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1 Mar
🚨🚨We need to mobilize in support of Alabama trans youth. This week the House and Senate will be voting on bills to make their health care a felony. If you can join me in fighting for trans lives. 🚨🚨 A transanta inatagram graph...
These bills are part of a deadly, nationwide, assault on trans lives. Efforts to criminalize trans bodies will have far-reaching and deadly consequences. Red photo graphic from inst...
HB1/SB10 make it a felony to provide gender-affirming care to trans young people AND would force school staff to out trans youth to their parents.

HB 391 is yet another ban on trans youth in sports. Graphic with white top and ...
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1 Mar
At almost every level of government over the past few weeks we have heard about the "threat" of trans kids in sports. Let's talk about this because there is no threat and yet, we are about to see a massive expansion of privacy intrusions into and surveillance of kids bodies.
What is the lie being told? That girls and women who are transgender are going to 'take over' women's and girls' sports. They are not. Girls and women who are trans have been competing in women's sports for decades. There is no takeover.
Beginning in the 1970's we heard that the 'trans takeover' of sports was just around the corner. And still nothing. There are currently no actively competing trans athletes who are winning. At any level. Anywhere in the US. Not ONE. So what is this about?
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26 Feb
Here is what is happening on the anti-trans bills front:
Alabama - has advanced criminal health care bans to the floor of both chambers. Anti-trans bill to house floor.

Tennessee - passed sports ban out of House and Senate committees.

South Dakota - passed sports ban in House.
Montana - passed health care and sports bans out of House. Also moving birth certificate ban.

South Carolina - still hearing sports ban in Senate committee.

Mississippi - passed sports ban out of House.

Arkansas - has multiple trans health and sports bans moving
Missouri - multiple sports bans - hearing next week.

North Dakota - passed trans sports ban out of the House.

