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Jul 3 27 tweets 5 min read
1/n A thread of rant on current folds of Law and FoE. Request to read and share your views.

Tall and strong stands a civilization called "Hindu"since the millenniums we are unaware of. It survived so many cuts and bruises inflicted by almost one and all+ we accommodated all. 2/n The "Freedom of Expression" was such a common trait that even "Charvakas" went on singing their ideas of dissent within the Mandir Premises.

We are told that "Athenian Democracy" is the mother of democracy, but was too brute against female and slaves.
Jun 28 19 tweets 5 min read
Still zithers run through my spine as I recall the horrific feeds of Gujarat Riots 2002 made way to DAV, Hazaribagh while I was a year due to matriculate.

We knew “Modi, the mass murder,” even at age 14-15.

A kind of shame we gulped each time we faced a Muslim School Mate. Be it cricket ground, or basketball court or even the period of lunch.

For few days, the dreams I saw only smelled of gore waking up midnight sweat dripping all the way.

I never knew the reason of Kar Seva nor I knew who were those burnt in Sabarmati Express.
Jun 27 15 tweets 3 min read
Foreign views about “Economic Condition of Bharat” presented in this thread.

I begin with Will Durant, one of my most favourite foreign philosopher of modern times.

I quote from book, “Our Oriental Heritage (1935)” “The Sultans drew from the people every rupee of tribute that could be exacted by the ancient art of taxation, as well as by straightforward robbery; but they stayed in India, spent their spoils in India, and thereby turned them back into India’s economic life.”
Jun 22 30 tweets 8 min read
1/n Thread responding to @RitikaChopra__ ‘s lamenting for NCERT not showing Mahmud Ghazni as tolerant & great ruler.

Though in my opinion NCERT is still too humble for him.

She may respond should she have substance. I’m using primary source “Tarikh Yamini” by al-Utbi. 2/n He writes,

Sultan Mahmud at first designed in his heart to go to Sijistan, but subsequently preferred engaging previously in a holy war against Hind (...)
Jun 16 35 tweets 10 min read
1/n Important Thread!

The Islamic world needs to introspect and draw serious lessons from past.

The Muslim Population fell from 5.5 Millions to 0.5-0.6 Millions between 12th to end of 15th Century in Iberian Peninsula (Al-Andalus). 2/n Most of the Islamist including the likes of Owaisi brothers live with the myth that Islamic forces have never been given bloody nose, but the case of Al-Andalus gives a different story.

Let's look at the tale briefly.
Jun 13 4 tweets 1 min read
Excerpts from, L’islam et la psychologie du musulman (1923) by Andre Servier:

“Islam was not a torch,as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people,it was — and it remains — incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society.”

“Islam is Christianity adapted to Arab mentality, or, more exactly, it is all that the unimaginative brain of a Bedouin, obstinately faithful to ancestral practices,
Jun 12 4 tweets 1 min read
Alberuni's words:

"They (the Hindus) differ from us in religion(…) There is very little disputing about theological topics among themselves; at the most they fight with words, but they will never stake their soul or body or their property on religious controversy. (...) in all manners and usages they differ from us to such a degree as to frighten their children with us(…) and as to declare us to be devil’s breed and our doings as the very opposite of all that is good and proper, (...)
Jun 9 30 tweets 16 min read
1/n #Sadarpranam to Ishvara within each affiliating with #Qatar @OIC_OCI .

While the organisation hyperbolically
slammed India, reality is that their own house stinks.

This thread exposes them clearly. 2/n Their Constitution states that Sharia shall be the principal source of legislation(of course for non-Muslims too)then why should u impose our (Indian)legal proceedings based on Sharia?
Will #Qatar @OIC_OCI let Indian Constitution work for matter wrt to Hindus in their land?
Jun 2 21 tweets 12 min read
1/n As @akshaykumar , said in an interview that our text books only talk about Invaders & not prominent Indian Kings, usual offenders like @zoo_bear @ashoswai began to attack him personally.

In this thread, I expose their lies and how Akshay is correct.

I dare them to respond 2/n Zubair posts this page from NCERT History book for class VII and foolishly tried to mock @akshaykumar without knowing how lame he would end up being.

The chapter itself is called "The Delhi Sultans" as if no Rajas ruled the place.
May 31 8 tweets 4 min read
1/n @KaleemulHafeez , on @gauravcsawant 's show #IndiaFirst made an argument as below:

"The original building was a structure of the Din-i Ilahi faith."
& claimed, "Aurangzeb didn't break the Vishvanath Temple at Kashi. No farman talks of it."

Fallacies exposed in this thread 2/n The root of the Din-i illahi argument & many other non-historical ones comes from the opinions collected by Mary Searle-Chatterjee in 1993 (Religious division and the mythology of the past).

Check these snippets from doc. I've highlighted the Din-i Illahi part.
May 26 4 tweets 2 min read

I’m not entertaining you, so no point being disappointed.
I said, that I’ll debunk each source one by one.
If you already knew that Ashokvadana isn’t true about Pushyamitra then why did you mention it as primary source?
Lengthy thread, because that’s how you analyse. What I this, “Oral tradition ‘may’ go to...”

