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@ShannonSharpe @StephenAASmith @RealSkipBayless @Redskins @NBCSRedskins @TheRedskinsWire @BandGReport

Pretty sure most of you won't even bother to read this or even acknowledge it and that's ok, I know #HTTR #Redskins #RedskinsTweetTeam & #HailTrain buckle up.....
We have enter a cancel culture. A culture that finds it offensive to have 3 elves on a cereal box, where the founders of our country are now trying to be removed from history bc they are racist. We live in a world where now everything you do needs to be walked w/ eggshells..
...under your feet. If you wear a shirt a star football player will threaten to quit, sponsors will pull their crap & rioting & looting breaks out. Everything has to be catered to this cancel culture or they will create a destructive trail in path they take. When do we say NO
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@seanhannity @realDonaldTrump

I've spent a day going through all the information I have found seems to reveal alot more than what we are being told or shared.
We will start first w/ a paper that outlines research on #COVID19 one that...…
...seems to have involved multiple countries including the US. One that was designed to research such a Pandemic, a paper published in 2017 & approved in January of 2018. Grants provided by US & research included USAID. This is info that would of been know by such groups....
...such as @WHO @NIH @CDCgov @HHSGov as well other health organizations across the world. This leads us to our next question if how much does @NIAIDNews #DrFauci & @DoctorBrixx truly know about this & what is being with held? Could this of been more...…
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@seanhannity @realDonaldTrump
I know facts at least 3 medical supply business told there was no more funding by numerous banks. Other small businesse were told same thing...somethings wrong
#F4 #TAP

Fox & Friends 4/15/20 7AM | Breaking Fox News Apr…:
1.16 mil businesses approved for $268 bil from 4800+ banks... Than why are so many small businesses suffering and going to fold. @SpeakerPelosi you continue to hold back funding while Americans suffer .....why? It's a simple reason, you despise and resent WTP... .
You have the audacity to join a Late Show bragging and showing off your freezer full of ice cream while people struggle and suffer for money due to lack of money. But @SpeakerPelosi you and @TheDemocrats refuse to help Americans. No your concerned with helping illegal aliens..
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#EllenDeGeneres could have almost any actor host her show/chat on the phone, making it curious that her focus is the #Friends cast + many who’ve done cameos

Did the 6 main characters know they helped to pass comms?

Did they have a choice?

Here’s the collective group of crap:
I guess it would makes sense to have these particular loud mouths on a show that spanned 10 yrs, providing victims worldwide

#Friends literally used ‘comedy’ to slide in dialogue spoken by #Chandler about catching his promiscuous Mom & trans Dad having orgies

Isn’t it odd that the majority of these #celebrities are environmental activists, philanthropists, #Bernie/ #AOC lovers who use their award show microphones to lecture Americans on their govt, its policies & hatred for @POTUS ?

Especially #Rapaport🙄
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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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📣Patriots - Less than 8 months until #Election2020 so it’s time for us all to step up! LET’S DO THIS👇🏼

Go to to:
🇺🇸Become a Digital Activist
🇺🇸Host #MAGA Meet-Ups
🇺🇸Register Voters & MORE!

#ArmyForTrump #LeadRight #TAP #Trump #Trump2020Landslide @POTUS
📣Follow #TeamTrump on

🇺🇸Register for training
🇺🇸Start making calls
🇺🇸Find your state party headquarters

📣Links/info you need:

🇺🇸Retweet/Share all this👇🏼info on ALL social media!
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◼️Q has done it again!
▪️#2888 • 2/25/19
▪️TOMORROW = 1 year

“Who will be next to fall
post Weinstein?👈🏼👈🏼😲
Big name coming?
Nobody is safe.
Dark to LIGHT.
These people are sick!”

⬛️The #weinsteinverdict happened TODAY
⬛️’Post #Weinstein’ would be TOMORROW 2/25😳

◼️When does a bird sing?
▪️Q #753 #781 #1368
▪️Bird > Canary >Canary Palm Tree

◼️Has #HarveyWeinstein pulled an #AllisonMack & sung to save himself?

