I like this meltdown!

No forced conversion happened. Lol! They would defy Muslim writers like Farishta?

They mental imbalance to justify even wrongs done to ancestor is deeply penetrated.

Dear fake ac, Ambedkar initially wanted to convert to Islam but he chose not to. 👋
Next @TawhidWarrior ,

Ashoka has been one of the worst emperors of India. He massacred many in name of religion.

Since you name Ambedkar, you must know that he said: Islam “killed” Buddhism in India.

“Killed” is key.
What can be bigger shame @TawhidWarrior than this that Ambedkar who once wanted to convert to Islam initially chooses to call it more horrible than Islam & chose not to convert.
Since you are so much awe for Ambedkar, @TawhidWarrior , why not convert to Buddhism following path of Ambedkar.

Hindus destroyed Buddhism? Friend recent precedents too prove what Ambedkar has said: Islam killed Buddhism.
Look, who destroyed Bamiyan Buddha.

Our Srilankan Buddha friends have exposed all anti-Buddhist stand of modern Islamists so well @TawhidWarrior
Ambedkar had placed Jain, Buddhists, Sikhs as Hindu only for laws. Understanding was different for Sanatana. Ambedkar too saw Buddha dharma too have branched from Hindu ethos (ref art 25)
Dear @TawhidWarrior so better don’t dangle in to split the Indic family of Sanatanis, Buddha Dharmiks , Jains & Sikhs.

The world knows well of divisions in Islam. Must have heard of “Khwas” & “Aawam” in jamat camps?

• • •

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5 Apr
Alas! My research and writing only brings tears.

It does not matter which period I chose, the saga of atrocities on ancestors gives immense pain.

The power packed attack on our civilization's ethos still continues.
Often it becomes too challenging to type down those sagas.

Fingers tremble as I capture them in words.

There are so many. The attack of Turks, Turko-Mongols, the Portuguese, the Dutch, Huns.
When we had world's best education system, existence of democracy, pursuance of "Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Astronomy etc etc," they were busy establishing supremacy of new prophets in markets of various regions.

Our GDP share was more than 1/3rd of the world.
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4 Apr
1)I said the point of law. Why you are supposed to kill cow in land where it’s prohibited? It’s not about what’s important & what not. By that logic Quran is damn garbage for we Hindus, so , why not appealing against beheadings?

Where is the problem of comprehension?
2) We Hindus tolerated Namaaz on streets for so many years but you have problem not accepting to kill our sacred ones?
3)So yes as far as Asifs case is concerned, first please explain why he went inside Mandir if two water points were already there outside?
3)Have you cared to research why people resort to beating Asif ? No, here urinating in temples isn’t important, right? Why action isn’t imp but reaction?
4)@YawarNazirMir ever cared to condemn @KhanAmanatullah for calling beheading?
Read 4 tweets
4 Apr
1) It’s my stand so I will chose whom I speak about.
2) My countrymen will certainly have preference in my narrative over outsiders. I won’t let thieves take undue advantage of brawls of my home.
3)I do talk of Ashoka’s disastrous massacres. Can u begin with Md (if he existed)?
More here @YawarNazirMir
4)In modern times,Islam brings max troubles,Ahmadiya know it better.
5)since u acknowledge that forced conversion happened, don’t you think there was prob with fundamentals of Islam?
6)Which country is more secured for Ahmadiyas than Hindu Maj India?
7) dear @YawarNazirMir don’t try to defame the faith which has been most tolerant & now sees max threats from all Corners.
8) If instances of urinating in temples, killing of Hindus in BD for Modi’s visit doesn’t trouble u then Ahmadiya love for all is fake.
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2 Apr
All bunkum actually. Chachnāma was commissioned 5 Centuries later than alleged Bin Qasim’s conquest.

It’s claimed that it’s translation of original Arabic Text but no one ever saw that Arabic text.

First account of Sindh Conquest appeared 180 years after 712 AD.
“The Futuh al-Buldan” by al-Baladhuri was first text containing a few pages on the conquest of Sindh and Muhammad's forces. It was in 892 AD. What took so long to write this tale?

Moreover it doesn’t give biography of Bin-Qasim.
The first biographical information of Bin Qasim appears as a passage in the work of al-Ya'qubi. Year was 898 AD (+186 years).

Al-Tabari mentions few lines in in his work (839 AD). Yet not much celebration of Qasim.
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31 Mar
15th-16th century saw emergence of a new kind of dark age.

They saw the abundant knowledge & resource base in Subcontinent. “Vigyan” looked exciting to them but there too dogma of linear time hit hard.

They copied our texts, created things being inspired from them but...
Dear @prachyam7, their so called scientific exploration was an endeavour to spread Christianity too. Columbus, Newton etc etc, all were devout Christians.

Not religious direct wars but , colonisation & related passive conversion was the key.
Fighting for religion directly was understood as waste. They had to make wealth so this new method of passive fanaticism was adopted.

Note, Constantinople had fallen in 1453AD after 100 year war. The discovery of new world was only new way of fanaticism.
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28 Mar
Then go delete your Sangam Literature & bring something before it.

O damn, Sangam talks of “Arya” & many things Hindu. Moreover the first chairman of Sangam, Agastya too was a Vaidik Rishi.

What will you do now EVR’s dumb follower?
Rubbish! You have no clue about Sangam Literature. You are highly indoctrinated by EVR’s crap.

The moment you erase Sangam, Tamil culture’s claim of being antique goes in drain.

Whole Sangam is about Hindu Dharma.
There you are. But EVR didn’t agree to it.

It’s because of Hinduness of Sangam that he ended up calling Tamil A’s language of barbarians.

EVR perpetrated the colonial lie of caste discrimination & especially foolish Aryan Invasion. It was a ploy to divide north,south & Hindus
Read 5 tweets

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