For everyone who is outraged about what happened to trans people in Arkansas, there is still time to help us stop these cruel and senseless bills elsewhere. I am going to provide an action plan below. #ProtectTransKids #LetKidsPlay
Tomorrow, West Virginia will be voting on HB 3293, a bill barring trans people from sports. If it passes the Senate tomorrow then we will need a veto from @JimJusticeWV. Call lawmakers in WV now.
Yesterday Florida advanced another anti-trans sports bill. We need to contact lawmakers in the Florida Senate to make sure they do not advance SB2012/HB1475. These bills are so cruel and dangerous.
Montana @GregForMontana to veto two bills including HB112, an anti-trans sports bill that has passed through the MT legislature - differences between the House & Senate versions need to be reconciled but start demanding a veto now.
North Carolina has a slate of anti-trans bills including HB 358 (an anti-trans sports bill) and SB 514, the broadest ban on health care for trans people anywhere in the US. Here is the text to 514, it is truly horrific:…
Alabama is still advancing two bills, HB1/SB10 (a felony ban on health care for trans people up to 19) and HB 391 (a trans sports ban). Continue to contact lawmakers and tell them to vote NO on these bills.
There are also bills pending in PA, TX, MO, ND and TN. There are also MORE bills in Arkansas being voted on in the coming days. This is an all out assault on trans lives and we need to fight for trans youth.
Keep donating to trans-led organizations as well since we will need to be getting support directly to trans people in these states. @TransJusticeFP has an amazing list of trans-led orgs you can choose from and always donate to TJFP too!

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25 Mar
Arkansas's HB1570, which could become law next week, is unlike any piece of anti-trans legislation that has ever become law in the United States. It will strip kids of their needed health care and prohibit insurance coverage for trans people of all ages.
If it becomes law, it will likely set off a chain reaction and could encourage Alabama to pass it's FELONY ban on health care for trans youth (SB10/HB1), which could be voted on next week as well.
I don't know what to say at this point. We are talking about cutting cuts off from ongoing treatment that we know to save their lives. We are talking about embedding in law the policy norm that being trans should be prevented.
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19 Mar
As more and more states move towards passing bills that would ban girls who are trans from sport and establish intrusive sex verification procedures that would harm all young athletes, let's do a check on what these are about and debunk the rhetoric. #LetKidsPlay
On a human level. We are talking about punishing kids for being who they are. Taking away the outlets and joys available to their peers. On this @chrislhayes segment, you can see a father plead with lawmakers to let his kid live.…
Proponents claim that women and girls who will trans will dominate women's sports. This is just simply not true. Not at any level. Practically, lawmakers cannot point to a single example:…
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18 Mar
I have not updated about the status of anti-trans bills in a while but things are getting worse. Truthfully, I got exhausted by the entire reality of what is happening and have shifted somewhat to prepping litigation but we need to get loud to stop these. Here is what's up:
In Arkansas, both the anti-trans sports bill and the criminal ban on health care for trans kids are moving & close to passage. We need Arkansas residents to contact their lawmakers and tell them to vote NO on: SB347/HB 1570 (health care) & SB 354 (sports).…
The health care bans especially will cause kids to lose their life-saving medical treatment and will punish the parents and doctors who love and affirm trans kids. It is nothing short of a nightmare and we need to raise the volume.
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17 Mar
Thank you to @chrislhayes for covering the relentless attacks on trans kids. Watch the segment and take action. (Action steps below):…
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is considering signing HB1217, a bill that would bar trans girls from sports and force all kids to turn over their private genetic information to the state. Please take action & tell her to veto HB1217:
The Alabama House will soon be voting on HB1/SB10. These bills would make vital trans affirming care for youth A FELONY. Tell your Alabama Reps to vote NO on SB10 and HB1.…
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12 Mar
For everyone talking about how we don't let kids make medical decisions and that is why we need to criminalize trans health care - we actually DO let kids and their parents make literally every other medical decision. This is anomalous, it is cruel and it is deadly.
The entire field of pediatrics is generally about letting families decide what care is best while weighing the risks and benefits. Far riskier health care is allowed to be consented to and there is almost no care that is subject to blanket criminal bans.
The care that is provided to trans kids is already incredibly difficult to obtain & out of reach for too many. The idea that we are going to take the few young people actually able to access this life-saving and completely medically supported care & criminalize them is horrific.
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12 Mar
Please don't let us in your engage on the coordinated attack on trans youth in state legislatures. Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee are still voting on whether to make critical health care for trans youth a felony.
If you are from or know anyone from these states have them contact their lawmakers immediately and explain that they oppose all anti-trans legislation. Here is a full list of the bills pending:…
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is also likely to sign HB1217, a bill that polices the bodies of student athletes and bars trans kids from sports. Tell @govkristinoem to VETO HB1217.
Read 5 tweets

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