You are the very embodiment of overt racism, @marclamonthill. That you would push this take out after his presser is just disgusting. But it's not even 1% surprising.

See, race hustlers and grifters like you don't want racial animosity to lessen... because it butters your bread.
When you identify race-hustling for what it really is, a multi-BILLION dollar COMMERCIAL INDUSTRY, one that has made people like @marclamonthill and @DrIbram and @RobinDiAngelo and @rolandsmartin and @TalbertSwan very very wealthy, everything else will start to make more sense.
These divisive clowns dont want to improve racial relations in this country. Racial hatred signs their pay checks. Fact.

They are true charlatans; scumbags who willfully assist in tearing our social fabric apart to further their agenda, STRENGTHEN THEIR POWER, and make bank.
If we hit racial harmony tomorrow in the US, what people like this do? Nothing. It's all they see; all they preach; all they know; so all they have and all they are.

And when US corps spent over $10 BILLION on DEI last year, that's a lot of pay checks waiting for signatures!
These clowns know this. They are our national experts on this snake oil game. They high-five in their rolexes while they command all the peasants to keep running on The Oppression Treadmill.
Maybe @marclamonthill can do another segment explaining where all the TENS OF BILLIONS raised by BLM in 2020 went. It sure as hell didn't go to the black community!

Did you at least have a nice time in Palestine, Marc?
Man, is this timely re the thread above. ☝

So curious where all those billions raised off the back of racial animosity have gone. Maybe it cost $50 BILLION to get Tubman on the twenty? 🤔

Or, maybe BLM is the most successful financial scam in history.

Illuminating exercise...

Make a list of every public/large platform person you can think of who bullhorns, promotes, writes about, funds, etc, narratives of racial division/oppression. Make the list as long as you can. Now...

Go down it and circle any that ARE NOT wealthy. 💡

• • •

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More from @Theo_TJ_Jordan

8 Apr
Reject this nonsense at every instance. Further language manipulation to advance goals. In this case, that goal is to change the definition so that only white people can be called "racist". Isn't that convenient! 🙃

The only proper response to this garbage is "piss off!".
Read 4 tweets
7 Apr
As their CRT castle begins to crumble, the zealots become isolated, panicked, and lash out. If you know anything of Angel, you'll recognize how asinine the allegations are in this thread.

But this is the M.O. of the CRT cultists: acquiesce or be painted a bigot.

Piss off, Doc!
The bizarre thing is, Mansa was another person, just like Rod Graham, that I noticed EVERYONE kept soft gloves on around. I'm new to these woods, so I never quite figured out why that was. Both Mansa and Rod can (and do) say batshit crazy accusatory stuff all the time, yet...
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6 Apr
Perfectly stated.

The vast majority of boogeymen are fictional creations, but perhaps none is more absurd than this "far-right" dire threat to our nation that Left Media bullhorns about 24/7.

Its complete nonsense; total fabrication. Yet half of America gleefully subscribes.
It serves goals, of course. Retention of power; no more complex than that.

If public sentiment can be made that the right in this country (notice "far" was dropped off there) are evil and a threat to the nation, then who becomes the good guys? 💡
So The Truman Show is on overdrive painting this exact picture. I'd expect sheep to fall for this ruse, but what has really struck me is how many minds on this platform who I really admire and respect have succumbed to the fantasy as well. Just yesterday...
Read 11 tweets
6 Apr
Such an important topic. Team Apocolypse went ballistic about college sports being played, assuring us it would bring widespread carnage. Fought hard to cancel it.

It didn't. At all. It was a tremendous success.

So, what are the repercussions of all the bullshit fear porn then?
Because you can apply this exact same analysis to states lifting lockdowns/mask mandates, restaurants/bars opening, beaches opening, spring break (now x2!), memorial day, Trump rallies, the Superbowl, Mardi Gras, Sturgis rally, Holiday gatherings, etc etc etc...
It's the SAME EXACT pattern every time. Pump a shit ton of apocalyptic fear to scare citizens into acquiescence, then when the promised carnage never comes to be, the same folks just move on, don't even acknowledge it, face zero repercussions, then go pumping massive fear again.
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6 Apr
Americans en masse are downright lusting for the COVID vaccine. Both re getting it themselves, as well as this foaming-at-the-mouth fervor of wanting everyone else to get it too.

It's perhaps the creepiest thing I've witnessed in my life. The scope of it is dumbfounding.
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5 Apr
Look at the son's eyes at 0:35; the way he is staring in his father's face. It's magic. At that moment, that kid and his life are a blank canvas. The dad's words are the paint. Little moments like that mold children forever... good or bad.

This is why I care so much.
I dont give a shit what diet a celebrity is on or who theyre dating. I dont want to see politicians cherished anymore. No, your favorite sports player isnt a hero.

Let's start celebrating great parents! Thats how we can get our society back on track. Let's focus on what matters.
Read 4 tweets

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