“The entire process of sanatana dharma.... naturally get to the source of all this.”
1) Did you naturally gain the above statement?
2) Patañjali says, “समाधि सिद्धिः ईश्वरप्रणिधानात्” since only meditating on Īśvara since: क्लेश कर्म विपाकाशयैःपरामृष्टः पुरुषविशेष ईश्वरः
While the premise that raising profound questions is encouraged in Dharma, it is neither the definition nor the underlying process of it.
Dharma is law, based on Satya.
1) Not all questions are profound
2) Not all answers are correct.
While it is reasonable to expect that
the Self would illumine the Truth, one cannot expect one’s deluded karmalipta identity to be the same as Self.
Otherwise it is without scripture only that the purpose of life was derived as “Living in pleasure and drinking ghee even if by incurring debt”
Wrong answer :)
In the first tweet I meant that Īśvara should be the object of meditation as only Īśvara is capable of granting perfection in samādhi.

• • •

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8 Apr
Profoundly idiotic piece. Will attempt to dismantle this in a bit. Not many notable points were raised, but these can be sufficiently answered.
1) The author begins by admonishing people for neither understanding Yoga nor Hinduism. Then goes ahead and demonstrates that they themselves in their hurry fall for very basic mistakes. Let me show
2) The author starts with the Bhagavad Gita and quotes the verse 9.17, claiming
that the Atharva Veda is not mentioned (relying of course on the translation), following it up with 9.20 to highlight traividyā. This he/she claims is proof that at that time the Atharvana never existed or rather was not known.
This is false.
In 9.17 what is mentioned are the
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4 Sep 20
The last few RTs is the point I have been trying to make since yesterday.
1) Atheists cannot claim to be rational when their sole purpose is to simply “ridicule someone for having faith”
2) You cannot claim Hindus are same as Abes when you use different beating sticks.
If the atheist is genuinely interested in engaging the Hindu in a debate, it must be in an honest and intellectual plane. Causing offence till a breaking point is reached without any effort to engage constructively makes you no different from an iconoclastic monotheist.
Another acutely disingenuous technique is to treat H reactions as coming from a vacuum and that H have a privilege. This ignores all historical contexts of how the Hinduism has been misrepresented and demonised under the Judeo-Christian lens.
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19 Aug 20
This is for Hindus who wish to learn. Atheists like this tool, will mock but let’s discuss this.
While the pauranika episode is short, the wealth of meaning it provides is immense.
Thread below.
When Ādya form of Vināyaka was made manifest by Śakti, this was done without the fixed anchor of the Purusha. Such can never be an example of emulation for the Cosmos. This was known by both Mahādeva and His Śaktī. Such Līlās are meant to illustrate deeper level rahasyas.
What follows is the manifestation of the Potential, but by design partial. To correct this imbalance, Mahādeva takes away the Head and replaces it. This replacement with an elephant also has significance because it now manifests as an inspiration for Buddhibala.
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4 Jun 20
9) Yeah the history books with 4 chapters for Mughals, one chapter each for the pre-Mughal Islamic dynasties and a subsection for the Cholas, and two sentences for other prominent dynasties.

10) There are more non-UC pilgrims than UC at any given point. Kuch bhi.
11) The only diaspora groups I know are language based ones. They have members from all communities. LOL at the diversity nonsense.

12) Dude there are actual reports of Ivy Leagues like Harvard discriminating against Asians! Idiot.
13) LOL, Indians have been employed in these positions long before diversity as a concept made a peek in the industry. We get jobs because we are qualified. Unlike.. ahem.
14) If you’re okay being casteist supporting favours for yourself, I don’t see why I can’t.
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4 Jun 20
Bored, so gonna dismantle this thread.

1) Ji is a respectful form of address. Everyone calls their elders or someone in a respectful position as Ji. I’m sure you call the Brahmin rickshaw driver, servant, labourer as “ji”. If not then reflects your class bias.
2) Unless you’re living in some weird place in your head, all places provide accommodations based on your ability to consistently pay for it. Number of different caste bachelors live in the cities now, you’re being weird.
3) LOL, all public places are open for the public.
4) So I’m not supposed to find restaurants that cater to my choices? Are they not supposed to exist?

5) Really weird, if you keep discussing caste with your co-traveller whom you won’t ever meet again, you’re weirdly obsessed with caste. Do you do such things?
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3 May 20
Śrī and Hari are not corporeal beings to be ruled by such modern sensibilities. Any manifestation of Deities is for the benefit of the Jīva, so that it may internalise the vidyā and progress on a spiritual journey. A few brief observations below.
1) Īśvara and Śakti are inseparably linked, two consider them distinct is like considering the sun and heat as distinct entities. Śakti is the manifest action of Brahman.
2) It is absurd to think that an infinite and eternal manifest power is Male or Female.
3) Images also do not denote depiction of actual beings situated on a particular plane behaving in that manner, they’re not photographs, they’re instead a manifestation of the Deity in a manner conducive for a conditioned Jīva to approach them.
Read 5 tweets

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