I had a Trumpet argue at me, "If it's wrong to have to show an ID to vote, why do we have background checks for buying a gun?"

He thought he was making some deep and profound point. Really.

"If I can sleep six hours in a night, why can't you buy me a vacation in the Bahamas?"
It's like Trumpets have lost the capacity for rational thought. They can stick two unrelated things together, and imagine means something.

"If the sky is really blue, why are there aardvarks? Huh? Can't answer that, can you, libtard?"
I get that MAGAts think owning a gun is as important as voting, and if we allow all Americans to vote, why should there be restrictions on owning a gun?

See, you have to shut off everything you know about context and meaning and the Real World™ and trivia like that.
Once you accept killing people with your assault rifle ranks right up there with preventing The Blacks from voting, it all makes sense. The only thing more important is not letting gays marry, or maybe forcing 12-year-olds to carry their rapists' babies, as God intended.

• • •

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7 Apr
Here's a story that's personal and technological and obscure and geeky, and not at all political, until you get to the end. It's also true.

My dad was an industrial engineer. He went to college on the VA's dime, because he was in the National Guard during the Korean War.

I can hear you. "What's an industrial engineer?" It can be many things, like what they used to call an "efficiency expert." Mostly, it's someone who looks at industrial processes and finds new and better ways to do them.

Dad invented a new kind of screw.

2/12 Image
That doesn't sound like much, but it is a Very Big Deal.

When you think of screws--especially wood screws--you probably think of something like this. It's a nail with threads around it, and a slot (or two slots) in the head so you use a screwdriver instead of a hammer.

3/12 Image
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6 Apr
Today, the lawyer for the murderer of George Floyd argued both that people detained by police might lie about being under physical distress, AND that George Floyd was dying of a drug overdose so it wasn't the knee on his neck that killed him.

Can't have it both ways, bub.

If Mr. Floyd was dying--from whatever cause--his cries that he couldn't breathe were real, and Chauvin was morally and legally obligated see what was wrong.

EVERY police officer says the police have that obligation. Period.

If Floyd died of a drug overdose and not from Chauvin murdering him (as Chauvin's lawyer is trying to claim), he would have been in physical distress from that, and his outcry would have been real anyway. Either way, Chauvin was obligated to stop.

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1 Apr
Let's take a quick look at top tax rates during the heyday of US economic growth--the 1950s and 1960s--when the US middle class grew, America became the dominant economic power in the world, corporations prospered, we build the interstate highways and went to the Moon.

First, there's the corporate tax rate. The statutory rate is higher than the effective rate, of course (I'll address that shortly), but in the 50s and 60s, corporations paid in the range of roughly 40 to 50 percent.

It's now half that--21%

How about the estate tax? (It's also called "inheritance tax". Republicans call it "death tax".) In the heyday of the 50s-60s, the top estate tax rate for the biggest estates was between 70% and 92%. It's now 40%--on estates over $1 million.

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31 Mar
Common political "wisdom" is that a new president has only so much capital to spend, after which his agenda will stall.

Successful presidents know each achievement is built on the last. Improving the lives of Americans quickly creates more capital for the next goal.

Progress is not a zero-sum game, and there is no ceiling.

Out of the gate, President Biden brought us the immensely popular American Rescue Plan to combat a terrifying pandemic, and will vaccinate two hundred million Americans in his first hundred days.

That created the force and momentum for the American Jobs Plan, which will be like rural electrification, FDR's WPA and Eisenhower's Interstate Highway System in a single package, on steroids.


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27 Mar
On January 6 2021, the Republican Party staged a violent coup attempt. Their armed mob invaded and seized the Capitol Building, the temple of democracy, held it for five hours, threatened the lives of every Senator and Congressperson, and tried to install a fascist dictator.

They called for the death of the Vice President and the Speaker of the House. They spread urine and feces on the floor and walls of the Capitol. They desecrated statues, smashed windows, killed a policeman, and injured over a hundred Americans.

This violent armed mob had been egged on, for months, by the sitting president, who had been supported by America's greatest foreign enemy. His media and Congressional enablers still, to this day, receive funding and propaganda support from Russia.

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27 Mar
Don't forget that during the last four years, a number of economic stimulus and COVID rescue bills were enacted, intended to send trillions to people and businesses. The Former Guy fired all the oversight people, and used the money for gift for himself and his cronies.

This happened multiple times in the last 4 years.

The programs had only limited effects because the corrupt third-world kleptocracy that was the Trump Reich stole as much of the megatrillion lottery as possible, rather than let the money go where it was required to by law.

And GOPers were okay with this, because the First Tenant of GOPism is: Gubbermint Don't Work.

So attempts at economic stimulus or pandemic relief had very limited effects, "proving" gubbermint programs are Bad.

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