China has masculinity programs, it's common knowledge there that Jews run america, and they aggressively contain the few blacks that live there.

Meanwhile, they promote a the whole anti-white oppression narrative in the US. It reminds me of how Poland-Lithuania was destroyed.
Austria & Prussia would engage in modernizing reforms in their own countries on land rights, freedom of profession and meritocracy. The PLC had elections (nobles could vote) for their Monarch, and they bribed the electors to vote for a monarch who would keep the PLC backward.
Meanwhile China is promoting in the US the elimination of meritocracy and transferring power from the most capable to the least capable. From the best to the worst, and funding to galvanize all manner of imagined grievance. While doing the opposite in China.
This should make my blood boil, but it doesn't. Stupid games stupid prizes and all that. You want to play the "democracy" game where you have bribable nobles making all the rules? Well, you get what you fucking deserve.

• • •

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2 Apr
@_Serene_96 @Carvo__ @NickJFuentes Okay so forcing people to do things. Yes, you can force people to do things if you can afford the force. It's an extra expense, and it's permanent.

And as soon as that force gets removed, they're still Africans and revert to genetic baseline.
@_Serene_96 @Carvo__ @NickJFuentes You're saying "lets put a really expensive time bomb inside ourselves". How bout you just have good quality people at the genetic level that you don't have to manage so much? Then you can have more freedom as well.
@_Serene_96 @Carvo__ @NickJFuentes This reminds me of leading by orders and leading by task. Poor quality troops have to be told specifically what to do. Good quality troops can be given a general order - more freedom. What you're describing is bringing in poor quality people and reducing freedom to compensate.
Read 4 tweets
28 Mar
@MarkMcCaig @TexasGOP Depending on perspective, it could be counter-racist and counter-semitic. The Jews in the US are not the same as the Jews in Israel.

Do you think democrats are awful? Jews are the drivers of the democrat party, and 75% of Jews vote democrat in the US. They're not Israelis.
@MarkMcCaig @TexasGOP Maybe you should be more empathetic and understand the rage. When you say "racist", you only mean white people having insufficiently positive views of, mainly, blacks. I.e. you're "concerned" about the least racially-aware race being slightly less browbeaten.
@MarkMcCaig @TexasGOP The younger generation doesn't care about lolbertism. The US is about race struggle. It's race-land. How do young people respond to anti-white narratives? Push back or accept? The GOP offers zero pushback.
Read 4 tweets
13 Mar
@WildHoodLawyer @PALE_Primate @Steve_Sailer So obviously there's two issues. The first is the assumed causation in all of this. I assume you know that basic problem.

The second is the "extended genotype". This argument could also be made, to a far more extreme extent, across species.
@WildHoodLawyer @PALE_Primate @Steve_Sailer What kind of environments do chimpanzee children grow up in? Pretty poor. What happens when they're adopted by humans? They become more socialized.

The problem with human subspecies is that they're so much closer it feels intuitively plausible that this doesn't apply.
@WildHoodLawyer @PALE_Primate @Steve_Sailer Compare East Asians in their own countries vs. East Asians in the US. Compare Africans in their own countries vs. Africans in the US.

If you want to call that "environment", that's neat, but if the "environment" stems from the genotype, it's not fungible.
Read 5 tweets
12 Mar
@ImmuneHack @wil_da_beast630 On UK data, keep in mind the A-levels are NOT a single standardized test. The tests a person takes are determined by the level of classes they take in school. And thus you will see a compression effect when comparing between groups.
@ImmuneHack @wil_da_beast630 That said, the things you're proposing here are the ONLY serious environmental factors explaining part of the race-IQ gap. And they're the only factors that can seriously narrow the "g" gap. Send someone to school a long time, or make them take IQ practice tests if you want...
@ImmuneHack @wil_da_beast630 ... to just pump up the IQ numbers. But you're actually dealing with some underlying physiological factors that are the kinds of things that can impact "g". So I applaud you in being a bit more serious than most academics on this.
Read 11 tweets
12 Mar
@wil_da_beast630 First off, N=1.

Second off, you may have been trying to prove a point by scoring deliberately low the first time. And since we know that "left wing" people are more willing to lie, and you're clearly motivated on this, that's not something that should just be hand-waved away.
@wil_da_beast630 Third off, applying this to the charter-public school gap, if there even is one, is a leap. Lottery voucher studies (really natural experiments) have shown rather decisively that there is no significant effect from "good schools".
@wil_da_beast630 Now this will be resisted by flashing studies and authors' conclusions, which is an example of what should be called "regime flavor". For example, Sandra Scharr described the MTAS as vindicating an environmental hypothesis. So inb4 doing that.
Read 6 tweets
12 Mar
@ZihoParkEcon @EPoe187 No? Blacks were gifted a parallel society instead of being sent back to africa. All of the "lack of opportunity" claims are blacks being barred access to whites.

Segregated schools for example. Is that an advantage or disadvantage for whites?
@ZihoParkEcon @EPoe187 Blacks had their own institutional nexus. Their own businesses, schools, neighborhoods. There was nothing written in stone that it was destined to be worse.

Of course it was because of genetic differences. The whole disparity between Europe and Africa attests to that.
@ZihoParkEcon @EPoe187 But when you say "blacks in 'the US' had less opportunities than whites in 'the US'", well that's a product of being from a different sub-country. They were in the "black US". Sure, Romanians probably had less opportunities too. Are we on the hook for that?
Read 5 tweets

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