaKhalek is excellent: @EHSANI221 explains how Western imperialism will prop up entire economies like Lebanon's, which was built on a huge bubble that was basically just a Ponzi scheme, in order to advance its geopolitical interests…
The financial implosion in Lebanon shows how economics is mostly politics and only a small part science.

Lebanon's economy was built on a huge Ponzi scheme kept afloat by periodic infusions of capital by Western states and Gulf monarchies, in order to keep Hezbollah out of gov't
Lebanon shows how neoliberal economics is predicated on imperialism.

Its private banks were giving loans to the central bank (in dollars!), and Western financial institutions praised the con artist who oversaw the scam as brilliant, because he served their geopolitical interests
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28 Mar
This should be a huge scandal: A Western govt-funded regime-change org that collaborated with Syrian al-Qaeda, @CIJAonline, was accused by the EU of fraud.

So CIJA ran a dishonest sting op on a UK academic to discredit critics and cover up its corruption…
.@CIJAonline was given tens of millions by the EU, UK, US, Germany, Canada, etc. to wage regime-change lawfare against Syria.

But the European Anti-Fraud Office investigated and found major corruption

So CIJA's pro-war friends in the media covered it up:…
The man who runs @CIJAonline, William Wiley, directs another Western govt contractor called Tsamota, which is named in the Panama Papers

He cashes in on conflicts that advance Western foreign policy interests, advising Canadian mining companies in Africa:…
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26 Mar
In a historic blow to US neocolonialism in Latin America, Bolivia's socialist President Arce just visited Mexico's progressive President AMLO, and they signed a declaration challenging coup-plotting US proxy the OAS for meddling in their internal affairs…
During his historic visit to Mexico, Bolivia's socialist President Arce joined AMLO in celebrating the Day of the Victory of Chakán Putum—when the region's Maya resistance defeated Spanish colonial invaders in 1517

A clear message to neocolonialists today…
The US gov't created the Organization of American States (OAS) as a coalition of reactionary anti-communist regimes at the beginning of the first cold war.

USAID boasts that the OAS "promotes US political and economic interests in the Western Hemisphere"…
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24 Mar
Nicaragua has an election in November and concerns are growing the US may try to impose a fake "interim president" like Juan Guaidó

The US State Dep't special envoy and right-wing Central American leaders recently referred to opposition oligarch Cristiana Chamorro as "president"
At an event with right-wing Central American leaders, hosted by a US govt-funded DC think tank, the Biden State Dept's special envoy Ricardo Zúñiga called Nicaragua's opposition oligarch @ChamorroCris "president" - before others replied "Not yet! Hold on!"…
Nicaragua's opposition oligarch Cristiana Chamorro, the daughter of a right-wing ex-president, is from the country's most powerful dynasty. The US gov't funds her "NGO" with millions of dollars.

CNN propaganda is already claiming she will "save Nicaragua"…
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19 Mar
Today is the 10th anniversary of NATO's war on Libya.

On March 19, 2011, the US-led imperialist military cartel began bombing what had been the most prosperous country in Africa.

Today Libya still has no central gov't. But NATO did bring it slave markets…
When US-backed Salafi-jihadist fascists murdered Libya's leader Qadhafi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gleefully replied, not at all like a sociopath: "We came, we saw, he died!"

Those NATO-sponsored extremist "rebels" then ethnically cleansed and enslaved Black Libyans
Of course the obedient Western corporate media that 10 years ago helped sell the NATO imperialist war on Libya, spreading blatant lies and propaganda, later erased the role of the US/Britain/France in destroying the country and supporting fascist "rebels"…
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12 Mar
Ian Bremmer is an "intellectual" fraud whose life mission is to defend imperialism. He has helped sell many regime-change ops, and his firm advises colonial Western govts

Of course he opposes Global South nations uniting in solidarity against US global dictatorship. He's obscene
Never forget that professional imperialist propagandist @IanBremmer spread lies and cheered on the US-backed fascist military coup that overthrew Bolivia's elected, socialist, Indigenous-led government and installed a murderous racist authoritarian regime
This group was created to defend international law and oppose unilateral, murderous US sanctions and military aggressions, which are criminal.

But arrogant, racist imperialist apparatchiks like this get paid handsomely to defend the US global dictatorship
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