A thread.
Genesis 6:4. We have all heard it I'm guessing. "There were giants in the earth in those days...." Let's have a look at these giants.
Genesis IV.
Cain has killed Abel. He is being thrown out of Eden.
"Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”
Who else existed that he may fear?
Cain was quickly married. His wife was called Awan. Modern teaching based on the Book of Jubilee claim that Cain married his sister, a daughter of Adam. This is questioned by many. The article below, from the Cornubian Times, Aug 1901. We find Nephilim. Gibborim. Sons of Elohim.
So if there were Nephilim races we find that their are sub branches. One was the Rephaim. Goliath was said to be a Rephaim. He was also a Philistine and worshipped Baal Molech, Dagon and Astarte. He was famously killed by David (later King David).
So back to Cains wife. Always a problem for the church as can be seen by these articles from the 1800s. Banned plays, reverends warding off awkward questions.
Cain and the (Rephaim hybrid?) Awan went onto father a number of children. Down their line is Tubal Cain. Tubal Cain is known as a serious player in Freemasonry.
So here we find that a nephilim bloodline becomes one of the earliest Masonic Icons. Two Ball Cane symbology in Freemasonry is rife...literally two balls and a cane.
So anyway, Tubal Cains father was Lamech. Within Mormonism he was known as a Master Mahan. Moses 5:49 - 5:41 explains the oath and the brotherhood. It's meaning was simplified as Master Mason but originated possibly from the Arabic and Sanskrit for 'Keeper of a Great Secret.'
So what is this Great Secret? Cains pact with Satan? Cains mysterious wife. Giants. Freemasonic gods. Secret bloodlines. Let's go back to the God's worshipped by the Philistines down in the Valley of the Giants.
First we have Astarte aka Ishtar. Isis. Inanna. Hathor.
Baal Molech (Moloch) The original bull of the sun, a solar pagan god with a blood lust for first born infants. His followers sent their own children as sacrifices to appease him. They were 'sent to him through the fire'.
The Torah denounced his worship explicitly.
Finally we have Dagon. The fish / man god of wisdom. Popular with 'Ancient Alien Theorists' and tying into the stories of Oannes, Dagon etc being a bringer of wisdom from the depths of the oceans.
I'm rambling now. But take a little time to have a look at some of this if you can. It's loose and it's brief but I hope this thread starts some cogs grinding out there.

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13 Dec 20
This is really quite something.
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