BREAKING: Alberta govt agents are raiding Grace Life Church in Edmonton, erecting fences on the property to lock down the church.

(Their pastor was the one jailed for 35 days.)

Our reporter @SheilaGunnReid is on her way to the scene now and will give updates.

You can go to a Walmart or Costco or a liquor store or marijuana store. You can hold a Black Lives Matter rally and police will bend the knee.

But if you open a church, you'll be raided by police, and thrown in prison for 35 days.

Only in China and Iran -- and Alberta.
I count thirteen vehicles as part of this police raid on a church. They’re erecting steel fences around it. Like China does when they uncover an illegal “house church”. Except this is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The same church whose pastor was thrown in prison for 35 days.

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4 Apr
1. Why is the government of Alberta - a conservative party in a conservative province - trailing badly in the polls? I suspect it's videos like this that are a weekly affair. My tweet alone here has 1 million impressions in half a day. This is the official face of the government.
2. The different versions of this video have been seen by tens of millions of people. It shows abusive lockdown policing & anti-Christian bigotry. Both are recurring patterns across in Alberta. The worst being the 35-day imprisonment of Pastor James Coates.
3. The official Media Party loves this police brutality. They're lockdownists, authoritarians and anti-Christian bigots. So is the bulk of the @YourAlberta bureaucracy, especially the "public health" experts. There is no such thing as a conservative working in "public health".
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21 Feb
No establishment "deserves" our trust; it has to earn it. The Media Party tells us there are 57 genders, Trump was a Russian spy, we can't question the origin of the Wuhan virus (or even call it that!) and that our car is changing the weather. They're liars and they know we know.
The Media Party pretends to speak truth to power but in Canada especially they are servants not critics of power. They're either owned outright by Trudeau (the CBC, which is larger than all private news media combined) or rented (the perpetual newspaper bailout). They are PR men.
The Media Party holds itself out as the unofficial opposition when they hate a politician, usually a conservative (Trump, Harper, Rob Ford, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem). But they are hagiographers for politicians they love (AOC, Ilhan Omar). They think we can't tell.
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14 Feb
1. If I’m reading this right, Canada is ranked 60th worldwide in terms of our vaccination rate. Trudeau really is a Third Word-level loser. Source:… But I have some good news...
2. The good news is, pandemic cases are falling off a cliff. Everywhere in Canada, they’re rocketing down to zero. Without vaccines. And obviously, contrary to the professional liars in the public health deep state. Let me show you six graphs to prove it — all from @CPHO_Canada.
3. Here’s the map. Toggle “active cases” rate per 100,000 people. If you put your mouse over any province, you’ll see the number over time. Here’s B.C. No vaccines. Cases falling like a stone.
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27 Jan
Alberta’s unelected, unaccountable public health scold @CMOH_Alberta loves being a celebrity — and her $300K salary. She’s having the time of her life crushing the little people with her unscientific lockdowns. But when Hollywood celebrities asked for an exemption, she said yes!
I bet @CMOH_Alberta asked for a movie credit — “special thanks to Deena Hinshaw” — as part of her deal to allow Hollywood celebrities to be exempt from the lockdown that mere citizens are being forced to obey. I wonder if she asked to be credited as an associate producer!
No-one in Alberta should pay their lockdown fines. No-one. First it was lockdown cheaters like the wicked liar Now it’s lockdown cheaters like @CMOH_Alberta’s special Hollywood friends. If you’re not part of the ruling class — you’ll get a huge fine.
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25 Jan
.@UCPCaucus plunged in the polls because the ruling class enforced lockdowns against the people while they sneaked away to live the Before Times lifestyle.

@jkenney sacked the hypocrites which took out the stinger.

Here comes @AHS_media to sting him again.

Will he let them?
I predict @CommrRCMPGRC, Trudeau's highly partisan commissioner of the @rcmpgrcpolice, will enforce lockdown laws in Alberta brutally. Citizens won't understand that the RCMP is Trudeau's police force; they'll blame @jkenney.

Watch Mirror, Alberta tomorrow to see if I'm right.
The obvious answer is for @jkenney to a.) lift the lockdown and b.) ban police from enforcing it. Never before have police enforced health orders (e.g. restaurants closed for having mice, etc.). This is a new, police state tactic that is likely unconstitutional. Just end it.
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18 Jan
1. This is quite the standard to set. If accepting a $131 online donation from a racist -- who hid his full name; that was immediately returned by the MP when he found out -- is grounds to sack an MP, every single donation is a potential firing offence.
2. O'Toole has been looking to purge Sloan from caucus from the beginning. That's undemocratic, but he should have had the courage to do so. This is so obviously an excuse to sack him without due process or reasonable cause. But worse than anything, it sets the new standard.
3. Right now, the Liberal war room is going through public databases looking for any donor they think they can make sound "offensive". They'll find dozens, all unknown to the Tories. And they'll dump them when they need to wobble O'Toole, or cover for a Trudeau gaffe.
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