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8 Apr, 9 tweets, 2 min read
The land doesn't hv agency to name an identity -its people who do. The word "V/Banga" is pre-Islamic in origin. Even that wdnt hv been a problem as in say Iran where Arab jihadi invasions did see advantages in retaining (or unable to erase) Airanya pride to twist into pidgin Iran
However with Bengal and Muslims, the problem has always been a palpable uneasiness with any and all traces of pre-Islamicness in Bengal society - with generations of mullahs/pirs/sufis systematically trying to erase what they saw as un-Islamicness - through coercion.
The problem of identity in the Muslims of "undivided Bengal" is more acute than in Pakistan. Bengal Muslims were one of three pillars behind formation of Pakistan- open confirmation of rejecting all "Hinduness", in turn a core of "Bengaliness" even if u dont accept exclusiveness.
The keenness with which Bengali Muslims forgot their "Bengaliness" to become "Pakistan" can't be forgotten. The anti-Hindu-Bengali feelings persisted throughout E.Pak's existence, including the pogroms on Hindus in 1950's even while disillusionment over spoils of Partition set in
The "Language movement" therefore can't be seen as anything other than a tool of political mobilization to ensure ease of admin/state funded jobs -a pt of distinction and claim on state resources, rather than an issue of identity at core - given no change in anti-Hindu attitudes.
Once started, it wd be clear - Punjabi Muslim exclusiveness, as Islamic inclusiveness is a mask beneath which all racial/class/caste prejudice survive all over the world - cd only be countered by pushing a "Bengaliness" but which must still be "Islamic".
Thus even when separating from Pakistan with "Hindu Indian" help, thereby proving their original support for Pakistan was without basis, the founders of Bangladesh remained acutely aware of their distinction from "Bengal", as they could not rejoin "Hindu Bengal" and "Hindu India"
"Bangladesh" expresses the quintessential Islamicness of the Bengali Muslim - whether trapped by history or its mullahs -isnt my headache& expresses the inability of the Bengali Muslim to accept that Bengali identity has been shaped by non-Muslims, and accept its non-Islamicness.
Its insistence on Islamicness and Islamic exclusiveness that made the Bengali Muslim exclude themselves from "Bengali" identity - not the other way round.

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5 Apr
@Gourabsahasubho is absolutely right to be outraged. The quoted article carefully avoids the actual face of Islamist violence on Hindus from 1946 to date. But apart from that the author of the article is also making outrageous claims not supported by facts. Here follows a few:
(1) post-indep: the author is blatantly lying if he claims that the INC then was run by "extreme Hindutvavadi politics" - INC was absolutely under Nehru's boots who particularly relished distancing from anything visibly Hindu, cornered Congis who differed, HMS was a target,
Jana Sangh had little electoral support, in the 50's, its loose parliamentary collaboration with Swatantra party doesnt mean a "Hindutva extremist wave sweeping India" as Swatantra was painfully centrist - more a common opposition to Nehru and INC.
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23 Mar
A recurring theme in Islamists is intense desire to strip& gangrape captured non-Muslim women/children publicly, or march/display women naked in public. Nathan boasts this after defeat of Pratapaditya of Jashor by scum Mughals, in 1947 India, 1971 E.Pak, 2014 Shinjar Yezidis.
This was reported in travelogues in Muslim N. Africa, with some photos of keeping young girl "slave" topless while serving her elderly master& stray references in certain schools of Islamist "law-texts" of making it clear that "slave" women can be kept naked in public or private.
There are reports and allegations from Baloch sources of women being arrested/abducted by Pak police/army and kept or displayed naked in cells/prisons or quarters of the jihadi officers and functionaries. This was reported also widely during 1971 war in E. Pak.
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22 Mar
@AngryIn28145659 It’s not just defeat in a battle: Harold tackled two other attempts. levy system of Huscarles worked from among gen popn. Pt Mitra and others insinuate is that the Indian popn vastly outnumbered the invaders yet got defeated: same remains true for Anglo-Saxon or Breton Britain.
@AngryIn28145659 Indians have fared better than the British whose cultures got periodically overrun and the prior wiped out (if not genetically although significant invader “seeding” evident). That traditions and “diversity” survive to this day for Indians is proof of physical resistance.
@AngryIn28145659 What successive invaders failed to achieve in India due to remnant pockets of “native” political and military independence is only now beginning to unravel due to modern states ability to disarm& selectively target the elements of the Hindu that defied state forms and thus resist
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12 Mar
I have long insisted on looking at astronomical, geological roots of many core narratives of the "Hindu": but I hv avoided publicizing this for a serious reason. For most touting "science", it is a replacement totalitarianism for another totalitarian belief that has failed them
For those for whom "science" is the new religion, the limitations and statutory warnings openly embedded into the "scientific" process - are either invisible or not understood. Incomplete understanding of "science" makes for quick theological style sweeping dogmatic declarations.
Reducing "Hinduism' to positional astronomy or geology, at the hands of quacks is dangerous because while it destroys, it builds nothing - and it fails to understand a critical process in creation and evolution of culture.
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8 Mar
In spite of showing a horribly edited soap of a dysfunctional high-cost no-value-adding family: there are curious confirmations of all that is wrong with the British as a society, state and institution. Meghan is no Diana, and yet, royals will find her more difficult to put down.
Meghan has the advantage of going through the 24 years since Diana, which has seen unprecedented sharpening of the tools and tactics of grievance politics& its amusing to see her ticking all the politically correct tropes: race, gender, institutional bias and discrimination.
Harry&Meghan's whine about having to repress "personal emotions/state of mind" and pose smilingly to play public roles is spoiled brat whine: millions of people perform for "show must go on", from teachers&performing artists to public officials regardless of any "state of mind".
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26 Feb
1)While UKSC's scolding a lower court that "democratically accountable" functionary's assessments on country's security can't be flipped, may create a difficulty for courts in countries that cite foreign rulings -Katju sahab's scolding by a UK court is a particularly tricky sitn.
2) on the face of it, the UK court has come out solidly behind the Indian SC. But it has also bashed an Indian SC ex-judge and shown no hesitation to publicly point out that his arguments are hypocritical and driven by latent political/ideological agenda.
3) This is something unimaginable in India, even at the hands of the only authority allowed to criticize a judge - that is a higher court/SC. Where perhaps, rightly or wrongly, any such admonishment wd be strictly in-camera for fear it would tarnish the "image" of judiciary.
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