@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze Will try unpacking
I don’t have same way with words that others have and may require a conversation rather than twitter

but that is what I can do now, in my "pandemic in South America March 2021" mood

@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze I share @dalgoso point re frustration
10+years dichotomouus debate, shoe-horning the narrative - movements vs information, RCT vs non-RCT
I’ve written about it here – we have blindspots
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze One way in which one could synthesize the #socacc debate is “to generalize or not to generalize.”
Searching for a finding which applies universally – that is very rare, and seems inappropriate for complex interventions in general. Frustrating.
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme The opportunity of a community organizer in Brooklyn or Palo Alto is not the same as in San Martin or Monte Alto

Social accountability has rarely focused on transferability 8/n
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme Transferability =
logic of the 2 RCTs in Uganda could make sense sometimes
logic of the ARC paper could make sense sometimes
Other options could make sense other times.

Instead of advocating mine over the rest, let’s understand, when, where, how, and who is best placed?
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme Maybe for accountability, as this from DFID themselves shows, we can’t get that high up because patterns aren’t likely to be that consistent when complexity is high
Box 2.1.1 Summary findings of hypothesis 1
assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/upl… 11/n
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme When Tom reframes the terms of the debate from a focus on “how much” to illustrating via seemingly very different examples an alternative frame: the right fit path for the context here and now.

He is moving to the world of transferability - shifting the point of view

@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme You could argue that the world of transferability is just another ploy to organize the work for donors. I think the world of transferability can help make portfolio decisions, yes.
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme BUT, in my experience, when you think your MERL in the terms of transferability many reformers find it not only useful, but they swim like fish in the water. 16/n
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme Convene anti corruption advocates to discuss facing the same fork in the road, as you move from a trigger to an open window.
The MERL choices shape the boundaries of the conversation – don’t say all is the same, nor all is messy ... 17/n
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme Sequence the window and said phases are useful to identify transferable knowledge.
Put in the table the common “moment” (when) & don’t force to copy paste the “what” or “how much”
Focus on the options, trade-offs, challenges of making a decision in a moment.
#usefulMAGIC 18/n
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme MERL understood broadly = many tools to make choices 4 transferrable/useful exchanges #zoomout ↔️#zoomin #connect
-priority indicators to monitor
- KEQ that matter
- research that has a shot at informing decisions
- focus of reflection meetings
- matching critical friends
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme Hard work is in identifying what makes reformer A fit in subgroup 1 in time 0, but perhaps not in time 1.
I don’t believe any ready made #TAP theory gets us there.
@nomhossain @traffyaston @dalgoso @solgattoni @Halloran_B @geoffopio @sue_cant @JeffThindwa @jeffbrookshall @exseacatwoman @miniannette @Muyumbugh @leniwild @alanhudson1 @steadmanatplan @duncan_edw @LinneaMills @Brianlevy387 @ChiesSchommer @Saadfime @ChazGay @NgulubeMoze @HowardNWhite @CEDILProgramme * Should have said pandemic in South America April 2021 (instead of March) & I probably mixed up the numbers in a tweet or another, and surely some English word or grammatic expression is not right



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