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7 Apr
Just seen another high profile media appointment of someone who drove young staff to despair with bullying, misogyny and racism. Now going to be leading a youth-focused brand despite not understanding that audience at all. These people only fail upwards.
I wonder if the timing of an investigation into bullying allegations had anything to do with the move to a new gig... who's to say!
The worst bit is this code of silence which means that people who know, KNOW, but we're precluding from passing that info far and wide until it's too late
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7 Apr
What's really annoying is Calvin Robinson here is articulating a right-wing version of an intersectional solidarity approach that is only going to become more powerful for the Tories and co in courting white & ethnic minority voters alike
It's a warped, disingenuous version of the solidarity politics we should pursue on the left because it denies the existence of structural racism etc but it recognises that people of colour aren't a monolith and have multiple motivations
.@EmmaDabiri's new book articulates the solidarity politics we need to develop and also outlines the danger of believing that all people of colour have the same 'lived experience' of racism and building the movement around that assumption
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7 Apr
Found out about TL when some of my friends got mentioned on it. I love gossiping but this isn't gossip, it's obsession. I know privacy online is a myth but this goes beyond anything. Makes my skin crawl, no matter whether the person being talked about is a mate or not.
The worst thing is no matter what you say or do, the people on there see it as fodder. There is almost nothing you can do to reason with them or get them to stop. Telling them the horrible impact of their commenting just fuels them further.
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7 Apr… Interesting study from last year about the impact of Covid-19 on drug use; alcohol use increased, as did use of the likes of Valium & Xanax
Cocaine and MDMA use was down reportedly, even though respondents said there was no trouble in obtaining them, which obviously speaks to them being more situational drugs. However, anecdotally I know groups where use of cocaine, k etc has increased b/c ppl are doing it
at home with housemates and have moved the so-called 'two pint habit' into the home, breaking that barrier
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5 Apr
This man is worse than an undercover cop it seems - he's an idiot who does their job of agitating for them without even being paid
Sorry, word just in that I have to 'respect him' because of solidarity. Thanks for letting me know!
I do not have to respect him at all. I will defend his right to turn up and protest how he wishes but that doesn't mean I can't call him an idiot. Cheers x
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26 Mar
Lil Nas X, Cardi and fka twigs all have the same visionary energy, they make work that's truly exciting
I can't articulate it, but somehow these three do things that make the neurons fizz and feels authentically fresh. As opposed to, say, Rita Ora where it constantly feels like a weak pastiche of someone else
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24 Mar
Watching PMQs really drives home how many terrible young (mostly men, it must be said) Tories hate any migration and love to suck up to Priti Patel. They're all in bad blazers.
They're not chinless wonders, they're in the Ben Bradley mould.
Would love to stop watching but Robert Jenrick has just rocked up to announce what's going to happen with the expected Liverpool takeover
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24 Mar
"Under the Conservative leadership of this government, the UK will always provide a sanctuary to people who are having the lights switched off on their own liberty and personal freedoms," says @pritipatel, one week after trying to rush through a Bill that bans protest.
It doesn't count as a "personal freedom" if it's, say, the right for the GRT community to be able to live their lives without fear of persecution and criminalisation.
Priti Patel are you not EMBARAZZED?

the answer is no, she doesn't feel shame, also potentially not basic empathy either
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24 Mar
Tim Shipley just wasted a question at PMQs by quoting Eric Forth and then asking 'Prime minister, am I still a Conservative?'. Keep it for your therapist, bro
Not going to live tweet the entire Parliamentary business today but right now Priti Patel is introducing her awful new Sovereign Borders Bill which aims to make certain asylum seekers illegal, ostensibly to "protect" them from smugglers…
"No one can say the British public is not fair or generous when it comes to helping those in need," Patel says. Lol. Image
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24 Mar
This morning the Home Affairs committee will hear evidence about the policing of the Clapham vigil. Live here now if anyone wants to tune in πŸ‘‡πŸ½…
RTS organiser giving evidence that the group "tried to ensure as many female officers as possible". Finishes by saying "it's very stark that the arrests seem to be made by male officers". Hmm. More salient point in the observation that officers were from New Scotland Yard
Organiser is talking at length about the difference between Lambeth officers and New Scotland Yard officers – latter "obstructive" and "kept referring to vigil as protest organisers". Says her role as a "councillor" had a pre-existing relationship with Lambeth police.
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24 Mar
There's no such thing as an 'illegal' asylum seeker ImageImage
Priti Patel is the very definition of 'pull the ladder up behind you'.
She doesn't exist in a vacuum either, she's in that job because she aligns with a very clear direction of the current Tory party but she's both stupid and shameless so it feels like an extra special brand of evil
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23 Mar
Not being funny, but why aren't any of the English ministers being subject to ministerial committees... why does only Scotland get to hold their leaders to any sort of account?
Off the top of my head, you've got Matt Hancock, Robert Jenrick, Boris Johnson alone who have weighty allegations of corruption in plain sight against them
But we literally do nothing! Just let it wash over us! The ministerial code is begging to be invoked! ImageImage
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13 Mar
Protest is a human right. It is protected under the Human Rights Act. Right now the government have effectively banned it under the Coronavirus Act and it's not ending there - Priti Patel is attempting to make that permanent with the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.