◼️’#Untouchable - THE RISE AND FALL OF HARVEY #WEINSTEIN opens with rows of PALM TREES..’
◼️Poor #HarveyWeinstein was found guilty today 2/24 & began having chest pains so his ride to #RikersIsland Prison detoured to the hospital 🙄

◼️#Weinstein’s downfall frm #Hollywood is far from over👇🏼

◼️He’s also been charged w RAPE in #LosAngeles

Q #1368
Watch NYC
Watch CA
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Why are public figures calling #JussieSmollett ‘NOBLE’ at this point?


🛑Did you know #Chicago State Attny #KimFoxx is up for

Yet #Foxx’s campaign continues to receive donations frm indicted criminals, SECRET BANK..
ACCOUNTS & OUT-OF-COUNTRY ILLEGAL FOUNDATIONS/ACNTS frm @Suntimes, current Dem politicians etc-All frm the #DNC & #GeorgeSoros

Q #2849 2/21/20
What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?

😏The judge has ordered phone records frm the CLOUD frm #Google & cell co?

🛑We already know #KimFoxx texted #TinaTchen who was #MichelleObama’s aid & is #Jussie’s aunt #KamalaHarris?

🛑#Kamala just endorsed #Foxx YESTERDAY! #AntiLynchingBill


#Chicago #CookCounty #TAP #QAnon #jussiesmolletthoax
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⚫️Did we REALLY think ARROGANT TRAITOR #IlhanOmar would raise amazing children?

⚫️Make sure to look at EVERY TWEET IN THIS THREAD bc THIS is WHY we have teens/20 yr olds who 🖤#socialism

⚫️Meet #IsraHirsi
#Omar’s 16 yr old

WATCH!👇🏼 #TikTok
And she’s FAIR GAME bc as of Sept 2018 she’s 16 years old

#NicholasSandmann was 15 in Jan 2018 when DemonRATS- INCLUDING @IlhanMN- DOXXED his entire family

Ruining is life!

Glad he just financially rap*d @CNN

#NBC suit still waiting & he may sue #Phillips the “Indian” for $5M
⚫️That video you just watched☝🏼

⚫️The words being repeatedly “sung” behind the video are:

•Bitch I got your man
•Since you been a ho
•Pitch him if you can
•Bitch I got yo man

⚫️Ironic since her TRASHY MOTHER @IlhanMN just stole someone else’s MARRIED man
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⚫️#Maricopa County Assessor #PaulPetersen (R)indicted in #Arizona #Utah #Arkansas

🔴62 criminal charges-state & federal:
•illegal adoption ring
•human smuggling
•selling children

@POTUS #TAP #SaveTheChildren #AntiBenghazi #QAnon…
🔴Charges Continued👇🏼

•ripping off the AZ Health Care Cost Containment System

⚫️Dozens of pregnant woman brought in from the #MarshallIslands to supply babies to his clients & millions to his bank account

🔴What #MSM has NOT been covering are the names of some of the largest #GOP critics of @POTUS such as:

•former US Sen #JeffFlake
•late Sen NO NAME
•Sen #MittRomney
#Petersen’s friend AZ Gov #DougDucey
•+ other politicians

#QAnon #Q @realDonaldTrump #McCain #JohnMcCain
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⚫️#FISC Judge #RosemaryCollyer is either lying or..

⚫️She’s cut a deal & is throwing #Comey #JohnRoberts, #McCabe #Yates, AG #Boente, AG #Rosenstein, the entire #FISC, its #FISA approval process & ultimately #Obama under a huge bus…
⚫️There are too many #FISC employees who scrutinize a #FISA warrant app’s content/validity for accuracy BEFORE a judge signs

⚫️ #Collyer’s 1 of 4 judges who each signed a #FISA surveillance app based on SUPPOSED stringent scrutiny to VALIDATE its legality, verified by..(👇🏼👇🏼)
✔️Court staff’s investigation of informal back & forth phone calls/meetings WITH THE GOVT

✔️Court attorney’s written analysis based on above👆🏼interactions which includes identification of any weaknesses/flaws/concerns, then presents to the duty judge who then...👇🏼

