@XRebellionUK smash the windows of Barclay's Bank. It's a definite step for them and frankly it's dissapointing to see lots of "more radical than tho" having a pop at them becuase of their general aggy position towards liberals. 1/
If this was @FrontGreen or some such you'd be clapping along and saying right on.

We don't agree with XR on so many things, heck we've been downright hostile at times but the judgement over specific action should be on the action.

From my perspective the only issues here are 2/
It was done for the sake of theatre of awareness raising (rather than as a tactical decision or situational expression of rage) and that they didn't then scarpper instead choosing to remain and be arrested.

Frankly tho, the arresting works in their favour as it means it 3/
maintains a news story, keeps headlines on their focus and especially come court time gives a focus for ongoing action. Provided everyone involved has informed consent, it's nothing to do with anyone else.

XR are a propoganda outfit, they do propoganda outfit stuff. 4/
So many of their "leftist" critics come from positions where their hairshirts are so thick, they don't do anything which is pretty sad. I'm not saying you need to spend your Thursdays monkey wrenching to have an opinion but maybe consider how you go about it. 5/
Despite what you might have doubled down on, XR HAS grown as an organisation and developed their tact. Smashing glass is a big step from "only using chalk spray", and they no longer sing the praises of the police. They still exist in this nebulous quasi-liberal limbo but 6/
when you dismiss their actions out of hand you do yourself a disservice, because "XR Rebels" are out there up trees, down tunnels. We want them to radicalise not dissolve, which is why you found anarchists at their actions, illustrating more drills and skills and standing 7/
alongside them. Often I'll admit frowning, cringing and dying a little inside, but hey not everyone is "there" yet.

Oh also @xryouthcambs @ScotlandXr are the fucking shit and if you should follow them even if your local XR is a bunch of hyper hippy dippy liberals.

XR are not Earth First!, nor the ELF, nor Greenpeace or the IWW's Environmental Caucus. Each has a different flavour, purpose and tactic, thats before we consider the vast array of specific issue groups and autonomous affinities., this is a good thing.

If you think XR are doing it wrong then show them how it's done. Education via osmosis is pretty much the best thing you can be doing. Not theory crafting or dogpiling on socials.

Go and do some shit and say "here comrades, like this".

Actions, Manifestations, and fucking Happenings.
Not idle words and aggy beefing into the digital void.

As for us?
We entirely understand why someone would smash the windows of a bank, performance or otherwise.

Don't you?

• • •

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8 Apr
Anyone who chucks a molotov is ANTIFA.
MAGA? ANTIFA (Stealth)

MW Antifa as a tactic, funny enough is not one which utilises molotovs.

I'm waiting for The Deadliest ANTIFA show.
P.S. For comrades who might not know...

Young Loyalist lads in Belfast chucked one in a bus at a riot yesterday. The Loyalists are the UK nationalists who think Great Britain and the UK gov gives two shits about Northern Ireland. Which they don't. 1/
The other primary faction is the Republicans, who believe in a unified Ireland. Tensions have been ramping up since Brexit, the last week or so has seen nightly rioting in various parts of NI.

The first news or PM response was on night 9ish and only because a bus got torched. 2/
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8 Apr
Today is International Romani Day.

Stand with GRT (Gypsy, Roma and Traveller) folk against this horrendous bill.

Follow @ResistAntiTresp, share media, talk about it, hit the fucking streets.

1/ A picture of a traditional ...
66% percent of British people aren't even aware that GRT communities are a recognised ethnic group and the rampant bigotry runs deep in our culture, not just on the street but in the papers and in the halls of govenance.
2/ A family of  Welsh Romanies...
There is a vast derth of authorised pitches to the tune of thousands on waiting lists, yet the PCSCB will make criminals of those without a pitch and threatens fines of £2500, 3 months prison ( Even deportation if they can).

This change from civil to criminal response means 3/
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19 Mar
#FlagShaggers is trending, some asked how we feel.

The Red and Black isn't a "flag" in the same way as a national flag, it's symbolism and treatment are different.

No one cares if you burn a RnB. It's just some cloth.
No one takes an oath to it and it inspires no loyality.

1/ Red and Black flags fluttering in the wind.
The Union Jack was brought into play to unite the patriotically inclined at a time when the British were deeply divided. It was a consolidation and centralisation of identity, chiefly for the purposes of war and economy. As was the English flag, Scottish flag, etc
2/ Standard of Henry Tudor, possibly used at the Battle of Bosw
These flags are weapons of mass belief, used by those who wish to control you through the use of identity. Nationalism, even when it's utilised to rally against a greater oppressor, is never the soil of genuine liberation.

State socialists lean heavy into these manipulations.
3/ The flag of the Soviet Union flies infront of a jet.
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30 Jan
While watching the GameStop stuff has been mildly hilarious (I mean who doesn't like watching the financial elite squirm?) it's pretty clear that a whole bunch of folk have convinced themselves this is ACTUALLY some kind of revolutionary activity. It isn't. 1/ Image
Sure, it's highlighted yet another way in which the bastards profiteer but that's about it, stick it on the pile with the fifty other pro tips to keep the poor, well poor... It's todays banter and tho a few folks might have egg on their faces, literally nothing will happen. 2/ Image
GameStop's three largest shareholders have earned £1.5bn+ during this. They sit at the top of some 200 institutions which are rolling. Meanwhile the ersatz rebels are now watching the bubble, realising there is profit to be made and having a wibble. 3/ Image
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9 Jan
Like fuck Twitter etc etc (should need saying really I mean we're the fucking Anarchist Federation) but it's important to understand that their (very late) removal of Trump for "Risk of further incitement of violence" is for reasons.

This is the shite his support are sharing. 1/ Banner for "Million Militia March" on the 20th of
Tho he conceded (without saying "I lost") I think pretty much everyone agrees he's quite capable of causing the missing militias and street fash that support him to turn up the 20th and make the Coup Klux Klan look like a bunfight.

Literally know one trusts the fucker atm. 2/ Headline from ABC news that states Pelosi has spoken with to
Trumps current situation, and how bad the events played, is already pretty fatal like, just don't underestimate his narcissism.

p.s. Corporate fucks only take these decisions in the interests of their social and political capital.

They are not on side. -R

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7 Jan
Look, I didn't like Ashli Babbitt's politics, I laugh at the hypocrisy of the fash's actions yesterday and there is a degree of "oh well".

However it's utterly disgusting that so many comrades across the board are celebrating a police murder 1/ Two photos of Ashli Babbitt.
Her death was justifiable by the metric of the stoic libertarian, "she breached a barricade and got shot" or "do stupid things, win stupid prizes", but it is not justifiable by ours.

The state should not go around murdering people. End off.

Yeah, if BLM and Anarchist comrades tried what they did yesterday they would of been massacred, sure.

The lack of experianced right wing leadership on the street, the police understaffing etc it all stinks, and I get that people hate Trump support and relish schadenfreude 3/
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