Zulfikar Ali from Bengal became famous overnight when his picture where he’s whispering something in PM Modi’s ear went viral on social media. Listen to what this young Muslim has to say about his experience with the Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi 😊🙏🏽
In continuation....
Hats Off....
He’s so enamoured by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi that he can’t stop praising him and rightly so...there’s nobody like him and that’s for sure. May he live long and live strong. The country needs this Messiah 👍🏽😊🙏🏽
Watch the entire thread, you’ll like what this young man says.
I work for BJP and I know how well they treat us, there’s no difference at all and every religion is respected. He is like God to me said Zulfikar.
He has an advice for the Modi haters, he says be neutral, don’t abuse him don’t praise him, just wait and see what he does for you, for the nation. He’s God to me, my idol...everything.
This is by far one of the best videos I’ve seen in recent days. The man says that another wish I have is that I go across the border & shoot the Pakistani Muslims who Rape & kill our daughter’s, sister’s and mother’s.
After the surgical strike he became a die hard Modi supporter.

• • •

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As Temples - the soul of Tamil culture – suffocate under government control, people of Tamil Nadu express their pain and tell us how despite wanting to take care of the temples and their presiding deities, the rules and regulations in place deny them that privilege.
It’s very painful to see that even after 74 years of independence the temples of India are still under government control and they’re not concerned as they say they have no money to perform a pooja a day. They’re suffocating the temples.
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Credit of Atomic theory has been taken by Western world, Acharya Kanad (600 BC) was the founder of Atomic theory, law of causation & the atomic theory. Acharya Kanad had said, “Every object of creation is made of atoms which in turn connect with each other to form molecules’.
Acharya Nagarjuna (100 CE), authored several medical books such as ‘Arogyamanjari’ & ‘Yogasar’. Acharya Nagarjuna also made significant contribution to the field of curative medicine. Nagarjuna had discovered the alchemy of transmuting base metals.
Before Pythagoras, Rishi Bodhayan, hundreds of years before Pythagoras, had elaborated on the theorem & with much clarity. In ancient times in India, Metallurgy was in much advanced stage. Westerners did not even know about atom, when Indians were working on advanced.....
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Bharatvarsh, a civilization as old as 5000 years, needs no introduction of it being the original homeland sheltering 95% of all the Hindus in the world and birth place of Sanatan Hinduism. India should not be shy of recognising her identity as a Hindu Nation.
The left-liberal have no problems with the 53 Muslim dominated countries (Islam is the official religion in 27) in the world; 100+ Christian dominated countries. In 15 nations, Christianity is the official religion.
There is no evidence that it threatens the secular ethos of...
...the country, if India is declared a Hindu State. All faiths have flourished in India, including Parsis, Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, Zoroastrians because Hindus are not intolerant towards other religion.
One can go to a religious place associated to any religion & find Hindus there.
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1565 marked almost 600 years of Mughal rule in most parts of India except for Vijayanagar down South, it was also conquered on 15th January 1565. Then in 1645 a 16 year old Hindu sweared to win back the lost glory. He was Shivaji Raje Bhonsle...
Looking at the rise of Shivaji, in 1659 Afzal Khan was sent to finish Shivaji and take back the lost kingdoms. Shivaji lured Afzal on the pretext of signing a treaty and killed him as he came to sign the treaty with a few soldiers. Aurangzeb sent Raja Jai Singh to counter...
...Shivaji knowing he won’t fight against a Hindu King and Shivaji had to part with a lot of forts that he had won. Later Shivaji started winning back the territories & on 6th June 1674 he declared himself as Chatrapati in a ceremony.
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The Man Who Taught Yoga To The World : Have you ever wondered how yoga is now adopted as a catalyst for maintaining good health & attaining tranquility, not only in its native place India but world-wide?
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The Farmers Protest has so far generated a loss of ₹70,000 crores. The GST collection data for FY20 says that Punjab contributed only 15,000 crore rupees to the total GST collection, Bihar – one of the poorest states of the country, contributed more than 12,000 crore rupees.
GST is imposed goods consumed by high-end consumers are sold more in the state. Bihar’s GDP is only ₹6.12 lakh crore, contributed almost similar amount despite having per capita income 3 times less than Punjab. Won’t be surprising if Bihar overtakes Punjab in a few years.
Farmers, the backbone of Punjab’s economy, are mere landowners in the state. The majority of the labourers who work on the fields of Punjab are migrants from Bihar, Jharkhand, & UP.

Punjab has around 46%of the money allocated by the Union govt to curb the crop residue burning.
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