"We live in the era of the masses versus the mob: but people do not recognize the mob as the mob. In the twenty-first century, the mob both wears suits and files them. The mob is tasteful, and presidential, and - worst of all - legal."

- @SarahKendzior, Hiding In Plain Sight
Last April, a book arrived in the mail that would change the course of my COVID quarantine. I remember ordering it, but I can't remember why. Had I seen it mentioned on Twitter? Was I already listening to the Gaslit Nation podcast? I don't remember. The past year has been a blur.
The book answered questions I never thought to ask about Donald Trump and, to my shock and horror, the world we're living in today. Questions like "When did the Russia story really begin?" and "What the hell is a transnational organized crime syndicate?"
I learned that the man who trained Trump was the attorney for the Italian mob. That when Rudy Giuliani pushed the mob out of New York, the Russian mafia took over. That Clinton, Obama, Mueller, and even Kremlin agents warned this mafia had gone global, infiltrating governments.
I learned that Donald Trump is surrounded by people who have helped this crime syndicate infiltrate governments and worked for the most dangerous mafia boss in the world, who once sat at the top of the FBI's Most Wanted, and who may be the reason Vladimir Putin is in power today.
That's just a fraction of Sarah Kendzior's book, and the book - like any book - is only a fraction of the whole story. So, what did I do? I bought three extra copies for friends, added some other works to my reading list, and started this website. I needed more people to know.
Trump File documents the life and crimes of Donald J. Trump, his family, his administration, and his allies. I "file" these events by the date they happened, not the date they were reported. We need a timeline of events for journalists, investigators, and for history.
I could have limited this website to Trump's ties to organized crime, but those connections are only part of the story of how we got here and where we might be headed. For that reason, the site includes some historical events unrelated to Trump, too.
For the full story, we have to know how Donald Trump became Donald Trump, who around him - foreign and domestic - orchestrated the chaos that made him the Republican hero he is today, all of the damage he did as president, and why he was allowed to get away with it.
I hope this website helps answer those questions and more. I don't intend to write one cohesive story about Donald Trump, but I hope Trump File helps the next @SarahKendzior write the next Hiding In Plain Sight, which hit shelves one year ago today.
I hope you'll share what you learn here with the people in your life. As a country, we have to know the enemy. We've been powerless to a transnational organized crime syndicate masquerading as a government. There must be accountability. They can never be allowed to do this again.
The first sentence in Hiding In Plain Sight reads:

"The story of Donald Trump's rise to power is the story of a buried American history - buried because powerful people liked it that way."

We've got to unbury it. We can never stop digging.

P.S. The work I'm doing is not just reading books. It's having 30 tabs open to piece together details from one day. It's saving hundreds of links for later to come back to. It's hundreds of screenshots of info to look up later. I'll be doing this for years if I can afford to. ♥️

• • •

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7 Apr
THREAD: Live tweeting "The Middle East Crisis Factory: The @Iyad_Elbaghdadi Interview," the new episode of @GaslitNation podcast with @AndreaChalupa & @SarahKendzior.

"'How badly did you screw up your life that now several nation states want you dead?'"

Iyad El-Baghdadi is a prominent Palestinian activist and writer. In 2014, he was jailed and expelled from the UAE for his activism and made his new home in Norway. He has been under protection there since 2019, when the CIA revealed that he's a target of the Saudi regime.
.@iyad_elbaghdadi's new book "The Middle East Crisis Factory" covers tyranny, terrorism, and foreign intervention and how these systems of oppression battle and feed off each other. It is about the failures of history, and the reasons for hope.

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6 Apr
Trump Tweets, April 6

Today in 2012, Trump tweeted "@BarackObama's friends are enemies of the US." See, Donald Trump's friends are the greatest, most law-abiding American citizens.
Today in 2013, Trump tweeted that Obama needs to send "blatant threats" and "get very tough" with his later-friend Kim Jong-un.
Today in 2015, Trump tweeted that Common Core education is "an attack" on our rights, said Congress must end the Iran nuclear deal, told people to put @HuffPost & @RollingStone out of business, and said "basic scum" journalists should be "weeded out."

Sounds like #CancelCulture.
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6 Apr
Added & Updated Today, So Far

1. Ahead of the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, comedians were given one rule: do NOT talk about Trump's money.

"One of my jokes was about his casino business failing, and I could feel that hurt coming off of him... I called him a douchebag to his face, and that wasn’t as harsh as saying 'you don’t know how to run a casino.'" - @anthonyjeselnik
During the Comedy Central roast, Trump said his pay for the show was going to charity. It went to HIS charity.

“Trump did say it was for charity, he said it in the press, [and] in the roast himself. But he never said what charity it was for.” - Comedy Central Pres. Kent Alterman
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Trump Tweets, April 5th

Today in 2012, Trump tweeted "Oprah will end up doing just fine with her network--she knows how to win. @Oprah

Oprah was his dream running mate for his 2000 campaign. trumpfile.org/donald-trump-r…
Today in 2014, Trump retweeted over a dozen accounts asking him to run for president.

In another tweet, he said he doesn't wear a wig (it's a combover), he's never gone bankrupt (three times, right?), and he's worth "much more" than $3.9 billion (yeah, right).
Today in 2015, Trump retweeted a couple people telling him to announce his candidacy, and he tweeted about Easter...
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5 Apr
HBO's #QIntoTheStorm finale is out, and Ron Watkins is identified as Q (at least the 2nd Q). Maybe he is Q, maybe he isn't. But...

For those who didn't watch: OAN used Ron to push election lies. OAN was also involved in Russia's US election interference.

OAN used Ron to pretend to be an expert on voting machines or algorithms or something confusing. Ron used OAN as a platform to be seen as himself rather than disguised as Q.

Roger Stone's social media bro Jason Sullivan helped Ron amplify himself and Q on Twitter, to help Trump.
There's a lot more to know than just what I've mentioned here. If you're considering watching #QIntoTheStorm, don't let the big reveal stop you. The documentary was worthwhile. Even @jimstewartson thinks so, and he was enraged by it the first week.
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4 Apr
Added & Updated Today, So Far

1. In January 2017, Trump offered to lift sanctions on Russia if they reduced their nuclear stockpile, which has little to no impact on the nuclear danger. A Russian political scientist thinks the idea was Putin's.
2. In 2017, Andrey Piontkovsky said he thinks Donald Trump's Russian handler is Dimitri Simes, an informal foreign policy adviser to the campaign.

A year later, we learned that Simes set up meetings between US officials and undercover Kremlin agents.

The name Dimitri Simes, who Piontkovsky pointed to as Trump's then-handler in January 2017, appears 134 times in the redacted version of the Mueller report.

Bloomberg story from @CalebMelby bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
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