Parts of India have had a M PM, or M army chief ruling for it past 70 yrs.
They are called Pak & Bangladesh!

Technically 2 out of 3 PM's of 'undivided' India are M now!

India got first M HM (Mufti Mohd Saeed) on Dec 2, 1989

Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits began on Jan 19,1990!
Islamic invadors from Ghazni, Ghori, Tughlaq, Khilji, Aibak, Abdali, Butshikan, Babar, Jehangir, Aurangzeb, Tipu ruled India 4 centuries.

Kafir majority of India was ruled by minority for centuries.

At Direct Action day speech, Suhrawardy said, "We have ruled them for yrs!
Nizam of Hyd said, "We M rule because We are more fit to rule, We rule, Hindus own"!

Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman while campaigning for Jinnah said, " the Azad M and said that M who had ruled India for a 1000 yrs had no intention of surrendering their power to anyone else!"
While campaigning 4 ML Maulana Amrohvi said, "that ever since the end of Islamic rule, continuous attempts had been made by Indian
M to reclaim their power. But when assistance from foreign forces or
the cry of jihad in a dar al harb didn't work,they took to a new path.
This impulse of minority of Islamists ruling majority of Kafirs is medivial & rooted in Islamic history of subjugation of Kafirs.

After British left, 25% ruling over 75% wasn't possible like in medivial times.

So, M majority areas were carved out to create a new Medina!
Remember, Islamists who today miss Gandhi's India were living in Gandhi's India. Nehru's India.

Yet 89.2% M's voted for Muslim League & Jinnah over Gandhi & Nehru.

Pak became Darul Islam. India remained Darul Harb ( Abode of war)
This separatist impulse is so strong that from 1948 to 1965. J&K didnt have the post of CM.

First 5 representatives of J&K were called Prime Ministers of J&K.

Sort of signifying a diassociation with the Indian Union.

370 was just a symptom of the deep rooted belief.
India was partitioned to create two Islamic states that are ruled by beleivers.

Now, in the remaining secular India, same forces are rearing their head again.

Khilafat started in 1921, Pak formed in 1947

2021, History repeating itself. Will Kafirs repeat same mistakes too?

• • •

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3 Apr
Amanatullah Khan won't be arrested for open call of beheading.

Swami Narsinghanand will be arrested for free speech.

Indian state has resigned itself to the violent veto of Jihadis.

It will punish peaceful hindus to appease blood thirsty Islamists.
As predicted, FIR against Dasna priest Narsinghanand.

Nothing against Amanatullah Khan.

M get away with calls for beheadings, H are arrested for mere speech.

This is the state of H's at 80%.

Multiple non bailable warrants issued against Shahi Imam Bukhari. @DelhiPolice doesn't arrest him.

Amanatullah Khan openly calls for beheading of Hindu Saint. Delhi Police doesn't arrest him.

CAA laake kya karoge? Jab Yahin nahin bacha paa rahe ho to.
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13 Nov 20
Adults who have failed to solve the pollution crisis are snatching crackers from children to reduce their guilt!
Laxman : Ram Bhaiya, Dheere chalo, Aaram se December tak Ayodhya pahunchenge.

Lord Ram :- Dec mein Kyon?

L:- NGT Ka cracker ban Nov end tak hi rahta hai.

R :- Dec mein Hawa saaf ho jaati hai kya?

L :- Nahin. Par Christmas aur new year par ban nahin Kar sakte naa! Isliye.
Hindus were brainwashed in schools not to burst crackers 4 decades.

Those Hs grew up & passed laws banning crackers.

Today Children can't burst crackers on Diwali (Poetic it's Children's Day)

That's what an unscientific lie repeated over a few generations can achieve!
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3 Nov 20
Forests thought Desert will integrate with them.

But Deserts never integrate into a Forest. It's always the Forest that ends up as yet another desert.
Dying trees screamed, "Water! Sand is killing me!"

Liberal plants that grew in water said, "Stop spreading Desertophobia!"

'Moderate' Sand said, "This isn't true Desert! Desert means Green! Look at the Cactus!"

Media said, "All Soils are the same!"

Sandstorms ravaged India since Bin Qasim to Jinnah.

India was 25% desert by 40's

Gandhi thought he could win the sand. He chanted, "Tulsi, Ret tero naam!"

Sand demanded a separate land. Gandhi refused.

A huge sandstorm destroyed the trees in Calcutta, Noakhali, Punjab.
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29 Oct 20
When individuals drew cartoons of Muhammad or made a movie.

They were killed by Jihadis. Who were expendable.

Moderates could distance themselves from them with cliches.

Game continued. Cartoon - death - distancing by 'moderates'

But that told u nothing abt their beliefs.
What France did by showing that cartoon on govt. building was very different.

Who do you kill? The object of blasphemy isn't one person.

It's easy to kill one person or a few cartoonist to set an example.

What do u do when Govt. does blasphemy?

Who does a Jihadi kill?
Jihadi can't kill Macron like he beheaded d teacher.

Not easy to take down the entire building without going to war.

The costs of avenging this blasphemy are huge unlike the cost of killing a teacher.

That's why Islamists like Erdogen, Imran & Mahatir are losing their mind.
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29 Oct 20
Pre 2008 Cong was selling this theory of Hindu Terror.

Before LS 2009, Pak sends Kasab wearing a Hindu Kalawa to do 26/11

If Kasab wasn’t caught alive. 26/11 would have been sold as Hindu Terror.

Digvijay had books ready.

The plan failed but Cong still won. #Pulwama
Post 2014, Mani Shankar Aiyer goes to Pak & says, Inko Hatayiye Hame laayiye.

Pak does Pulwama just before LS.

Cong & its media asks, "RDX kisne supply kiya?"

Not retaliating wld have undone earlier surgical strikes.

A failed surgical strike might hv costed Modi 2019.
In 2008, Pak does a 26/11 to help Cong sell theory of Hindu Terror.

In 2019, Pak does Pulwama to undo the goodwill of surgical strikes & put Modi in spot just b4 election.

Both 26/11 & Pulwama were done to help Cong.

Why does Pak want Cong in Power?
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27 Aug 20
M candidates get 12 marks more in UPSC interviews on an avg.

A data driven claim has been made regarding bias towards M aspirants.

It makes UPSC selection process appear communal.

IPS association must argue on numbers & clear the air. Else it will reinforce charges of bias! Image
Afzal Khan kidnaps Prachi Mehra.

Mother goes to police station to file FIR.

Police personal Yusuf Khan tells mother ki ab "Prachi Mehra nahin Prachi likho. Khan lagana chaalu kar do!"

Demography is destiny.

IGP of Karnataka @D_Roopa_IPS spent the whole night asking for scriptural sanction for crackers.

Few months back, Mob of Ms burnt a police station & Dalit MLA's house in Bangalore over a post on Muhammad.

Scared of Jihadis. Only brave enough to snatch crackers from Kids.
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