Where there is single source to prove of oral tradition?
So Buddhists were so weak that they couldn’t even write inscriptions? Ashoka was known for it.

Buddhists are bright, don’t show them as lame.
May 26 37 tweets 13 min read
1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @TenzingLamsang

Now that you use DN Jha's source to prove Buddhist Persecution by Hindus, let me unpin each one one by one.

You may respond should you have substance. 2/n Let's first pick #Divyadanda

What an irony, Tenzing that even this Buddhist text is written in Sanskrit, the language blamed to be of Brahmin Persecutors.

Anyways, let's focus on main thing.
May 23 10 tweets 3 min read
“(...) If there were no Shivaji everyone would have been circumcised.”

Granthavali of Kavi Bhushan, quoted in (Oxford in India readings, Themes in Indian history.)

Kavi Bhushan was living in times of Shivaji

The earlier lines are mentioned below: “The Muslims have destroyed all our temples; they are hoisting ‘Ali’s flag everywhere; rajas have fled; everywhere one sees (Muslim) pirs (saints), and payghambars (prophets), nowhere Hindu sants and sddhis; Kashi has lost its splendor and there are mosques in Mathura.”
May 17 7 tweets 3 min read
Important thread wrt claim that the element found is not a #Shivling but a remnant of a fountain.

First I'm sharing arguments to assert it to be fountain is vague (from perspective of a student of Architecture).

Parties may refute it or use in court if found substantial. Well, the structure must be of the era of Aurangzeb should it be part of "Fountain Jet" or "fawwara."

Then one needs to look at the working of landscape architecture of that era. This paper gives a very good details & I shall use it as source jstor.org/stable/4415632…
May 4 6 tweets 2 min read
Pre-set notion shouldn’t supersede existing records.

The Sringeri Records State:

“The positive reply from Parasuram Bhau (...) plunder of Sringeri was not due to any deliberate intention on his part, but a result of the predatory habits of the Pindaris in his contingent.” Further @honshomyoshu , the Sringeri website doesn’t glorify Tipu as you claim but just gives passing reference that Hyder Ali & Tipu we’re drawn towards Peetham & saw Acharya as Guru.
May 2 4 tweets 2 min read
Pathetic sense of history @GauravPandhi

1)Many wrote such petitions in Kala Pani. Eg, Sachindra Nath Sanyal. But off Kalapani too. Didn’t MLN write petition for Nehru (Nabha Jail)?

2)Savarkar was exempted to worst including the solitary confinement & plodder bullock 3)Served the crown? @GauravPandhi then y British crown waste so much money and resource on surveillance? Why they didn’t return his degrees & award him position as Ambedkar?

4)u have problem with his pension? Which revolutionary wasn’t given pension? In fact he was paid least.
May 2 25 tweets 7 min read
1/n Let's talk a bit about #Secularism in this thread.

We are told that the Western World gave us the "Secular Values" with the "Separation of State and Church (Religious Institution)" and hence State not being Religious.

But how true has it been? 2/n Till my architecture school days, I lived with the belief that the USA, UK etc are non-Christian state but the exposure to the truth baffled me, however till today they are shown as non-Christian (say Secular states).

Did you know that motto of USA comes from Bible?
Apr 30 4 tweets 2 min read
What a joke?

Pl elaborate what did I misquote?
One sided agency? NIA is private property?

& pl prove below wrong:
A)Letters are forged & Stan didn’t communicate with Maoists
B)Navalakha didn’t deal with someone caught by FBI for money laundering with ISI? C) How is anti conversion law against Dalit & Minorities? Can you elaborate? Being an advocate @arjunsheoran how can you go against a law wrong which checks forced & fraudulent conversions?

Stop living in the bubble & accept if your understanding is against Indian ethos.
Apr 29 30 tweets 12 min read
Right now on a recording for @TimesNow with @RShivshankar , @_sabanaqvi jumped in alleging that I’m misquoting.

Due to lack of time I couldn’t rebut but will clarify in this thread.

She may respond should she have enough substance. Watch out as I populate the thread. She alleged that I was misquoting the report as people from USA are not so gullible to talk about wrong issues

The Report clearly talks about Stan Swamy and questions why UAPA being put on him.

Fact of the matter is that NIA did file charge-sheet with evidences.
Apr 27 20 tweets 4 min read
1/n A thread on issue of #SarTanSeJuda & understanding the larger problem

Let’s first dwell back into recent past.

Summer of 1897 was approaching.

There lived an Arya Samaji Pandit Lekh Ram who was in continual academic confrontations with Ahmediyas. 2/n The self proclaimed prophet & founder of Ahmediya Cult, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had been a staunch critic of Hindu-Dharma & Arya Samaj specifically.

Pd Lekh Ram was not only questioning Islamic doctrine, he was also vocal about show it as root behind Hindu-Muslim tension.
Apr 14 5 tweets 2 min read
1/n Pattern of killing and rioting for Music in front of Mosque has long been a pattern.

A thread on excerpts from "Pakistan or Partition of India" by #Ambedkar where he documents the issue. 2/n #Ambedkar talks about playing of Music in Muslim Neighborhood during religious procession as immediate cause of "Trouble".