My wife made me some prototype trousers. Relaxed fit in seat and legs, high waist that actually fits, tapered down to compact ankle, nice deep pockets. Extremely luxurious. You can't buy this.
The era of low-"waist" slim fit trousers that still get caught in your bike chain and assume you have a beer gut and no muscle must be brought to a close by any means necessary.
Ever done a full squat with proper form and normal muscle development in a pair of luxury trousers? Now you can.
We have to move beyond modern western silhouettes and convention. These pants wouldn't be out of place with a scimitar and camel. Next up will be shirts; ties are passe, but we still want formal collars. Maybe a kimono collar? Maybe robes.

Is this too much for you?
We need the Tesla cybertruck of fashion: bold, shocking, aspirational, and futuristic, but also vastly more practical than convention, enabled by its not-merely aesthetic deviation. But at the end of the day, something you could confidently wear on the street.

The new normal.

• • •

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7 Apr
Our recent article from @SamoBurja proposed that the industrial revolution was socially incomplete, but destroyed it's pre-industrial foundations, so post-industrial society isn't going to be able to just go back automatically. This poses a big problem of development strategy.
The obvious implication is that we have to complete the industrial revolution by extending or supplementing the industrial logic to a full stack of social technologies, especially in the currently failing family life patterns and human capital creation areas.
What does that completion actually look like? What if it does look a bit like going back? Deliberately rebuild the pre-industrial foundations alongside industry. Not something wholly new, but a novel stabilization of industrial alongside pre-industrial social tech.
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29 Mar
What shocks me is how few people there are doing or even checking fundamental work. Half of modern manufacturing management comes from two guys trained in imperial japan. Wings are designed with assumptions cooked up by Prandtl, that even he later realized were wrong.
Works like this everywhere. Science, philosophy, life. Someone comes up with an idea, usually just sitting down and thinking about it for a bit drawing on their experience, and then everyone else takes it as gospel for the next 100 years.
We don't even independently reproduce these core results, even when they are just calculations or arguments. We build billion dollar empires on flawed assumptions that could be checked for thousands of dollars. It's hard to tell what to check, but surely we should check more.
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28 Mar
Global trade logistics means local economic sovereignty can be easily dismantled.

Global nuclear and naval strike capability means military sovereignty can be easily dismantled.

Global internet/communication means local moral sovereignty can be easily dismantled.
Prepare yourself for global government. It's inevitable as far as I can tell. Some positives and some negatives.
Among the negatives: we have no theory, experience, or institutions for global government. It might have intractable scale/abstraction problems. It removes all natural constraints on insanity and lazyness.
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26 Feb
Each layer of consciousness shuffles information about in pursuit of some purposeful drive, within some logic. Each layer builds on and implements the teleology of the previous layer, and does its thing faster and better.
For the primitive intelligence of matter, the purposeful drive is perhaps time and thermodynamic progression. The logic is raw physical interaction. Perhaps this implements the will of God.
For genetic evolution of life, the drive is autocatalytic growth into ever more successful forms, within the logic of natural selection. Life exploits thermodynamic gradients, accelerating the primitive drive of matter and time.
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26 Feb
I think we have to understand mathematics as a new kind of consciousness.

By disciplined study you can learn to see in terms of the secret relationships behind nature.

Not a mistake that the philosophers centered mathematics in liberal education!
For those keeping track of types of consciousness:

Raw physical primitive consciousness
Evolution by natural selection
Cellular control systems
Neuronal consciousness
Linguistic social/cultural consciousness
Mathematics/precise diagrammatic culture?
Networked computing machines
The single most important causal cultural factor behind the industrial revolution isn't any political system or philosophy other than the tradition of (applied) mathematics itself.

It is the precision and depth of mathematics that gives us access to technology.
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23 Feb
Complex plans and taste can only form in singular minds or tight discourse circles. But they can be propagated and extended to large crowds of action through simple statistically-driven methods.
The mistake of many online crowdsourcing link aggregators and comment threading systems is they try to use statistical methods to define their fundamental taste and strategy. This is a mistake.
Use professional moderation to define fundamental complex intention for a community, and crowdsourcing to carry it out. Best of both worlds; wisdom of crowd, discernment of a single visionary. This requires new voting systems that explicitly target this spec.
Read 5 tweets

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