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#CristoLGBT thread / Premessa: non è una gara a chi l’ha fatto prima o dopo (anche perché Avoja a rappresentazioni “blasfeme” ai Pride! Evviva!) anzi è affermazione che facciamo queste cose, in certi momenti, quando più ci sentiamo sotto attacco. ⤵️ Image
#orgoglio #ostentazione di @Andrea414 e @porporamarcasciano a #romapride2021 per me è ciò che siamo. Irriverenza ma anche smascheramento in maschera delle maschere altrui. Sono tanto friendLY MA Hanno tanti amici gay MA Non hanno niente contro MA … ⤵️ Image
Queste foto sono state scattate a #pompeipride2018 Avevo fatto da poco #comingout come persona #transgender e quel #pride🌈 era stato duramente attaccato dai #fascisti di #forzanuova

«Se venite a frocieggiare fuori il santuario vi pigliamo a calci sulle gengive ⤵️ Image
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Remember the good old days when all I had to be anxious about were terrorist bombings and GCSEs?
For you young people and non-British you should know that British Xennials came of age during a regular bombing campaign of British cities.
With that and the threat of nuclear war during our childhoods and actual hiding from clouds of radioactive fallout from a nuclear meltdown I’m amazed that we’re holding it together as adults.
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This is a map of every US State that has considered anti-trans legislation in 2021. It’s June.
RT this 🧵 and read below how to help #ProtectTransKids.
Many of these laws are PASSING. We MUST ACT NOW. #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
The amount of people replying or quote tweeting this saying they’re so glad their state is “safe”, have MISSED THE POINT.
Call your reps and TELL THEM to enact trans protections this #Pride
Or this will be in your state next.
As a resident, KNOW what’s going on in your state and WHO to talk to about it. This tool can help.…
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The following was written by a fellow parent of a trans kid, and asked this to be shared by as many people as possible. Please read entire threat and share...
"Yesterday I learned that our local Member of Parliament, Philip Lawrence supported an amendment to Bill C6 to Ban Conversion Therapy, on behalf of a local pastor of the Fellow Baptist Church in Cobourg, Chad Houghton...
For those that are not familiar with the Bill or what conversion therapy is; it’s a horrific practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual orientation and or a transgender/nonbinary person to be cisgender...
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Happy #Pride, Pride was a riot, and we owe trans women of color our rights. 🏳️‍⚧️
“Cops Don’t Belong at Pride, “Unseemly” Queer People Do” by @AlexPetrovnia
Take some time to learn some of our history today, which has been suppressed:
Transphobia isn’t feminist:
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In a truly disgusting display of self-righteous hatred, so-called “radical” so-called “feminists” are celebrating the tragedy in Arkansas.

Trans panic Twitter—and so much of it is British self-described Marxists—is a bizarre and terrifying place

Look at this utterly bizarre projection, from a puritanical obsessive who is clearly the one wanting to control others in this situation. But perhaps most disturbing of all is the utter lack of empathy. And there are plenty more examples of this out in T*RF land
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If you only do one thing for #TransDayOfVisibility RT this.

Trans children in the United States are under unprecedented attack right now.
If you live in one of THESE states, bills to criminalize trans existence are moving through your state NOW.
Info to help in reply: A United States map with the following states highlighted in
HERE you can find info on what bills are a threat, how far they are in the legislative process, and who to contact about them. Contact your reps and advocate for trans existence. It is life or death for trans kids right now. Please.
All performative allyship in the world won’t save lives. This simple action could.

Please RT and contact your representatives. Please.

