Good to see the horror of TL laid bare
Found out about TL when some of my friends got mentioned on it. I love gossiping but this isn't gossip, it's obsession. I know privacy online is a myth but this goes beyond anything. Makes my skin crawl, no matter whether the person being talked about is a mate or not.
The worst thing is no matter what you say or do, the people on there see it as fodder. There is almost nothing you can do to reason with them or get them to stop. Telling them the horrible impact of their commenting just fuels them further.
They don't care if people have to sign off work from anxiety after seeing what they've said. It's all just stuck under the umbrella of 'gossip' and seen as fair game. I'd say take it to your group chat but they wouldn't be on TL if their friends wanted to hear it
Anyway, TL is the product of the most potent sort of parasocial obsession with people online. It's borne out of a resentment of others but paired with the inability to look away.
I'll stop going on in a minute but this is the sort of shit people on TL were posting about Grace Victory while she was in a coma and then recovering from her ordeal (I'm not including any of the virulent fatphobia)
TL is very UK focused and its users are a particularly British version of angry, resentful and obsessed. They also are everywhere - someone was able to discover one of their most virulent haters is an NHS nurse. Scary.
As suspected TL members are just rationalising this all again as fair game b/c people are public. get a WhatsApp group if you really feel the need to do this!
Can empathise that going on a site like TL spirals quickly from the odd comment to obsession, with members egging each other on but does it really make you happy to fixate on people to this degree, in a negative way? I would imagine not. How does that make you see the world?
There's another thread on TL that I just saw where members confess a lack of satisfying friendships and feeling isolated... is TL really filling that gap as you go in on random people you won't meet or won't approach if you see them in your local area? Pls!
Free yourselves beloveds, there's a brighter life off that site

• • •

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7 Apr
Just seen another high profile media appointment of someone who drove young staff to despair with bullying, misogyny and racism. Now going to be leading a youth-focused brand despite not understanding that audience at all. These people only fail upwards.
I wonder if the timing of an investigation into bullying allegations had anything to do with the move to a new gig... who's to say!
The worst bit is this code of silence which means that people who know, KNOW, but we're precluding from passing that info far and wide until it's too late
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7 Apr
What's really annoying is Calvin Robinson here is articulating a right-wing version of an intersectional solidarity approach that is only going to become more powerful for the Tories and co in courting white & ethnic minority voters alike
It's a warped, disingenuous version of the solidarity politics we should pursue on the left because it denies the existence of structural racism etc but it recognises that people of colour aren't a monolith and have multiple motivations
.@EmmaDabiri's new book articulates the solidarity politics we need to develop and also outlines the danger of believing that all people of colour have the same 'lived experience' of racism and building the movement around that assumption
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7 Apr… Interesting study from last year about the impact of Covid-19 on drug use; alcohol use increased, as did use of the likes of Valium & Xanax
Cocaine and MDMA use was down reportedly, even though respondents said there was no trouble in obtaining them, which obviously speaks to them being more situational drugs. However, anecdotally I know groups where use of cocaine, k etc has increased b/c ppl are doing it
at home with housemates and have moved the so-called 'two pint habit' into the home, breaking that barrier
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5 Apr
This man is worse than an undercover cop it seems - he's an idiot who does their job of agitating for them without even being paid
Sorry, word just in that I have to 'respect him' because of solidarity. Thanks for letting me know!
I do not have to respect him at all. I will defend his right to turn up and protest how he wishes but that doesn't mean I can't call him an idiot. Cheers x
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26 Mar
Lil Nas X, Cardi and fka twigs all have the same visionary energy, they make work that's truly exciting
I can't articulate it, but somehow these three do things that make the neurons fizz and feels authentically fresh. As opposed to, say, Rita Ora where it constantly feels like a weak pastiche of someone else
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24 Mar
Watching PMQs really drives home how many terrible young (mostly men, it must be said) Tories hate any migration and love to suck up to Priti Patel. They're all in bad blazers.
They're not chinless wonders, they're in the Ben Bradley mould.
Would love to stop watching but Robert Jenrick has just rocked up to announce what's going to happen with the expected Liverpool takeover
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