Question: How do I make it natural and yummy to sit down and do programming?
In the same way that it currently feels pretty natural to transition into writing "I have an idea, and I want to write an essay", it feels like it could be natural to "have an idea and transition into implementing it."
One thing is I don't think about "writing" as anything special. It's just a thing that I do sometimes. I think I would need to have a similar attitude to programming?
For one thing, with writing, I will allocate deep work blocks to focus on big writing projects, but I am also often spinning out smaller writing (blog post and twitter threads) that is "in line" with my life.
Like, it can be natural to have a thought that is inspired by the notes that I'm taking in a book, and then develop that thought by writing a thread or a post, over the course of the next hour, and then posting it.
I think I could have a similar attitude to programming stuff: there are some big projects that I block out a full morning for, but most things are little snippets that I can just do right now.
I think that the main thing is that I don't have enough programming affordance to feel like I __can__ just nock it out right now. Sometimes I can do that (I am surprised when I sometime block out a day for a programming project and then finish it in 45 minutes).
I think I need to have more affordance around programming. It needs to feel like painting: I basically have a grasp of the tools and how they work, and can make crude versions of things, even if there is a lot more neuance and detail that is possible.
This is in contrast to how car repair currently feels: there are dozens to hundreds of pieces and I don't know what they do, and I am in over my head, and any time I want to do anything under the hood of a car, I have... do research and build myself up to the task of getting bearings at all.
I think programming could feel like the painting, with occasional moments where I run into problems that I don't know how to solve at my current level, for which I would go get help from someone with more expertise.
But how do I get from here to there?
Or more specifically, what is the fastest and most automatic / least effortful (like water flowing downstream) way to get from here to there?
I think this is largely a psychological blocker: like programming feels "daunting", such that when I consider working on a programming project...I sort of skirt away from it? Put it in the future instead of now?

How do I shift THAT?

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