#ProtectTransLives #ProtectTransYouth #ProtectTransWomen #ProtectTransKids #TransDayOfVisibility #TransWomenareWomen #TransWeekOfVisibility
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Tw eugenics, queer phobia, violence, medical abuse

The curious thing about anti-queer eugenics is that they will never actually work; being queer is not heritable or contagious. Anti-queer eugenics attempts operate on the false belief that we can be eliminated.
These crusades never succeed at eliminating queer people (it’s not possible, we will always be born into every population); but they do succeed at driving us into hiding. For the perpetrators of these actions, that is often good enough.
They often argue that this is “proof” that they’ve eliminated the “evil influence” or that queer people chose to be queer all along.
You can’t eliminate us. You can only make us suffer from your cruelty.
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Hey idk which cis “ally” needs to hear this, but it is literally never acceptable to out someone as trans without their consent.
Also outing someone as trans to “prove” how progressive you are, no matter who they are, is selfish and dangerous. It is not allyship in any capacity.
Also telling anyone a trans person’s deadname without their explicit consent, for any reason, is an act of transphobia. No exceptions.
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“For many queer young people, navigating parental disapproval, rejection, and violence is the central fact of their lives until they can escape. Parents do not protect them. Parents are the thing from which they need protection.”

Thank you, @nberlat…
“This is the logic of moral panic, where parents are always hyper-vigilant for the next evil corrupting thing that their children want but which those children ABSOLUTELY can’t have. Rock and roll, television, video games, hook up culture, or trans contagion...”
“By this logic, anyone who suggests treating children as if their preferences should carry weight is bent on the destruction of the youth. When children are seen as time bombs of need and lust, anyone who argues for more autonomy for children must similarly be motivated by lust.”
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Feeling super sick and scared. Has anyone got any details? How the fuck can I keep my daughter safe in this transphobic trash fire of a country. #ProtectTransKids
Seems to suggest that informed consent for blockers (already a thing) also requires the child to convince that they not only understand the blocker, but also understand the impact of HRT & of any surgery they may choose to have at age 18 on fertility & sexual function.
Trans masc kids may start puberty at age 8, especially children of colour. So we want cis psychoanalysts talking to trans 8 year olds about potential impact of surgery they may or may not choose to have a decade in the future, in order to consent to a reversible and safe blocker?
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One of my cis kids wanted to be a dog for about a year. She wore a dog costume all the time at home and she would go about on all fours. I let her be a dog as much as she wanted.
The difference between a kid playacting to be an animal/superhero/insert transphobes' choice of inanimate object - and a trans child insisting they are a different gender to the one their parents assumed them to be - SHOULD be obvious - but as this argument is one I hear often
and one I have direct experience of, I thought I'd look at it.

My cis kid did not want to be a dog at school.
Not being a real dog caused her zero distress.
When people mistook her for a girl it did not bother her at all.
She knew she was a girl PRETENDING TO BE A DOG.
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Big ups to @OneCommunityAZ for bringing together 200+ businesses and large corporations to voice their opposition to Arizona's hateful #HB2706 bill that targets transgender athletes! #StopHB2706…
#HB2706 passed the AZ House on a party-line vote. It would require genetic tests to "prove" femaleness of athletes.
Folks believing they missed out on athletic opps or awards due to being "forced" to compete against transgender people would be allowed to sue for damages.
Businesses and individuals need to remember what happens when states sign off on transphobia. Everyone loses in that game. #StopHB2076 #ProtectTransKids…
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Good afternoon, lovely humans! ❤ Reminder, if you care about issues like #SexualHealth, #ClimateJustice & more, get to know your local elected officials.
I've always voted, donated, campaigned, etc. at state / federal level. For me, I think 2016 was a wake up call re: local engagement.
I'm an artist, resident & business owner in fabulous #DTSS. Here's the contact info for our @MoCoCouncilMD members + a link to the calendar of upcoming mtgs. & hearings. Looking forward to plugging in. ❤… Image
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All this b/c two Black trans girls Andraya Yearwood & Terry Miller of @ChangingGameDoc sometimes win their races & media exclusively covers when they do then ignores when they don't. It's one of the easiest & most dangerous ways people justify discrimination. #ProtectTransKids
@ChangingGameDoc Advocates have been screaming at the top of their lungs about this issue, understanding how racism, sexism & body policing are all at play & most extremely when Black & brown trans femmes & all women with "less feminine, more masculine" features participate in sport are affected.
@ChangingGameDoc Legitimately, this is THE issue that people (even well-intentioned ones & ones within the community) can & will attempt to withhold equal protection under the law for all LGBTQ people & anyone who defies white Eurocentric gender expectations, particularly women of all experience.
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“Many parents of trans kids keep a ‘safe book,’ which documents every instance of dysphoria and every medical appointment because strangers who disagree with allowing children to socially transition call CPS.”

