One thing we suspected but was recently confirmed is that the Parent civilization did have its own problems with violence and the old genome in times past. I do not know details, but from what they were saying, it seems to have been far worse than anything we faced.
There was a time back in the day when a civilization like ours could have been under real threat or worse. Until the parent civilization tells more, we cannonly guess at the specifics.

So they do have good reason to not trust the old genomes
They do have very good reasons for not wanting massive numbers of extremely dangerous individuals saved so that just in case we figure it out, they can be saved. The danger is really too great for that.

Peaceful people want to get along. Predators exist to take away the peace.
They have seen times of evil in their distant past. There is no question about that. It is clear that they take dangers of violent and greedy people seriously.

Too much risk is too much risk. In order to be safe, kind people need to learn when to be generous and when not to.
The first thing is to defend the innocent from the unjust. Any kind person must do what it takes to ensure justice and fair laws are enforced, or they use charity as an excuse to side with predators over the prey.

Predators that do not willing stop use our kindness against us.
They see that as a weakness as I have said. It is clear that in all of our pasts evil existed. In order to make sure good flourishes, the evil must be kept in check. They do not play around with that.

It will be nice seeing a world without the ancient crime families.

• • •

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9 Apr
There was a question about whether my channel is very high level disclosures.

The short answer is yes it is the absolute highest level disclosures.

The better answer is that our Eternal society is very fair and everyone is quite approachable. They do not like showing rank.
If you do not know better, you can approach the newest member of level 3 and the oldest founding members and not know who is the more experienced just by looking. They do not wear all sorts of badges or even go by titles of rank. They all are humble and approachable.
While they do have leadership there, it really is not the same. They try to value all and put priority on the idea not the person.

So those who are the most advanced here in this world are usually those that least expect it.
Read 13 tweets
9 Apr
This part of the transition to peace is before Babylon falls. We all knew it would be a bit wild when this time came. It is important that the public see all the nutty things the "Biden" show and all the corrupt are doing. It is also important to focus and build ourselves up.
We are the true leaders. We are the ones who have a future. The next years are rough, so doing whatever we can to keep balanced, sane, and have the spirit as strongly as possible is very important.

Confidence sells. Having a calm confidence and wise words will be useful.
I go over the stuff about the parent society because it is actually what is real when you strip away all the layers of drama and stuff that short sighted and corrupt cabals are trying to do.

Time is like sand. A little can be brushed off, but a lot will crush anyone not ready.
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3 Apr
Remember that it is not at all like our Eternal family was doing it's own thing for 18k to 20k years and boom, in comes an older group wanting to change everything. That could not be further from the truth.
The real truth is that for both our Eternal society and our sister society, we both "independently" grew up happening to come to pretty much the same conclusions and practices as the parent society had long before us.
So in other words, we never actually were independent. We just thought we were. They used the same tricks on our Eternal society as the Eternal family does on us. Basically they subtly gave information as needed. They gave enough info so we could make our own choices.
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31 Mar
Update: Sorry I know a lot of us including me would like things to move faster. The Parent and Sister civilizations have been a bit tight lipped about their plans thus far for Earth. The change to the newer genome by the demon part of the Drama department has been a huge success.
So they finally gave a bit more information. We knew all along this would not be a cake walk. The worse cabal constantly threatens violence if they do not get their way. They planned secession and we all knew that. Much of the delay was to reduce that to something manageable
So yes part of the delay was to give the adults time to adjust. For us though this is the very important part. Secession is not something you can just easily take back. Yes some times there are great reasons that justify it. When those trying to secede do it to follow bad people,
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29 Mar
The parent civilization seeded life in many places using their DNA and their experiments with modifying the DNA. One problem is that in the first stages of sentient life on a new planet, without a lot of help, rough and tumble genes do better than gentle genetics.
It is survival of the fittest and they do not have a genome so stabile that they can seed life anywhere in a way where it will not devolve into something that gets mean. Even if you start with perfect DNA, the universe is too big to closely monitor all planets.
You have to choose. Either you only put life on the few planets you can personally oversee (and thus deprive many others of the chance to even exist), or you spread life far and wide the best it can be, then monitor.

So the Parent civilization did have many of their own worlds
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26 Mar
So the parent civilization just gave a little more information. First they have been and will be helping here but they do have The Council and the Drama department under censure, so they are not letting their plans known to them just yet. They talk with the genetics team mostly
Next, remember how I said bots otherwise known as Onelings, get life on a chip if they are not good?

Well things just went from bad to worse for the cabal members. The parent civilization is formally requesting that certain classes of chips be permanently erased.
So if life inactive on a chip sounded bad, now a lot of chips will be deleted. (Their data storage is not necessarily on data chips but they use the terminology with me as there is some tech they do not go over with me yet).

I know this may seem harsh, but they made a good point
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