1/ @POTUS's commitment to repeal the special legal immunity (PLCAA) the gun industry enjoys is a BFD...this THREAD explains why, follow along...
@POTUS 2/ PLCAA came out of a slew of legal challenges in 1990s & early 2000s that culminated in an effort to sue gunmakers for continuing to knowingly sell guns to dealers who regularly funneled weapons to criminals and for failing to include safety features that could've saved lives.
@POTUS 3/ In 2000, Smith & Wesson settled several of these civil lawsuits and agreed to sell safety devices with its hand-guns and hold its authorized dealers to a certain code of conduct.
@POTUS 4/ 4 years later, Bushmaster agreed to alter its distribution practices after families of the victims killed by the DC Snipers sued the manufacturer & Bull’s Eye Shooter Supply for negligent sales practices
@POTUS 5/ The lawsuits changed behavior, but they posed a financial threat to the gun industry & so in 2005, @NRA successfully lobbied Congress to pass PLCAA, which prevents victims or survivors from suing a gun manufacturer or dealer when the shooting is negligent or criminal
@POTUS @NRA 6/ Why this is radical:

We can sue say General Motors if it makes cars that can’t withstand minor crash. The person who crashes is partly responsible but GM can be held liable for producing steering wheels that hurt drivers in collisions or brakes that don’t work under stress
@POTUS @NRA 7/ Manufacturers of a product must prepare for the worst, for reality, not for best-case scenarios.

But gun industry & NRA pushed through a law to exempt them from **this very basic principle that defines the relationship between corporations and the public**
@POTUS @NRA 8/ And her's where it gets outrageous.

Under PLCAA gunmakers cannot be held liable for marketing firearms in a way that feeds an illegal market and allows guns to be used by criminal syndicates, nor can they be sued for failing to implement safety features that could save lives
@POTUS @NRA 9/ So when a 13-year-old boy pulled the trigger of his father’s handgun because he believed it was unloaded and unintentionally killed his friend, the Illinois Supreme Court dismissed the family’s lawsuit against the gunmaker, Beretta.
@POTUS @NRA 10/ The court found that the boy acted as a criminal in a negligent way and absolved the gun manufacturer from any potential liability.
@POTUS @NRA 11/ The family claimed Beretta could've prevented the tragedy if it included additional features like an internal lock or a chamber-loaded indicator.

But the case was never considered on its merits.
@POTUS @NRA 12/12 The incentives here become all screwed up.

Gun industry faces no pressure, financial or otherwise, to manufacture safer guns. In fact they compete on producing ever more deadly firearms and accessories -- that must change & I'm so glad @POTUS will fight for PLCAA repeal.

• • •

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10 Apr
1/ 🧵 I want to take a moment to talk about hate & abuse that's directed at those of us who work in progressive politics or policy....
2/ I'm struggling with how to frame this thread. I don't want to come off as just complaining about some nasty comments at a time when there are so many larger injustices that folks -- particularly women and people of color -- confront every single day
3/ But I also don't want to stay silent. I don't want to normalize coordinated online attacks against me for simply being who I am. I don't want to accept daily directed hate as part of the cost of speaking out in our democracy. I want to find a proactive way of combating it.
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1/ I want to take a moment to highlight some of @POTUS' priorities for fighting the public health pandemic of gun violence in the administration's just-released skinny budget...they're really exciting! 🧵
@POTUS 2/ @POTUS is supporting existing programs to improve background check systems 👏

This is crucially important because the background check system has been strained by the surge in gun sales. (Note: during Trump, @FBI asked for more funding to keep up with the demand)
@POTUS @FBI 3/ @POTUS is seeking investment in new programs to incentivize State adoption of gun licensing laws.

10 states have licensing laws & we know that they're essential for ⬇️ gun violence & trafficking. (IE after CT implemented licensing, gun homicides ⬇️ 40%, gun suicides ⬇️ 15%)
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29 Mar
1/ Last week, after @JoeBiden said he'll focus on infrastructure rather than gun violence prevention as his next legislative priority, over 87 gun violence prevention organizations came together urging @POTUS to prioritize gun reform & Congress to work w/ him on it #TheTimeIsNow
@JoeBiden @POTUS 2/ We argued that @POTUS inherited a ⬆️ gun violence crisis & the country needed his leadership to save lives *now*

In fact, since his press conference on Thursday, we've experienced:

- 470 incidents of gun violence
- 158 gun deaths (excluding suicides)
- 350 gun injuries
@JoeBiden @POTUS 3/ A new poll finds majority want @JoeBiden to prioritize saving lives lost to gun violence

@ABCNews/Ispos poll:

- 57% disapprove of Biden's handling of the issue

- 66% say enacting new laws to reduce gun violence more important than protecting right to own lots of guns
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19 Mar
1/ I'm glad @POTUS connected the mass shooting in Atlanta to the "public health crisis of gun violence in this country" during his remarks

But I'll be honest -- I'm very disappointed that he didn't say more about the toxic combination of hatred & easy access to guns. Here's why
@POTUS 2/ The reality is that hate crimes in America often become deadly because guns are so easy to get.

In Georgia, it's easier to get a gun than to vote.

The alleged mass shooter in Georgia bought his gun THE VERY SAME DAY he killed 8 people
@POTUS 3/ We know that a whole array of gun violence prevention legislation -- from background checks to waiting periods to assault weapons bans -- can be very impactful in making it harder for bad actors to obtain firearms -- and save lives in the process.

Why not address that?
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14 Mar
"Local police officers have appeared at times to side with the Proud Boys, especially when they have squared off against leftists openly critical of law enforcement. "via @NYTimes nytimes.com/2021/03/14/us/…
Oh wow: “After a complaint from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the police department said the officer’s affiliation with the Proud Boys did not violate its policies, in part because it was not considered a white supremacist group”
“If the Proud Boys was not a white male chauvinist club but a Black male chauvinist club, I think that, sadly, we would have seen a different policing posture,” said Ms. Neumann, the former Homeland Security official.
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9 Mar
1/ Tomorrow, the House will vote to pass the American Rescue Plan & the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021.

This thread will explain how both of these measures can help reduce gun violence & build safer communities for us all.

Follow along...
2/ Covid has worsened America's gun violence crisis:

- gun sales⬆️ : @FBI processed 39.7M firearm background checks in 2020, the most of any year

- gun homicides ⬆️ : in over a dozen cities, homicides ⬆️ 50% or more in 2020

- gun suicides ⬆️

- armed political violence ⬆️
@FBI 3/ Why gun violence ⬆️ during Covid

-  pandemic worsened underlying conditions contributing to violence (mental health, employment, housing etc)

- community efforts to prevent retaliatory killings dulled by Covid

- ⬆️ in gun ownership (& ⬆️  in gun thefts)
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