We cannot let this happen - will be more info in upcoming days about how to resist.
(the actual way police are currently enforcing a 'ban' on protest is via coronavirus regulations, part of a constantly changing matrix of restrictions made deliberately confusing)
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12 Mar
Sharp reminder that those across the pond have no context to the conversations happening across the UK
No one here is really to blame, it's just a jarring recall that without context, something can look bizarre. Americans etc don't know that a woman has been murdered and there's an outpouring of grief and trauma being shared. They just catch the stray tweets.
I guess the takeaway is... look for context!
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12 Mar
I get people are trying to "raise awareness" but flattening the deaths of many people of colour into one singular narrative feels off.
Yes, there is a clear issue with how racism impacts the investigation of a case. Yes, some victims will get more airtime and traction. But I'm seeing people spread misinformation and make false equivalences between cases that feels... disrespectful.
There's a tension also in the fact that some of the names I'm seeing being wielded now as part of this narrative were widely reported stories at the time, across mainstream media.
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11 Mar
Really furious that an obsessive little sect of people are trying to redirect what could be a v productive opportunity for change to instead try and draw a line between which women should get support for gender based violence.
Imagine: a woman is missing, presumed dead and the country is listening, really listening for once, to people who want to properly reimagine how we deal with gender-based violence. And that lot want to talk about toilets and send abuse to trans women. Pathetic.
For the rest of us, I encourage us to channel the anger and frustration where it can really make a change. We have ears open for a moment at least and it will take a united front to keep them that way. The threat is the patriarchal system we live in.
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2 Feb
Captain Tom's last year and his death really says a lot about the UK.
1) The state venerating a war veteran to idol status because he was a v successful charity fundraiser for the NHS, something only necessary due to Tory cuts.
2) Using him to deflect critique & as a symbol of 'coming together' but ensuring he & his familiy got celebrity status
3) As the crisis worsened, Captain Tom was able to escape to Barbados for a bit but subsequently died from a virus STILL ravaging the country at full force, despite so many opportunities to crack down on it.
4) Now he'll be mourned as one more life lost & no lessons learned.
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1 Feb
Today we're publishing a year-long @galdemzine investigation. I've talked to whistleblowers in the UK's violence against women sector about how rising transphobia is preventing trans women from getting help for sexual and domestic violence.…
It's the beginning of Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week. Trans women are twice at risk of experiencing domestic & sexual abuse, yet I discovered they are becoming both invisible to vital services & being deliberately frozen out by a cohort of powerful feminists.
We spoke on record to workers at some of the biggest frontline and second tier services in the VAWG sector. All were too scared to waive their anonymity for fear of legal reprisals and being targeted by transphobic feminists who wield massive power and influence.
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31 Jan
The replies to this tweet are both misogynistic, puritanical and seem to be from Americans. Worry about your own.
So much intense projection that insists on taking an innocuous statement about missing a way of life and claiming that it is beyond the pale. Grow up! Frivolity - whether for you that means clubbing or night or having a few mates over for a drink – is what makes life worth it.
As Leo points out, a lot of Americans seem incredibly obsessed with shaming every little bit of behaviour that seems transgressive right now – even when that's just discussing something you miss, like clubbing. Why is that?
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2 Aug 20
RE: last thread - I think a lot of us need to learn how to deal with jealousy much more effectively. Social media exacerbates envy x100 - and then can also convince you that those poisonous, interpersonal feelings are actually legit and structural e.g. 'oh well, they rip off BW'.
Current discourse convinces us that all conflict is abuse, that being personally aggrieved is trauma and that if we feel slighted or envious of someone, that there must be a legit structural reason and they're actually 'bad'. Sometimes - we're just jealous. And that's ok.
Being jealous is normal. Our society is geared around a notion of 'success' that teaches us there's only room for a select few at the top and that celebrity is the key to happiness. Of course that makes people envy those who are 'making it'.
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8 May 20
Rishi Sunak is talking about winding down the furlough scheme but thousands of Brits aren't covered by it in the first place.

For @indy100 I spoke to people who've fallen through the cracks and are desperately trying to make sure they're not forgotten.…
It seems unbelievable that over six weeks since Sunak announced the measures, thousands who π‘€π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘’ 𝑖𝑛 π‘π‘Žπ‘–π‘‘ π‘’π‘šπ‘π‘™π‘œπ‘¦π‘šπ‘’π‘›π‘‘ π‘€β„Žπ‘’π‘› π‘™π‘œπ‘π‘˜π‘‘π‘œπ‘€π‘› π‘ π‘‘π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘‘π‘’π‘‘ have still not received any financial support. Like people who started a new job after 28 February.
People like Tim, who shares his story in the piece. Tim is a chef who started a new job on 8th March - before the cut off date of 19 March. But Tim's boss can't furlough him; workers can only be furloughed if they were PAID before the 19 March. Tim is paid monthly, on the 28th.
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