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CW Suizid

Die umfangreichste Studie zur Suizidalität bei transgeschlechtlichen Menschen stammt aus den USA. Diese Studie zeigt, dass die Prävalenz von Suizidgedanken und -versuchen bei trans Erwachsenen signifikant höher ist, als die
der US-amerikanischen Allgemeinbevölkerung. Zum Beispiel haben sie eine fast zwölfmal höhere Prävalenz von Suizidgedanken in der 12 Monatsprävalenz und eine etwa achtzehnmal höhere Prävalenz von Selbstmordversuchen in den letzten 12 Monaten als die US-amerikanische
Allgemeinbevölkerung. Die US-amerikanische Transgender-Umfrage (USTS) von 2015, die bislang größte Umfrage unter Transgender-Personen in den USA, ergab, dass 81,7 Prozent der Befragten angaben, in ihrem Leben jemals ernsthaft über Selbstmord nachgedacht zu haben,
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So, last week was #TransAwarenessWeek , #TransDayOfRemembrance & a horrific shooting. As the parent of a trans child, I had to step away from the media. There is so much hate. It breaks my heart that there are people here that hate my kid just because of who he is.
I support my child in accessing affirming care & I am beyond grateful to live in a place that allows it. And for a medical team that is gracious. I have witnessed, and felt the difference this makes to him. He is lighter. Happier. And he's finally so proud of who he is.
But to think that I could be arrested in other parts of the world. And he could be taken away from me and stripped of his rights to live as himself. And that even in my own community, things are precarious for his future. I take each election as if his life depends on it.
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Remembering the time I accidentally broke my therapist by explaining to him that electric cars being powered by electricity made from fossil fuels are still generating emissions
Don't get me wrong, electric cars are a step in the right direction! But they aren't magically going to solve our problems, it's more complicated than that
Lmao why are y'all retweeting this
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There’s a lot of anger around @Mermaids_Gender right now from Gender Critical people, who’ve never used it.

I have. So let me tell you what they’re actually like. Between the age of 15 and 17, I was hiding my gender identity even when I didn’t really want to.
Why did I hide it? I didn’t have the confidence to come out. I didn’t know anyone like me. I didn’t know who I could talk to. I was scared, and alone.

But I spoke to mermaids. I was nervous about making the phone call with them. I didn’t want anyone to find out.
So, I went to a field. A field I’ve returned to often. It’s a nice place to think. It’s a place I can almost guarantee I’ll be alone. And then I made that phone call. I spoke to someone who understood me. Sure if spoken to a couple people anonymously, but it’s not the same.
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When the CPS worker investigated us in our home this year, she ended her interrogation of me by asking me if I had any questions.

I did. Quite a few, actually. Like "How do you sleep at night" and "Show me in the Constitution where any of this is legal."

Buckle up. Angry 🧵:
Instead, I looked her in the eye, steadied my shaky voice, and asked her if she knew how many kids in custody of @TexasDFPS died since 2020.

"I dont know," she said.

"At least ONE HUNDRED," I told her.

I continued:
"How many MORE children are going to suffer and DIE, because employees like you are wasting valuable, scarce resources terrorizing families like mine for doing nothing more than loving our transgender kids unconditionally?"

She didn't have an answer for me.
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Higgs v Farmor - We are starting. - we have permission to tweet.

Richard O'Dair - Counsel for Kristie Higgs asking to introduce an additional piece of evidence - a 3 page document that he received yesterday morning.
Judge Jenny Eady (JE) asks why it wasn't introduced earlier.
ROD says a large number of documents came into position.
It is an article by with two passages about transgenderism and the church of England says she will see what she makes of it.
ROD - wishes to address the issue of pronouns. Will try to address Mx Lord as such or use CEL, but i find it difficult.
JE - Could refer to the "laymember", but if you slip and use the wrong pronouns and i wont take it that you meant offence
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I live in Chicago. I have a trans son.

Most would think gender-affirming care is easy here. It's not.

1. Providers who are trained and knowledgable about gender-affirming care are few and far between when considered in relation to general pediatrics.

2. Which means, many of those providers have long wait times for initial appointments.

3. We travel roughly 30/45 minutes (with traffic), and we live *in* the city. Some families travel from the suburbs, down state. They spend an entire day (sometimes more) on appointments.
4. Before puberty blockers were prescribed, we had multiple appointments, from bone scans to endocrinologists to mental health care providers to social workers.

Hours and hours of health care appointments.

And again, the clinic was fairly easy for us to access. Not so for many.
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Proud Boys crashing Drag Queen story hours, planned bludgeoning of Pride attendees, trans kids stripped of gender-affirming health care, trans kids banned from sports, trans-supportive parents investigated for child abuse, "Don't Say Gay" bills, ..

