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8 Apr, 25 tweets, 10 min read
This is a thread that sat in the drafts for over a month. I wanted the Cuomo allegations to play out as the majority of this is speculation based on coincidences. But with Lee Zeldin now announcing he is running for Governor, this is a string that needs pulling. 🧵👇🏻
I usually add the reporters to these threads at the end but this time, you’re up first. 4 events. All need review.
1. Storming the SCIF
2. Camp David Meeting
3. Insurrection
4. Zeldin Governor run

@maddow @JoyAnnReid @ScottMStedman @nancylevine
In May of 2020, there was a gathering at Camp David. Invited to that meeting were Matt Gaetz, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Lee Zeldin, Dan Crenshaw and Elise Stefanik. See for yourself here.…
In Oct ‘19 Matt Gaetz led a group of Republicans to disrupt the taking of depositions in the impeachment inquiry into trump extorting Ukraine. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Lee Zeldin, Kevin McCarthy all Stormed the SCIF. It was a prelude to insurrection. 👀👉🏻
But what about Elise Stefanik and Dan Crenshaw? They were inside the SCIF too. Stefanik was on one of the committees doing the interviewing. They too ended up on the invite list to Camp David.
Look 👆🏻, that was some video of Republicans ‘Storming the SCIF’, am I right? They disrupted official government business. The sort of thing that we would all see again on January 6th during an insurrection, huh? Complete with the same players. You saw Mo Brooks in there, right?
I expect Jim Jordan to be invited because of the misinformation and this... (I really wrestled with what example to use here)…
But what were two up and coming Republicans from New York doing on this Camp David field trip? Was this a ‘thank you’ meet and greet for helping to defend trump throughout the impeachment, or was it a planning meeting for something to come in the future? @sandibachom
Something like what was just reported maybe?
Do you remember what was happening in New York in May 2020 when this meeting at Camp David with Lee Zeldin and Elise Stefanik occurred? 📌 Before I remind you, that tweet above was retweeted by Maggie Haberman. The tweet just after that one though? Was this one.
She just put Zeldin and Stefanik on a ‘collision course’. (maybe?) Sounds pretty chaotic. Who loves himself some chaos? How about a guy who used to host a TV competition show for someone to get a high ranking job? A high ranking job, like say Governor of New York? 🤔
📌 Because here is what else that was happening in May 2020 at the time of the Camp David meeting.…
Could you just imagine if we had a narcissistic president jealous of all the attention the Governor of New York was getting for handling the virus ignored by said president? He might want to see if two party ‘up and comers’ might want to be Governor some day.
We pretty much have a rogues gallery at Camp David in May 2020. Stefanik fought hard in the impeachment hearings for trump. Zeldin stormed the SCIF. What did trump say about Ukraine Ambassador that was revealed during that impeachment?

‘she was about to go through some things’.
Right now, Andrew Cuomo is going through some things.
I want to be very clear here. I believe women. No one should ever have to endure unwanted sexual advances. Not at work, not while jogging, not while shopping, not at a bar, not on a date. Not ever.…
I also believe @NewYorkStateAG @TishJames will perform a complete, transparent and fair investigation and when charges are warranted they will be brought and Cuomo will receive justice if proven guilty.…
And remember, justice is blind. So just as an investigation into Cuomo will bring it about, so too must we have investigations about how similar the storming of the SCIF and insurrection were. How similar the tactics are.
And just as Cuomo needs to be held accountable for any actions he may have taken, so too does Matt Gaetz. He is allegedly being investigated by DOJ into human trafficking among other crimes. Breaching a SCIF apparently, not one of them.
Pardon me, but who stands to gain if Zeldin or Stefanik becomes governor of New York? What type of power would a Republican governor of New York have that a Democrat may not be likely to use? 🤔…
*cough, cough*, it’s just a bit smokey in here. We need full and complete investigations. We need to have answers. trump needs to be held accountable. We’ve had investigations already. Our Senate Intelligence committee produced this👇🏻
We had an insurrection folks. An attempt to overthrow the government occurred just three months ago. It was eerily similar to the SCIF storming and was perpetuated by the same people. They faced no consequences for that stunt. They were emboldened to do more. To do this👇🏻
trump can’t go to Camp David anymore but he does have a place in Florida people still go when summoned. The team that produced the pre rally insurrection are hosting Matt Gaetz and other members of the disinformation caucus from both the House and Senate.
Please read the embedded thread above. I’ll wait.