By ⁦@transscribe

Most of the time if you even mention CPS to right-wing Christians, they freak out. How dare the state want to prevent spanking infants or make sure homeschooled kids aren’t neglected?

But a “boy” being allowed to wear a dress? Call that evil state now!

Authoritarians are truly sick people. They want a culture of denunciation; it’s all they understand. The rest of us actually want to live and let live, and we prove it’s possible every day. But they insist we’re all as sick inside as they are work to make coexistence impossible.
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Debunking a few myths following @BBCTwo @BBCNewsnight report about puberty blockers

1. Blockers are not harmful to bone growth:…

#newsnight @BBCNewsnight
2. Puberty blockers don't affect greater brain function:…

#Newsnight @BBCNewsnight
3. Puberty blockers are reversible:

#Newsnight @BBCNewsnight
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It gets worse. New GIDS article states no social transition till 10. Wren 'fears' harm with no evidence. She is working on cisnormative instinct.…
My daughter is enjoying a happy carefree childhood. I cannot imagine what state she would be in if we had rejected her for her whole childhood til she was 10.
I feel like only ten people on twitter will care, but this really is devastating. Some trans kids have a strong need to assert their identity at a young age, being mis-seen, being rejected for who they are, is a huge deal.
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On the 1st day of Christmas I awoke to see, trans children safe & happy

On the 2nd day of Christmas I awoke to see, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy

On the 3rd day of Christmas I awoke to see, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy
On the 4th day of Christmas I awoke to see, 4 trans head teachers, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy

On the 5th day of Christmas I awoke to see, 5 trans MPs, 4 trans head teachers, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy
On the 6th day of Christmas I awoke to see, 6 trans athletes winning, 5 trans MPs, 4 trans head teachers, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, & trans children safe & happy
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59% of 15,697 respondents to Scottish GRA consultation want a route to gender recognition for under 16s. Scotland now needs to show leadership. #SupportTransKids
Those opposed say under 16 is too young to make a decision on how to live. Clearly they know no trans kids. Our trans kids are already living their lives, the GRA has no bearing on this. The GRA is about their life & identity being recognised & respected. #ProtectTransKids
Those opposed seem to think GR is a 'profound decision'. It is not for trans kids who have already updated all their other ID, who have been living their lives with their identity respected for years
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Trans children were overjoyed this week to see @EmmaWatson come out for trans equality. Trans kids around the world are having a rough time & visible allies matter. Trans kids & siblings from around the world say thank you (thread). #IKnowWhoIAm #ProtectTransKids #Butterfly
By 9 year old trans girl, Australia
By 11 year old big sister of trans girl, Australia
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Had a call from a friend tonight asking if we're ok. The truth is no. Trying to hold down a busy full time job, our kids, a relationship, the school run, late nights early mornings -normal busy life PLUS, another world of advocacy, research, writing, campaigns. Its exhausting 1/
On top of this is run of the mill low level transphobia that's been bubbling under the surface for years and then a new, specific, targeted campaign of transphobic hate, aimed at a tiny, vulnerable group. Many of us are fighting, but there is no breathing space, no contingency 2/
This means when stuff comes up, even normal, run of the mill, life stuff, it knocks you down. Like if you get an injury - as happened to me last year, or one of the kids is sick, (all the time), or if you hit a snag at work, or in your social life, this hits hard 3/
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Thanking Kelly Winters and her team once again for another peer reviewed paper confirming that affirming trans and gender diverse kids is what helps them thrive
“Globally, health care providers acknowledge that gender is “a matter of diversity, not pathology,”6 and gender identity is being formally recognized as a deeply personal and fundamental human right.7”
“these studies suggest that children who consistently assert a transgender identity are likely to continue to do so.16–19”
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