What is your last straw?
I'm horrified at the people who honestly see themselves as allies to my trans son who are categorically SILENT on what is going on in this nation around LGBTQ rights, specifically the attacks on trans youth.
Many won't even do the bare minimum of visibly signaling support via an #illgowithyou button or trans-supportive T-shirt or sticker. Most don't call people in on their social media.

But they LOVE to remind me they're allies when I post.
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Let's get one thing straight: Political and social activist groups have misappropriated the term "biological sex." They're misusing it. I'm sick of it. And I don't understand why everyone isn't.

A long thread...🧵…
This has zero to do with protecting women's rights. This has to do with groups seeking to erase trans people because our existence runs counter to their bigoted belief systems.
Just because you're not trans, though, doesn't mean you're safe from them. We're just low-hanging fruit. They're coming for you next. That's because these agendas are predicated on excluding everyone who doesn't look and live like their proponents.
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The Great Tennis v. Pickleball War of 2022 is happening today in my small town at the Select Board meeting. I am ready for this bit of low-stakes but high emotion local governance that I have absolutely no opinions on whatsoever. It’s going to be a barn-burner of a fight.
Y’all it is standing room only (we are watching from home though). People are out in the hall because they can’t fit in. Neighbor against neighbor. Friendships will fall.
Pickleball will not be considered until later in the meeting. But for those who don’t follow local politics, a primer. The town has 8 tennis courts. The pickleballers are petitioning to have three turned permanently into pickleball courts.
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Here are a few things supporters of Missouri's HB 2649, a bill to ban #healthcare for #trans youth, said in today's committee hearing. 🧵
It's a bill to "save children who are struggling to become comfortable w their biological sex."

As my trans teen listening said, they didn't struggle with that. They knew their sex & gender didn’t match. The struggle was getting other people to recognize & affirm their gender.
The bill “author” claimed to have hard evidence that teens are starting hormones after one visit with a therapist and that young kids are having surgeries.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
The weather over the weekend was amazing! Had a lovely walk down by the river on Sunday. I have my angle poise tablet holder, and I can see how I managed without one!! I played Tiny Tina's Wonderland and laughed
We watched MI: 3 and we constructed an IKEA shoe cupboard.
Phew, I feel knackered just remembering all that...

I hope your weekend was filled with excitement and laughter, and I hope that this week brings you some peace in your life.
I hope the voices of doom keep quiet
I hope the challenges of today are not to demanding of your spoons.

Always remember that you are in someone's thoughts today. I think about many of the people I have lost and found, each and every day.
You matter, your feelings matter and you are valid.
Be fabulous, be amazing
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Rally to support transgender youth happening at the Utah Capitol #utpol #utlgbtq
The gathering comes on the heels of @GovCox’s veto of HB11, which unsuccessfully targeted trans school athletes
“I am not an expert on transgenderism (sic),” Cox said this week. His well-meaning yet clunky language continued when he added that “the science is conflicting” regarding being trans.
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Medical term of the day: Gender Dysphoria

Significant research among children, adolescents, & adults demonstrates that access to gender-affirming therapy and gender-affirming interventions greatly improves mental health, health outcomes, and saves lives. #TransHealthcare Image
We talked to Dr. Melina Wald about what it means to treat the whole person. Gender-affirming care is an evidence-based approach to health that is focused on instilling pride and celebration of gender diversity.… #ProtectTransYouth #TransIsBeautiful
Tomorrow! Join our Instagram live chat on gender identity care at 1pm. Feel free to DM us with your questions or bring them to the chat.

