Porta Alchemica: The Alchemical Door in Rome, Italy

Started in 1678 (=22 Vortices/ Paths=4/ Square, Cube), Finished in 1680 (=15=6). Around the CIRCLE at TOP: “The Center is in the TRIangle of the Center.” & “There are Three Marvels: God & Man, Mother & Virgin, TRIune & One.”
Also known as the Alchemy Gate or Magic Portal, on Top of Door the Hebrew inscription, Ruach Elohim or “Spirit of God.” Beneath it: “A Dragon guards the entrance of the Magic Garden of the Hesperides, and, without Hercules, JA+SON would not have tasted the Delights of Colchis.”
The Portal has 6 Sigils w/ Inscriptions on the Jamb following the Planets & Corresponding Metals: Saturn-Lead, Jupiter-Tin, Mars-Iron, Venus-Bronze, Mercury, Antinomy & Vitriol. On the Step, a PallidrONE “SI SEDES NON IS" =“If you SIT, you do NOT GO & 'If you DO NOT SIT, you GO'
The Six Sigils on the Jambs & Meaning of Inscription

Saturn/Lead: “When in your house black crows give birth to white doves, then will you be called wise.”

Jupiter/Tin: “The diameter of the sphere, the tau in the circle, and the cross of the globe bring no joy to the blind.”
Mars/Iron: “He who can burn with 💧 & wash with 🔥 makes a heaven of earth & a precious earth of heaven”
Venus/Bronze: “If you make the earth fly upside down, w/ its wings you may convert torrential waters to stONE”
Mercury: “When AZOTH & 🔥 whiTEN Latona, DIana comes unclothed.”
Antimony: “Our Dead Son🌞 lives, returns from the Fire a King, and enjoys Occult Conjugation.”

On the Base, Vitriol: “It is an Occult work of True WisdOM to open the Earth (Heart/ Ether), so that it may generate Salvation for the people.”

Another Plate was either Lost/ Stolen.
The 'Lost' Plate read VILLAE IANUAM TRANANDO RECLUDENS IASON OBTINET LOCUPLES VELLUS MEDEAE 1680 or Passing by opening the door of the villa, IA+SON obtained the Rich Fleece of Medea 1680.
The Figures on both sides of the Door represent a real Egyptian Divinity called Bes/ Beset.
Bes, the Ancient Egyptian (Nubian) Spirit of Domestic Happiness, Lord of Love, Music, & Dancing, Idols of Bes & his Consort Taweret were often found in Homes. Bes protects the Family, Children & Pregnant women, a woman's Best Friend. He guards against Evil Spirits & Trouble.
Although, Bes looks like a deformed creatures, short, stout legs & a Grotesque BEARded face, he was Patron of Protection. The two statues did not belong to Porta Alchemica, but found somewhere near the Quirinal Hill near an Ancient Temple to Isis, they were added in 1888 (=25=7)
Taweret is the Pregnant Hippopotamus Deity of fertility, conception, childbirth & vengeance. Her Body is composed of the 'fiercest creatures known to Egyptians: a Hippopotamus, 🐊, 🦁 & a Pregnant Woman.' Bes & Taweret were identified as the Constellations Ursa Major & Draco.
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The Origin of the Word: HoroSCOPE

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Saint Amun of Egypt/ Ammonious the Hermit, the '1st Hermit in the Wildness' & Christian Desert Ascetic' (Greek: áskESIS = Training/ Exercise) Father of Unifed Egypt (Libya)

Synchronized with the God-King 'Amun'. Zues Ammon (Roman). Religion is Synchronicity for a RHEA+SON. ImageImageImageImage
O, Amun & Amunet! You PAIR of the gods, who joined the gods with their Shadow.

— Pyramid Text 446

Amun/ Amen/ AUM/ Adam/ Amun Ra/ Attar/ aSTAR/ Ausar/ Osiris/ Ares/ Zues Ammon/ Dues (God)/ (JeSUS)/ Aura/ Auset/ Isis/ aSTARTe/ Hekate/ Da'ut/ Ma'at/ Horus/ Konsu/ Torus/ Taurus ImageImageImageImage
Osiris or AuSAR appears as Attar (Aramaic/ Ugarit), Athtar (South Arabia), Astar (Aksum), Ashtar (Moa) & Ištar in Mesopotamia. Osiris/ Isis/ Horus Archetypical 'Love' Story Playing Both Genders in Different MYthEoloGIES. Aṯtar is LINKed with Venus/ aSTARte, MOONing & EVEning 🌠 ImageImageImageImage
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Saint JE+ROME of sTRIdon known as Hieronymus, the Hermit & 'Doctor' of the Church. He was given the 'duty' to make Major Revisions of the Latin Bible based on Controversial Doctrines, Original Sin & Perpetual Virgin Birth of Mary, & the Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament. ImageImageImageImage
He UPdated the Psalter or Book of Psalms based on the Septuagint, 'translating' much of what became the Latin Vulgate Bible. He copied the Hebrew Gospel, fragments preserved. Today known as the Gospel of the Hebrews which the Nazarenes considered to be the true Gospel of Matthew. ImageImageImageImage
As a result of his writings against Pelagianism (Doctrine: Against Being Born into Original Sin), 'a body of excited partisans broke into the Monastic Buildings, set them on fire, attacked the Inmates and killed a Deacon, forcing Jerome to seek safety in a neighboring Fortress. ImageImageImageImage
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The Harmonic Universe
The Ever-exPANding, Always Ch-ANGING (Aging), H+ARM=ONIC UNI-VerSe. The Cosmic W-AUM-B OR Egg (Eho) controlled by the Cosmic UNI-VERsA-l PendulAUM or Harp / Lyre (Liar/ Liar) of DestructION, PreservatION & RegeneratION.

ISIS means 'ThrONE' (AU+set/ Isis or S+S/ SS = 8 = 'OURA' (Aura)+BORAS = Divine 'Child' Horus/ Seasons/ Hours/ Cyclical Nature of Time), Mother of Time. Top of PAN-THEON
+ (47)
SUES / ZUES, Father of the Sky, Air, Thoughts/ King of Gods & Men
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