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Scoop di #Repubblica: #Trump ha "ordinato" a #Salvini "in chiave anti russa" di fare completare il gasdotto #TAP "ad ogni costo". (mini thread)
Ma stiamo parlando di #Trump "burattino dei russi e di Putin che lo ha fatto eleggere"?
Si, di quel Trump li.
(immagine: la testa di un lettore che si sia scordato di disattivare la funzione "pensiero critico" prima di iniziare la lettura, come da istruzioni del produttore)
Ma veniamo al merito: per gli #USA la realizzazione del #TAP è davvero tanto importante e per la Russia così letale? Partiamo dal consumo annuale di gas in Italia: 70 miliardi di m3 l' anno.
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1. vi aiuto a leggere questo articolo,usando i cablo di #WikiLeaks…
2. da oltre 10 anni gli USA, indipendentemente da chi siano governati(che sia Bush, Obama, Trump NON importa), fanno pressioni immense sulla politica e l'economia italiana per stroncare l'influenza che la #Russia riesce ad esercitare tramite le sue risorse energetiche
3. i cablo rivelati da #WikiLeaks documentano la furia USA contro #Berlusconi e l'#ENI, rei di "assistere" la #Russia in questa operazione di soggiogamento dell'#Europa attraverso il gas e le risorse energetiche russe. Ci sono cablo FURENTI
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Non sapevano che nel #decretodignita avevano inserito la previsione di una perdita di 8.000 posti di lavoro ogni anno.
(#DiMaio: "Colpa di una manina al Ministero").

Non sapevano che bloccare il gasdotto #tap sarebbe stato impossibile per le penali: 20 mld €.
(#DiBattista prima delle elezioni: "Se ci votate blocchiamo TAP in 15 giorni". Ministro #Lezzi dopo elezioni: "Non possiamo bloccare TAP, costerebbe 20 mld. Abbiamo mani legate").

Non sapevano che attraverso il tunnel del Brennero non passa nessuna auto e nessun camion perché il tunnel del Brennero non esiste.
(copyright Ministro #Toninelli).

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[2] So on January 6 2016 , you were sitting on the Churchill And Roosevelt Allies Sculpture, at St John's Hill, London SW11 1UB, United Kingdom
[3] Between January to February 2016, Mr. Geroge #Papadopoulos started to work in the UK as head of the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security at the London Centre of International Law and Practice (LCILP)
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1- Oggi avrei voluto fare un thread #sovranista per festeggiare il #contoestero, ma non c’è la faccio, è più forte di me...
La prendo larga per parlarVi di #Tav ma in particolar modo di #Torino, di #m5s e della #Appendino e del #nord.
Partiamo da #candidaturaolimpica
2-Prevista dal #Coni inizialmente con 3 città #Torino-#Milano-#Cortina e che invece nei sogni della #Appendino si doveva tramutare in una candidatura unica per bissare Torino2006.
Scontrandosi con il suo stessi assessori e la sua base votante che ricordiamoci essere #noqualcosa.
3-Dovendo però avere anche l’appoggio del governo per la copertura dei costi previsti.
Perché ricordiamo le #Olimpiadi generano un indotto enorme ma difficilmente coprono i costi sostenuti per l’organizzazione.
E qui entrano in gioco le sponsorizzazioni private, che le 2 città...
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L'application des peines
en quelques tweets" ⤵️

N°2: le tribunal d'application des peines en France (le #TAP)
L' idée d'un TAP était déjà débattue en 1983. Il a fallu attendre la loi du 15 juin 2000 pour la créat° d'1 juridict° collégiale : la juridict° régionale de libérat° conditionnelle (la JRLC) en charge de l'octroi des libérat° conditionnelles pour les condamnés à de longues peines
La loi du 9 mars 2004 a supprimé la JRLC, la remplaçant par le tribunal d'applicat° des peines pour le traitement des mesures d'individualisat° des condamnés à de longues peines (plus de 10 ans pour simplifier). Ses attribut° sont ainsi plus larges que celles de la JRLC
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