This isn't a flippant question, by the way. I believe that both Küng and Burke, at their core, were ideologically motivated to reject traditional Catholic teachings on magisterial authority on doctrine and discipline. Both developed theories of authority to justify that dissent.
Obviously, Küng's theories were much better developed and were written over a longer period of time, but Burke has developed his own sort of "Theology of Disobedience" in the last several years, most comprehensively articulated in a 2018 speech.…

"If, a member of the faithful believes in conscience that a particular exercise of the fullness of power is sinful and cannot bring his conscience to peace in the matter, 'the pope must, as a duty, be disobeyed'"

"Unconditional obedience is owed to God alone: Although at your episcopal consecration you had to take an oath of unconditional obedience to the pope, you know that unconditional obedience can never be paid to any human authority; it is due to God alone."

"I think here what’s entered in is a very political view of the papacy, where the pope is some kind of absolute monarch who can do whatever he wants."…

"With all due respect, I beg you to do your part – together with your fellow bishops as far as possible, but also alone if necessary – in apostolic 'fearlessness'”

"The successor of St. Peter exercises an essential office of teaching and discipline, and Pope Francis, in many respects, has refused to exercise that office."

“I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is stronger than the hierarchy.”…

"One must keep in mind the fact that the Apostle Paul publicly reproached the first Pope at Antioch in a matter of a lesser gravity, compared to the errors which in our days are spread in the life of the Church."…

"Your model should be the apostle Paul, who dared to oppose Peter “to his face since he was manifestly in the wrong”! ( Galatians 2:11 ). Pressuring the Roman authorities in the spirit of Christian fraternity can be permissible and even necessary...
... when they fail to live up to the spirit of the Gospel and its mission."

See what I mean? Obviously very different ideologies, but both presume to take it upon themselves to oppose the pope and the Magisterium, justifying their disobedience as following God and the Gospel.

• • •

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6 Apr
It's not just liberals and progressives who should be challenging the increasingly reactionary views of Archbishop Chaput. His public statements have, at many points, put him at odds with Pope Francis and in certain cases have clearly sought to contract the pope's mission.
He tries to put forth a public image of support for Francis, but anyone who was watching closely noted his dissenting view of Amoris Laetitia, attempts to cancel the youth synod, and support for Viganò (and absence of support for the pope) in Aug 2018.…
Furthermore, he inexplicably praised giving an award for Catholic lay witness to Bill Barr at the National Catholic Prayer breakfast, received during a 1-day break between Federal executions Barr scheduled.…
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"This crisis calls for concerted efforts by all to take necessary steps, including an equitable distribution of vaccines for everyone." @Pontifex in Iraq last Friday…
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The Gospel of MAGA - Fr. Frank Pavone via @YouTube
2. This movement has captured the imagination of so many formerly conservative Catholics and pro-life activists.…
3. Fr Pavone is far from the only rogue US priest who is not being held accountable for spreading sensational and apocalyptic conspiracy theories.…
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11 Mar
Milo is quitting the alt-right and white nationalism? I didn't pick that up from the interview...
The bishop referred to the "culture" he was leaving. I see no indication that he has been working to change anything except a few aspects of his behavior.

As far as I can tell, however, his "culture" (white nationalism & alt-right) remains the same.
I mean, he got himself kicked off PARLER less than a month ago. (how is that even possible?) Great that he is trying to live chastely but he doesn't seem interested in the faith in its fullness.
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11 Nov 20
Realities are greater than ideas.

@Pontifex keeps saying this and I think his understanding of this is something that sets him apart from his immediate predecessors.

This is why his papacy is so necessary right now in this messy world where we live. 1/
The #McCarrickReport, which likely wouldn't have been commissioned (and certainly would never be made public) by his predecessors, shows an institutional Church and 2 popes who placed an idealized vision of Catholicism over the reality of the abuse by leaders in the Church. 2/
I accept at face value the explanation that John Paul II fell prey to the lies of predators like McCarrick & Maciel, and thought they were innocent.

He certainly wouldn't CONDONE abuse. But he clearly placed his trust in clerics over the people of God. 3/
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10 Nov 20
The greatest TV dad of all time, and I am just realizing it now.
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