Georgia - has multiple sports and health care bans being heard in committee

West Virginia - has multiple sports bans moving.
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26 Feb
We have precious few days to raise the alarms to stop the first felony ban on health care for trans youth. Alabama has passed two companion bills out of committee. HB1 and SB10. (As well as a trans sports ban). These bills have emergency effective dates.
If passed, within a matter of days, kids will have their care cut off, doctors could go to prison for years, people will die - that isn't hyperbolic, that is just the facts. The bill also requires school staff to out trans or questioning kids to parents.
It is a systematic and deadly assault on trans lives. We need everyone to step in. If you are from Alabama, contact your state rep and senator immediately and tell them to vote NO on HB1 and SB10. Here is how you find you lawmakers:…
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22 Feb
This week many states will be holding hearings on anti-trans bills. The list of bills keeps growing and it is part of a coordinated movement to attack trans people. You can see the consolidated, eugenics-oriented campaign here (all the content warnings):…
Today, 2/22, in South Dakota, the House will have a committee hearing on HB 1217, an anti-trans sports bill. Here is an action link on the bill:
Tomorrow, 2/23, the South Carolina House will have a committee hearing at 11:00 AM ET on their anti-trans sports bill, H. 3477.
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12 Feb
Here are some things you can do to fight state legislative attacks when they are happening outside your state. 1. Raise awareness. A lot of times people in state don’t know about them and we need to build a national narrative.
2. Donate to groups in state. So that might be ACLU affiliates or grassroots trans groups. Check out @TransJusticeFP for amazing lists of trans-led orgs and groups. Here is one such list:…
Make sure everyone in your life understands how harmful it is to dehumanize and criminalize trans youth. Talking to our friends and family is a critical part of fighting back.
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12 Feb
Looks like Mississippi’s anti-trans sports bill passed the Senate yesterday- SB 2536. I wish I was exaggerating when I said this year is filled with the most relentless legislative attacks on trans lives that I have ever seen.
I realize it is easy to dismiss this & say well “it is just sports” but I think we need to break down what this really means. It is the new legitimization of de jure discrimination against trans people. The emergence in law of a new definition of “sex” designed to harm trans ppl
This will impact other areas of law and will legitimize the heightened surveillance of all people who do not fit into to binary norms of sex. And of course it codifies the exclusion of trans youth from opportunities available to their peers.
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10 Feb
Are you in North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi or Alabama? If so, your state is currently advancing anti-trans bills and we need your help to stop them!
In North Dakota, yesterday a House committee passed HB1298, a bill that would bar trans people from sports and codify a restrictive and harmful definition of sex. If you live in ND, contact your reps and tell them to vote NO on HB1298.
In Georgia, yesterday a House subcommittee heard testimony on HB 276, a bill that would bar trans girls and women from sports and define sex based entirely on reproductive organs and genetics. This will limit protections for everyone. Contact your GA reps and tell them to vote NO
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5 Feb
We have a lot of movement on anti-trans bills. It is happening quickly, relentlessly and all over. Here is what is happening in the next few days. And remember, you can contact your reps, share supportive content, and help make sure people are aware.
This morning in South Dakota, there will be a Senate committee vote on HB 1076, the anti-trans birth certificate bill. 10 AM in Senate Health and Human Services. Tell #SDLeg to vote no on HB 1076. Bill info:…
South Dakota has also - for the 4th time in 7 years - introduced a bill to ban trans athletes from sports. Again, the false rhetoric of trans dominance in sports is causing the proliferation of these bills. This is HB 1217. It will likely be heard in committee next week.
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4 Feb
A short manifesto on why I think sex & gender ARE the same thing and efforts to distinguish them are misguided & harmful. Sex/gender refers to a set of physiological, expressive, and behavioral conditions & characteristics that we have generally assigned to two binary categories.
When we try to say "sex" is on the body and "gender" is socially constructed, it both minimizes the extent to which our expression is tied to our body and makes overly salient the idea that our physiological characteristics are somehow immune from social construction.
Our bodies take on meaning in social context. We give salience to certain physiological characteristics to serve as proxies for sex/gender just as we do behavioral/expressive ones. Our gender studies classes did not serve us in this sense.
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3 Feb
Hello from another week of hell in state legislatures where attacks on trans youth continue. And somehow trans athletes have been positioned as one of the greatest threats we face as a country. Which, has to be false always, but perhaps especially now. Here is what is happening.
An anti-trans athlete bill has passed out of committee in the Mississippi Senate. The bill would impose intrusive sex verification on all women and girl athletes and bar trans & intersex athletes from sport. SB 2536…
South Dakota's anti-trans birth certificate bill, HB 1076, will likely be heard in Senate committee sometime this week. It passed the House last week - even after being voted down in committee. Another gratuitous attack on trans people.…
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28 Jan
Here is a quick rundown of where we are with anti-trans attacks in state legislatures after a grueling week - with many similar weeks to come. Some good news and some bad news.
In South Dakota, an anti-trans bill, HB 1076, passed the House. The bill is a gratuitous attack on trans people, barring updates to birth certificates and codifying the idea that one is forever confined to the sex they were assigned at birth.
The bill was voted down in committee, but ever-committed to attacking trans people, lawmakers smoked it out onto the house floor and it passed. We fight on in the Senate, if it passes, we sue. Raise the alarms and tell lawmakers in #SDLeg to vote NO on HB1076.
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25 Jan
Now they are voting on HB 113 - the anti-trans health care bill. This bill will truly cause kids to die. It hurts that we are here. Here is the link:…
The sponsor is fully lying. Claiming that our health is not improved with treatment. Comparing us to a veteran who identified with an amputee and wanted a limb removed. Yeah, that's a no.
The sponsor is now claiming that what trans people need is counseling to get us to live in our assigned sex. (Note that the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, the Endocrine Society all disagree). This is deadly conversion therapy.
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25 Jan
After two hours of debating and voting on anti-reproductive justice bills, the Montana House is going to begin debating and voting on the two anti-trans bills shortly. Link here:…
Beginning with HB 112. Rep. Fuller recommends bill do pass. Claiming it is "not a partisan issue" and is a simple bill. Then goes on to call trans women men.
Just a side note - I hate it here.
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21 Jan
Between 2009 and 2012 I went to court so many times to support and bail out trans women from my neighborhood who were arrested just for congregating on Roosevelt Avenue.
I have read criminal complaints charging trans women for loitering for purposes of prostitution based exclusively on their transness in an “area known for prostitution”. These arrests and charges harmed so many people’s lives.
I wish Lorena was here to see this horrible law repealed. She worked so hard to minimize the damage it wrought in people’s lives. There will be no true safety and healing until all sex work is decriminalized but this is such an important step.
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21 Jan
#MTLeg is voting on HB112 now (anti-trans sports bill). Voting on an amendment. It does not change anything about the bill in substance.
Amendment passes. Now move to pass bill as amended.
Rep. Stafman now speaking eloquently in opposition to HB 112. #MTLeg
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21 Jan
Every time I tweet in defense of trans women and girl athletes, I get a bunch of replies of images of trans women who apparently are not appropriately "girl enough". Notably, none has qualified for the Olympics or dominated elite sport. But perhaps more importantly...
Those same strategies - of attacking an athlete's appearance for being insufficiently feminine is the exact way that non-trans women are policed in sport. Particularly Black and brown women around the world and especially in the global south.
Being athletic and strong and good at sport has long-been considered "manly". The impulse to capture images of women athletes - cis and trans - and police their femininity IS the very thing that threatens sport and gender justice.
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21 Jan
At 7 AM MT/9 AM ET, the Montana #MTLeg House judiciary committee is voting on two anti-trans bills. HB 112 (barring trans athletes from sports) and HB 113 (prohibiting health care for trans minors). Video here (during Executive Action part of agenda):…
These types of bills are pending across the country. Like a chain reaction, states will escalate their attacks on trans youth. If passed, HB 113 will take away survival health care for trans youth people. Are you paying attention?
If you are in Montana, please contact your lawmakers now. You can find your legislators here:…. Call 406-444-4800. Ask to be connected to your representative. Then leave a message telling them to vote NO on HB112 and HB113.
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18 Jan
Good morning. I will be live tweeting the #MTLeg House Judiciary hearings of HB112 and HB113, the anti-trans bills. All the content warnings because it is going to be deeply upsetting. Link for the hearings here:…
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14 Jan
Women and girls who are trans participate on women's teams and as such these teams remain women's teams. Sex separation does not end.
Women and girls who are trans are biological women and girls.
In the few instances when men and boys seek to participate on teams for women and girls, they *do not* claim to be women or girls. The practical and legal questions are different.
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14 Jan
A few notes on women and girls who are trans in sports. There is a relentless effort to situation trans people as a threat to cis people in sport and elsewhere. There simply is no threat.
The foundation of these arguments are based on two dangerous and faulty premises. First, that men and boys are always better, stronger, faster and more skilled than women and girls. Second, that sex categories are binary, fixed and easily identifiable at birth.
Both of these premises are rooted in misogyny and white supremacy. The interest behind these narratives is not in "protecting women" but rather protecting the power of the state to control people's bodies and constrain people's identities.
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