If the character in this scene were female, a lot of the same dudes praising it would say it is disrespectful of the original by reducing a world-ending cosmic horror into a horde of Flubber knock-offs and would predict the movie relies on quips, slapstick, and gross-out humor.
I'm actually heartened by this trailer because the previous ones didn't really have a comedy vibe, and given how much of this movie's framing seems to be an attempt to win back the toxic fandom, I was afraid they'd overcorrected on charges that Answer The Call was "silly".
I mean, I don't know that I understood that the male Ghostbusters was a comedy more than a serious action horror movie when I saw it for the first time as a small child in the 80s and I assume the same is true for some of those dudes.
But, like, that is no excuse for decades later, as an adult, complaining without a hint of a trace of a smidge of self-awareness of the irony, that Answer the Call "replaced Akroyd and Murray with comedians from Saturday Night Live."
Or complaining that it used slapstick and catchphrases and quips and gross-out humor, especially when the charge of gross-out humor hinges on the assumption that anything having to do with the female body is inherently more disgusting than, say, phlegm.
(And yes, I know it wasn't actually phlegm in the library in the male Ghostbusters, but Venkman at that point was a skeptic and outright charlatan, and fully believed he was being made to handle other people's bodily fluids.)

• • •

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9 Apr
We will both be fully vaccinated and after the safety window, so @moofable and I will be there!
It feels weird committing to splurge on a trip to a non-convention but honestly after the year we've had... and having missed everyone and everywhere we expected to see in 2020.... we could use a low-stakes, low-pressure group socialization endeavor.
In my head I keep thinking of WisCon people gathering at the Concourse on Memorial Day Weekend as the "Wis-Non-Con".
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8 Apr
If the GOP's push for voter ID were about election integrity and not voter suppression, they would pair it with an aggressive campaign of making sure that everybody in this country has equal access to ID first, as a necessary first step.

But they don't want that, either.
Because the *actual* point of their voter ID laws is to allow GOP elected officials to pick the winners in an election by picking who gets to vote. Not with 100% precision, mind you! They can't target individual voters. But communities? Very much so. Elections are won by margins.
So if your party controls the budget and other related decisions, you can make sure the areas that tend to vote the hardest for you have clean, well-staffed DMVs that have convenient hours, short waits, and attentive workers with time to kill.
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8 Apr
Being of the opinion that the sheer number of really messed up things in nature could not have arisen by accident or coincidence, I subscribe to the theory of inelegant design, which posits that evolution is guided by an intelligence that doesn't actually know what it's doing.
Darwinian survival of the fittest does not adequately account for the existence of the koala, a stoned little gremlin that does nothing but sleep all day and eat cough drop trees. We must posit the existence of a greater (in power) being who somehow thought this was a good idea.
See, the mammalian spine is a perfectly good design for a quadruped. And yet, the pinnacle of mammalian evolution is bipedal?

The existence of an inelegant designer explains this discrepancy.

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8 Apr
Completely irrelevant to Dr. Lester's point, but there's a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where the Enterprise is trying to "rescue" a human foundling who was raised in an alien culture, who doesn't want to be rescued and one thing in it that always stood out to me...
...was Picard describing evidence of broken bones spread out over a period of years as "signs of torture" and not childhood injuries, and calling a ritual the boy had done of riding a dangerous animal as barbaric.
And we know from the character of Jean-Luc Picard in particular that human people still ride horses in the 24th century, which means they still suffer childhood injuries including broken bones riding horses, which means they still die from horse-riding accidents.
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8 Apr
Apparently Kaitlyn Jenner's interview statement on class and sex work in the trans community are like the trans tower of Babel, insofar as we can all listen to the same recording and yet none of us hears the exact same words.

(This tweet does not contain a question.)
The person who posted it with the reductive clickbait paraphrase of "The trans community hates me because I'm not a gutter w****"... I mean, I figured that was a reductive clickbait paraphrase but the poster is doubling down that these are Caitlyn's own words.
But I keep seeing people trying to correct, after listening to the sound clip, who get key details flipped around. Not even getting into what she meant, just the words she says and the order she says them in.
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7 Apr
Okay, now that I have been vaccinated, I am going to go collapse because my immune system has the Baby Yoda Disease where it does one thing and then falls asleep.

Maryland tweeps, vaccinations are open to everybody 16+ and you can snag an appointment here.onestop.md.gov/preregistration
That site is very insistent that it's not giving out actual appointments, but character limits on the tweet. It gets you on a list to be contacted for an appointment, which can happen via automated text message.
I signed up yesterday afternoon requesting a spot at the Hagerstown mass clinic (which is in what I think was the disused food court of our outlet mall) and was contacted last evening for a slot at opening time today.
Read 6 tweets

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