Lee Zeldin scored a 7! Which means he needs further scrutiny to be expelled from the House via the 14th amendment.
Without consequence for SCIF Storming in 2019, Lee Zeldin is now running for Governor of NY!
Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz and others are at MAL. Why? What is next?

@maddow @MaddowBlog @ZevShalev @LincolnsBible @gregolear @glennkirschner2 @JoyAnnReid
For more on the PAC, it’s ties to the Insurrection and more, please read this.👇🏻

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7 Apr
@RepZoeLofgren has provided a roadmap to remove the Members of Congress involved in sedition and insurrection via the 14th amendment. This is holding people accountable for their actions people like Mo Brooks, Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. So what is happening? 1/5
Mo Brooks is now running for the Senate in Alabama and he just received the endorsement of the twice impeached, yet to be indicted former president.
This is what happens when we fail to hold officials to account for their misdeeds. We can no longer allow these scheming sedition weasels to fail up. The 14th amendment must be invoked.
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6 Apr
A fascinating development in the Derek Chauvin Trial in death of George Floyd today. It has to do with the passenger of the car George Floyd was first pulled from an invocation of his 5th amendment right to not self incriminate. A wee thread on justice.
I won’t name the passenger in the car because the judge has not yet decided on their testimony, so I will refer to them as George Floyd’s friend, or the friend etc. On one of the police’s body worn cameras, you can see a man sitting in the passenger seat of Floyd’s car.
This man has been subpoenaed to testify by the defense and the prosecutor. Both sides want to hear what he has to say. And both for very different reasons. Remember, one side is the state and the state can bring charges.
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6 Apr
Three months ago today, there was an Insurrection. A siege upon our Capitol Building. An attack on America, by our own elected officials. Sedition. They sit on judiciary, intelligence, homeland security committees. Remember what happened, don’t let them rewrite the history.
Remember who produced the Pre-Insurrection Rally and who participated. Ask who funded it.
And we should also ask how it was funded.
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23 Mar
Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on Gun violence. With the smell of gun powder still wafting in the air over spas in Atlanta and the produce section of a grocery store, watch the hearing to see which senators protect people and which protect the guns.🧵👇🏻
Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) gavels us in.

Announced last week, judiciary would have a hearing on gun violence, that same day a string of shootings occurred in Atlanta. 8 dead. Last night preparing, another shooting in Boulder. 10 dead. Including an officer.
We have a pandemic called coronavirus, another epidemic called ‘guns’. 29 mass shootings occurred this month. Moments of silence need moments of action. Real caring. We are senate leaders, what are we doing other than reflecting and praying?
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23 Mar
There’s a Senate Judiciary hearing today to discuss gun violence. One would think it’s just good timing that they happened to have a hearing scheduled about gun violence as we have had 2 mass shootings in the last week. It’s not a coincidence. These shootings occur too often.👇🏻
And they are paid for. These shootings have become a business. Each time one occurs, the NRA tries to cash in. It used to be they would offer some hollow thoughts and prayers to go along with their hollow points, but now they fund raise. And now, so do elected officials.
You may remember Lauren Boebert from such gun discussions as her first trip to the well of the House floor where she ‘joked’ she wasn’t going to challenge anyone to a duel and then proceeded to incite insurrection.
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22 Mar
On March 11, 2021, the House of Representatives sent House Resolution 1 to the Senate. You may have heard of it as HR1 but do you really know what is in the Bill? Let’s take a deep dive into it and see shall we...🧵👇🏻
TLDR: #HR1FixesThat…
You’ve heard HR1 described as ‘absolutely devastating to Republicans.’ Why? It is because all the tricks used to win elections by voter suppression, dark money, disinformation and foreign influence are all exposed.
This is HR1: An Act to expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes.
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