Register here for a reminder email:… #ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. Big day for me, a celebration! A time to reflect on the the journey I have undertaken, a moment to look at myself and appreciate just how far I have come. What is so special about today? I hear you ask...
Today is one of the landmark events in any Trans Persons life, today is a celebration of the day I started HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).
4 years ago today, I placed the very first patch on my thigh. The nervous excitement of finally moving along the path to new adventures.
So much has happened since then, I didn't have a clue what life was about to throw at me. But I thought whatever it was I could handle it and I would make each day a celebration of renewed life.
I made new friends and lost others, discovered acceptance and found rejection.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters!
I look at the community I find myself a part of, and I see so many amazing people. I see folks trying to live their lives to the best of their ability, I see folks going above and beyond what is expected.
I see folks who radiate love, folks who always support their friends.
I feel honoured to be a part of a loving, caring community and I hope that I do my small part in belonging to that community.
I look out across the sea of faces that appear on my screen, and I see hope.
I see a community ready and willing to help, to reach out and lift others up. To build bridges and clear the way, so that those who follow will have an slightly easier route to follow.
I see you, I hear you and I am proud of you and I stand with you.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
Sometimes I find myself staring blankly at the screen, waiting for words to form themselves on the digital canvas before me. And today is one of those days...
But you're typing these words, I hear you say!
Well, yes I am.
Constructing this was not easy, it took many forms in my fingers, fired across empty spaces between synapses. Thrown around like aa bag of ping pong balls, until it finally took form on the screen. And even then, a garbled message appeared and was quickly deleted
Words don't come easy to me, I'm not the most logical of people. I tend to flit from idea to idea, and before anything tangible becomes reality, it's gone within the next moment. Then some days I turn around, and words have somehow fallen haphazardly onto the screen, with no idea
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. I'm in the process of cleaning the kitchen and have had to take a break, for me staring at light coloured surfaces for too long induces a headache as my brain tries to work out what's dirt and what's floaters.
That's why I like to make my surroundings darker, it's more pleasing and soothing to me as the darker colours negate the constant floaters in my eyes.
Life here in the Scottish Borders in proceeding nicely, we feel settled here.
I hope today brings you some peace from the constant barrage of noise from the world around you, and you find a reason to smile.
Reach out and tell someone you love them today, make sure you thank the folks that work to make our lives easier. Be patient, be kind
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. A rip roaring start to the day with a phone call from local Mental Health Services, had a lovely chat, some advice and local contacts. Starting again in a new area can be difficult at the best of times!
Washing is on and whirring softly away to itself, singing the cleansing song of Machima. Got some cleaning to do next, new rota in place to make sure neither of us forget anything that needs doing.
Hopefully going to play some Cyberpunk 2077 later, new character joy!
Do you have plans for today, do you have good news that you'd like to share? Let me know how you're doing!

To all my female friends today on #InternationalWomensDay especially my Sister @hellsmumof4 and my partner @JessicaNellH, I hope today brings you extra love and hugs.
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0) I have a bit of time this evening, so here is how the HPG axis works. There are a lot of acronyms, so I’m dropping an image of the HPG axis here, but it basically makes a loop of H to P to G and back to H, keeping everything in balance. (I’m just focusing on puberty here) Diagram of the Hypothalamus Pituitary Gonad Axis, including
0.5) Also, I’m calling it a night, so I can’t respond immediately. I hope I’ve worded everything respectfully and appropriately.

If you are here to attack trans people, you can set that aside and read, choose kindness, or move along.

#BWithTheT #LGBWithTheT #protecttranskids
1) The hypothalamus (a part of the brain just north of the pituitary) has a group of cells with estrogen receptors, and as long as estrogen/testosterone isn’t present, release Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH). Anatomy of the brain, focusing on the hypothalamus and pitui
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What is happening in Texas is terrifying and unimaginable. It is also part of a global attack on trans people, fixated on trans youth as a gateway into attacking all of us. If you want to take action start with Texas but do not stop there.
Always donate to trans-led orgs first. In Texas, you can donate to TENT: If you want to find trans-led orgs around the country, check out @TransJusticeFP.
Make sure you are also working to stop the bills that would make it a crime to affirm trans kids or would civilly ban medical care. These are pending in Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma, Tenneesee and Arizona.
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This is poised to be a troubling week in the trans justice context with really dangerous bills moving across the country. Here is what is happening and what you can do.
In Arizona, we have SB1165 now in the House (having passed the Senate) - that would ban trans girls from sports.

SB1138 - which would ban health care for trans minors is set for a hearing in Senate Judiciary on Wednesday 2/9.
Take action:…
Arizona is leading the country in attacks on trans youth. Also let @dougducey know that he should VETO any anti-trans bill that gets to his desk, particularly any catastrophic health care ban.
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We have reached a very painful and depressing escalation in the legislative/non-legislative policy attacks on trans young people. What is perhaps most disheartening is the lack of national attention and outrage from our supposed allies to meet the fixation from our opponents.
South Dakota has passed an anti-trans sports bill (SB46) that will be signed by Gov. Noem today. SD also passed an anti-trans bathroom bill through the House (HB 1005) that now moves on to the Senate.
Arizona and Indiana have both passed anti-trans sports bill through one chamber. AZ's SB1165 through the Senate and Indiana's HB1041 through the House. Both will be on the move next week.
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For those of you who are not aware, a piece of extremely transphobic legislation passed the Texas house yesterday, #HB25. Over on @StepUp4Trans I'm going to discuss the exact nature of what happened and its implications, but here I want to get a bit more personal. 🧵
I want to talk about why this happened. Because I listened to 6+ hours of legislative proceedings yesterday of people who hate trans kids, especially trans girls, and I am appalled.
This happened because it was allowed to happen. This happened because there won't be consequences.
The thing that struck me most about the proceedings was that even though there were impassioned speeches by trans kids and their allies, even though there were statistically backed, logical arguments against the bill, it didn't matter. The bill passed.
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