Ahhh, yes, the first thunderstorm of the new year. Spring is spranging. I love spring so much. But I hate thunderstorms. I'm here with Wally & Molly. Wally is indifferent. Molly is terrified.
I grew up in Kansas, and I'm with Molly.

Squishing against her, her against me, we manage.
I try not to freak out, cuz I'm taking care of her. She tries not to freak out, cuz she's taking care of me.

We both freak out, tho, really.
Some persons think it's all so beautiful. I think they were rich, with thick walls and two stories to their houses.
Try telling someone about the sky turning green yellow. They don't believe you.

Try telling someone about your house could not possibly protect you. They don't believe you.

Try telling someone you've seen three funnels, one in the sky, two on the ground. They don't believe you.
I'm with Molly.

We love spring. We are so cold. It is so gradually not cold. It is so brown and gray. It is so gradually green and ripe.

We love spring.

We hate thunderstorms.
We cover ourselves with a big blanket, on the bed or under it, or maybe in the closet, or the least windowed room, the bathroom.

We huddle.

She shakes.

I don't, cuz I'm a manly man, and manly men don't shake.
Manly men don't shake.

Good thing I have Molly to take care of.
Thunderstorm over. Molly is a real good dog. And so am I.
We're real good dogs.

• • •

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11 Apr
The ultimate making app for a shipping multi-service system is actually a one-machine monolith with a UI. If your team is experiencing the most common pains from working in a large SOA environment, the productivity payback will be enormous.
It's important for me to take a second to remind you that there's much more to this world than geekery. Please keep working for change all around you, including, especially, outside the monitor.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay angry, stay kind.

Black Lives Matter.
We've talked a lot about the idea of having a shipping app for our customers and a making app for us. We can use the same source base to make multiple binaries. We target customer needs with one of those, and we target developer needs with the rest.
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My rice'n'garlic advice, "take many more much smaller steps," can be said another way: reject any proposed path that requires a step size larger than the limit you've set for that particular domain of activity.
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"Rice'n'garlic advice" is blind advice, for when people ask you what to do, but you're not there & can't see. You have to guess. A professional chef I know, when asked to give blind advice, always says this:

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q: how many ways are there to partition a 5x5 tile square into 5 pieces, each containing 5 orthogonally contiguous tiles?
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Once armed with the idea of a shipping app and a making app, a whole range of possibilities open up. Among the most powerful: give your making app a UI just for making.
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A "making app" is when we take the same sourcecode from the program we're shipping, and use it for another program at the same time. That program is one we develop and tailor expressly to enable us to work more effectively on the shipping app.
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My friend Steve, I was spozed to be the pro from dover, told me this thing, and for, idunno, 17 years or so(?), I've been holding on to it. He said it boils down to two things. Don't waste time. Accept the whole person.
NB: It doesn't mean "accept everyone". It means, if you accept my geek chops, or you accept my sex appeal, or you accept my brilliant theorizing, you gotta accept my (considerable) doofusness.
You can't take my good days and not accept my bad ones. And if you can't handle my awful, why are you prepared to cash in on my valuable?
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In a data-rich environment, we can use the Builder concept to make DSL's for our Making application. This often makes testing the hard business core of our code both faster and easier.
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We've spoken in the past about using our codebase to do more than one thing. We always use it to create our shipping app. But we can and do use it for an app that improves our *making* process. We call that the making app.
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