Profiles In Journalistic Courage: Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast…
It was truly the honor of a lifetime to introduce the world of Substack to @MarlowNYC’s spellbinding journalistic achievements, which he obviously attained 100% on his own merit. I’ll even forgive him for spilling the beans that the post was in the works 😂
Our friend Marlow must be rattled. He’s doing that thing where he keeps spastically following and then unfollowing me. I feel intimidated and harassed 😭😭😭
Just gonna leave this here

lol, @MarlowNYC
Some have questioned why I chose to focus on poor @MarlowNYC. The reason is because certain scumbags are so perfectly emblematic of a failing media culture, it would be malpractice not to focus on them
The post has been updated per an emailed demand sent to me by Marlow Stern:

• • •

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2 Apr
"Traumatized" Journalists Are Now Declaring Themselves A "Marginalized" Group…
This is a real proposal in @PENamerica's new blockbuster Report outlining sweeping recommendations to aid allegedly traumatized journalists Image
FYI: The reason I keep talking about this "therapeutic trauma jargon" stuff is because it's so rapidly infiltrating every media/activism institution and being confided into policy + mores that affect society writ large
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31 Mar
Journalists Are "Centering" Their "Trauma" Because It Enables Them To Acquire Power…
Does anyone in media ever stop to ponder what this says about the state of the industry
One of the main industry-wide campaigns going on in the media right now is providing support to professional adult journalists who say they are "afraid to open Twitter." That's a real thing that's happening, and to be a media member in good standing you're obligated to play long
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26 Mar
Yes, There Is Such Thing As Gender Identity Ideology, And Saying So Is Not "Violence"…
This post provides ample reason to conclude that contemporary gender identity activists are 100% operating from within an easily-discernible ideology. They're perfectly entitled to that ideology: but denying its existence is a form of what's sometimes called "gaslighting"
This is elaborated on in the post, but as an early proponent of same-sex marriage one thing I've had to grapple with is that social conservatives were correct to foresee that the enactment of same-sex marriage would not placate LGBT activists, but instead further radicalize them
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19 Mar
A central reason why the current media landscape is so constricted and stifled: the logic underlying demands to combat "Russian disinformation" has now been fully inculcated into journalists' overall advocacy for the suppression and censorship of speech…
Russiagate was a crucial forerunner to this ongoing outbreak of journalist-led censoriousness, but of course most journos eagerly helped amplify and propagate Russiagate so how would they even be aware of the damage they inflicted
Substack is only a "debacle" if you've been indoctrinated into believing you possess some eternal right to regulate the free-flow of information on the internet according to your political preferences. Russiagate kicked that indoctrination into overdrive
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15 Mar
Why Journalists Hate Substack…
The bottom line: pressure on Substack to censor/regulate is going to escalate at an accelerating pace from this point forward, because journalists fundamentally motivated by petty jealousies and resentments are going to campaign for its destruction under the pretext of "safety"
Yes, I admit I'm biased in favor of Substack not being destroyed by self-important domineering cry-bullies
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14 Mar
Catching up on Scottish politics, which are in turmoil as evidence mounts that the government engineered a scheme to "take down" a prominent political figure with false sexual misconduct charges, leading to a Party schism that may imperil the entire Independence project. Whoops
Speaking of Scotland's ruling party, they've also just ushered through a new "Hate Crime" bill which criminalizes "stirring up hatred" by "displaying, publishing or distributing" materials which members of various identity groups may "reasonably" deem "threatening or abusive"
Imagine the sheer breadth of scenarios whereby the law could apply to social media. (Also apparently applies to totally private communications.) SNP's justice minister has touted this "world-leading approach," and it wouldn't be surprising for certain US officials to follow suit
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